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A) Master Vampire (Nosferatu) Bad son of a bitch Walk In


This Service gives you all the biophysical powers of the Nosferatu, Dracula generic Vampire – as well as the disposition. You see all humans as prey unless they are foxy in which case you make them your bitches or if female (female Masters can be more powerful than male as the Universe is mainly female to humans, the real extradimensional Vampire are female and marry black magician Shamans, prior to modern times – the ancient Seers, who gained immortality from the marriage). You also gain all the glamour, mind control, Remote Influencing, as well as the physical augmentation of strength and speed. You can also make yourself not noticed by humans. This version is recommended to the nerd type bullied by jocks at High School, ignored by the babes. Similarly the female nerd not included in the A-type female club.

This Service is for payback, so you get more and more powerful as you sink your psychic fangs into all your enemies. To do this you simply hold the Psychotronic Generator® Psychotronic Crystal® to your canines and visualise your dreaming body (the other) growing Vampire fangs. You then visualise or stare at a picture of your victim – caught on your mobile phone. The hardware in the phone is changed by the Crystal in the Psychotronic Generator® to upload the voltage spikes (MIND) of the victim into your Psychotronic Crystalware® picture to form an energetic link with the victim. Your stare at the picture and use the Psychotronic Generator® to pull the energy body of the victim through the phone picture to manifest near you so you can bite the victim to bleed off their energy. I normally manifest my victims from TV film images via Psychotronic Crystals® onto my erect penis, so their vagina manifests around my member.

Once there they are manifest by the Sex Magic that makes babes now reversed to manifest all their lifeforce on my body. Then they can be drained at leisure by biting their energy body neck while having Psychic Sex. The Psychotronic Generator® holds them on you while you play with them. You can continue for hours. If female just reverse the above. To feed off same sex assholes you can ass rape them, or manifest them on your left hand, holding the Psychotronic Crystal® around your heart. The heart is the energy organ of the body so is the organ you grab to hold them down to suck them dry. Females can strap on a dildo to ass-rape bitches or grab their heart or any where else.

A knife held with the Psychotronic Crystal® guts the energy body for the sadist Nosferatu Vampire, the knife holding their Soul ready for a black ritual using the knife as an Athame, for the Witch Vampire. Now bite them using your minds eye and suck them dry as you psychically rape them. The victim is ages weakened as you grow youthful and strong = I only use media bimbettes but you can use anyone. Avoid ejaculation, try to develop the female multiple orgasm, in a male this means slight emission is ok but not ejaculation – as you can lose energy this way. Females needn’t worry.

A) Master Vampire (Nosferatu) Bad son of a bitch Walk in.

$600 with Certificate

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost.