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A/ Ultra Thug Gangster Real Vampire


If you are a black, Hispanic or white thug you realise violence is the only key to power. The government rules because it can bring more violence to you, than you can to the government – up until now. Tim Ri8fat: The Cosmic Assassin does not help any Western government – in fact they are his torture bitches. He destroyed Gordon Brown and the British Labour government as promised (see Whip of Fire on as promised on the world wide web 2009), at present he is bringing 7 deadly plagues to America starting with the Gulf oil catastrophe. Now any thug in the ghetto can hunt down and psychically kill, destroy, drive mad, suicide, give cancer, kill the family off… not by direct physical violence capability (as physical violence is illegal so they can jail you), no like Tim Rifat: Cosmic Assassin Real Vampire™ you can kill… drive mad… ruin by psychic attack any enemy.


Tim Rifat hunts and kills MI5 his torture bitches, they have lost so many personnel the organisation sees him as the main threat to British National Security above Russia, Iran… China. Be the Big Honcho Thug. Be a Real Vampire™. You can use your bitches enemy to kill destroy them – all automatically. Any thug can buy this Service and it turns him into a Real Vampire™ who sucks dry his enemies, and uses their energy to make them ill, mad, ruin themselves or change reality to get another person to kill them for you by Remote Influencing using Real Vampire™ power from the sucking dry of all your enemies to make you super powerful as all your enemies self destruct. If you are a large earning thug get Real Vampire™ power to protect you from death or jail by Supernatural Spirit® means. It is automatic so you don’t need to spend decades like Tim Rifat to achieve occult supremacy infiltrating MI6 to take over all their secrets so he could be the Ultra Good Gangster making the West his bitch.

Be safe, be powerful and suck dry all the competitors and government bitches to assure you of a Black Hole energy body that sucks dry all you come into contact with to kill them to make you more powerful. Only your positive benefactors like your momma, woman and homies (if they are straight up!) are protected from you. This Service is payback to the blacks that have enriched my life from Phillipe, Al Green… Mary J Blige.

A/ Ultra Thug Gangster Real Vampire:

$600 + Psychotronic Crystal® + Psychotronic Crystalware® to boost the Real Vampire® power for you.

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost.