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Archetypal Vampire™


Bram Stokers: Dracula raised the ancient Vampire legends into the public domain in Victorian times. Once popular, Vampires have never ever waned in popularity. At the time of writing 2010, Vampires are massive in the West – beloved by the younger generation. Tim Rifat the world’s leading expert on psychic warfare was introduced to Vampirism by his MI6 occult Magus tutor. It was this Magus who taught him how to call up Archetypes and feed off them. This elevated Vampirism to the heights of occult magic.


When a Real Vampire™ feeds off prey, one target is selected and fed off to release energy to the Real Vampire™. I have used this technique on all the MI5 vermin who tried to kill me. So their health, youth, potency, wealth, sexual energy, power kept me evolving and growing as they died pulling Britain down into hell: bankruptcy, mob violence, anarchy, zombie Cobalt 60 hell bodies… Omega Hell torture raped by Total Amalek. Nightmare stalks the British in the form of the Archetypal Real Vampire™. An Archetype is the blueprint for a race such as the British – walking Vampire food on the hoof, or the essence of love in humans, beauty, health, intelligence, wealth, sexual potency, ability to get A-class sexual partners, intuition… God-powers. The core of MI6 occult branch power is to call up the Archetypes of a race (such as the Communists of the USSR, change it, so the Communists give up Communism).


Or to call up the Archetype of a single person to change that person. Why an Archetype for a single person? That is because you, the individual are really a cluster of yous. All the Many World’s yous – all the ways your life could have gone, the total you needs to be affected to change you. If you change the individual you the other Many World’s yous swamp the effect. So to control the individual you need to control all possible realities – choices of the prey from birth to death. To do this you call up the Archetype of that prey. This holds every lifepath of the prey – all possible choices they made. Feed on this and you elevate Vampire feeding from one meal to all possible meals you have ever had – Archetype feeding is that big… a jump. As the Real Vampire™ Grand Master, Tim Rifat needs to train Real Vampire™ to the higher form of feeding: Archetype feeding. This is the way of MI6 occult branch get results from their magic. Not trying to control the individual magically but controlling all possible choices of the group of individuals in the Many Worlds – the Archetype of the prey. If you read the Bone Generator® Service on Supernatural Spirit®. Can you will see Hyperinfinity – the Force of Free Will shapes the Archetype. To control the Archetype of the prey is to control the prey in all possible ways is all the choices they make. In the last Service you were taught how to get 100% results from the Death Force. But in the Many Worlds scenario the prey has many different ways to die and therefore many different ways to survive. So your 100% effective event may be bypassed by the prey if he makes the choice to avoid checkmate – the dead end. To get the prey always in your trap you need to add the Archetype of the prey to the mix.


It has energy from they prey totally efficient so you get a huge number of times more energy from the victim. The amount of multiplication depends on how many Free Will choices the prey made. Low level wageslaves have a huge number of decision paths, but tiny compared to the movers and shakers, the power people that the Real Vampire™ can stalk and feed upon. To use archetypal feeding is to fit a lifetime of feeding into one attack on the target. So from that one person get enough energy to last you a lifetime as a Real Vampire™. That is because the ensemble of Many World is an external real world running simultaneous to the single path you are aware of. The electron diffraction patterns are explained by this Many World idea – it is mainstream physics. So you feed on all possible versions of the prey, raising the food supply in one sitting worth of food. The Psi-Lord is aware of all possible worlds so steers his path accordingly. This then brings us to the next point.


Since the real world is really a decision tree, where choices, Hyperinfinity, Free Will, change the real world at every step. The Real Vampire™ by feeding on Archetypes learns to develop this Multiverse Sense – simply by feeding on Archetype feeding. That is how the Psi-Lord developed his ability to see all possible futures dependant on his choices. So by feeding on Archetypes, you automatically develop the intuition, Awareness of what each choice will bring you. As the Psi-Lord stalked Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, Shaddai – the archetypal Vampire to use it as prey6 he developed the Cosmic Assassin Real Vampire™ which feeds on Evil, gets fed by the prey, doubled fed by Cosmic Law for damning Evil, triple fed by feeing off all possible ways the Archetype tries to escape being the victim – which add to the energy released, the enemies fighting is used against the prey to add *iou’s* tot he prey as it fights by betting it can win against the Cosmic Assassin Real Vampire™ – God’s Mysterious way of payback to maximise the energy released. This is done by getting the prey to explore all possible worlds where it is fed off by the Cosmic Assassin Real Vampire™. Loses, then it’s Soul is fed on, the Many Worlds of the Soul as before explored, killed and sold to Total Amalek for eternal torture to pay more energy to the Cosmic Assassin Real Vampire™ Tim Rifat. This maximum yield Vampire prey Archetype is now on sale to you in this Service, pre-packaged to turn one target into an infinite energy source. Defined by: Ultimate all Total Deathgoat Judas Evil Walkin Satanists screaming in Omega Hells, Omega Hells on Earth. You will recognise this Ultimate Damnation spell from Supernatural Spirit®.com’s Burn Your Enemies in Hell… Services. Now you see at the core of all Supernatural Spirit® Bone Generators® in Real Vampire™ Science.


One can use prey to feed off Archetypes in the Universal Unconscious. The Rothschild Royal Family energy Vampires have done this one many occasions. We have Diana Princess of Wales, ex-wife of Charles Prince of Wales. She was assassinated in a Paris Underpass directly beneath an old power spot dedicated to Diana the Huntress, Roman Goddess of Hunting. So when Diana was killed by MI6 in a specially rigged car which was remotely controlled into the underpass’s 9th column, the car crashed directly under Diana’s ancient temple. Diana was then kept in the car while the Illuminati did the ritual of archetypal transference. Diana the Huntress Archetype put forcibly in Diana the Princess. Once done she was taken out of the car and sacrificed before finally being delivered dead to the hospital. Events which took some hours. The Diana Archetype was bled dry in Diana the Princess by Vampire MI6 occultism – of which Tim Rifat is now the exclusive owner- that is why Britain is collapsing, losing in Afghanistan… soon to die. One can see the power obtained by bleeding, feeding off Archetypes is huge as you are feeding off Universal Archetypes that have been pre-existent before Man and are worshipped by all sentient beings – power indeed. To add to the feeding Dodi El Fayyad the son of the Harrods owner was a rich Egyptian and the Archetype of Egyptian Magicians could be put in him to feed off the Archetype of Egyptian Magic via the dead Dodi El Fayyad. As Diana was pregnant with his child (according to Jim Keith, the famous conspiracy expert – killed in a US hospital at the same time) the foetus could have the Archetype of Moslem Lovers put in it so it could be killed. This would cause massive hatred against Moslems in Diana’s archetypal people – the whites. All in all a superb ritual of Vampire magic. Now explained to you. So you see the power of Archetypal Real Vampire™ Science.


Kennedy the US President was killed in an exactly similar method using Real Vampire™ Science. You can imagine that Tim Rifat has broken all Illuminati laws by revealing to you Real Vampire™ occult law. As the Great Lord of Real Vampire™ Tim Rifat is the Law and has retroactively taken over all Real Vampire™ power. Kennedy was killed with the Archetype of the King placed in him. So Kingship of the USA would go to the Rothschild Royal Family Vampires. The death of Kennedy who wished to close the Federal Reserve, IRS… all owned by the Rothschild Royal Family sealed America’s fate as the bitch of the British Rothschild Royal Family Vampires. All power over rulership – Kingship was drained from Americans to leave them as total slaves of British Vampires.


iv. Archetypes are universal. So time is breached by Archetypes. So your Archetype can be thought of pre-existing the prey. so you can use any Archetype to feed off all the humans, Supernatural Spirits®, aliens that worshipped that Archetype. So powerful is this technology that after this Service we have specially designed Archetypal Vampire® Master of:- money, banks, police, soldiers, bakers, plumbers, undertakers…. Magi. You walk into the Archetype of the Universal Unconscious and all entities that think, use, are infected with the Archetype open themselves up to feed that Archetype. If you feed off that Archetype you feed off all those prey. As the Archetype is Universal and spans time the power you can get by Real Vampire® feeding off Archetypes is huge. The General Archetype Real Vampire® can feed off any Archetype. If you miss out on the $5000 for the first 12, you can spend $10 million or buy $600 specific Archetypes that will be listed later – all for $600. As there are millions of Archetypes you can see how valuable this Bone Generator® Service is.


To use it you simply call up the Archetype – all Archetypes will come to you bar the Cosmic Assassin Anti-Christ as that is Tim Rifat the Creator of Real Vampires®. To call up the Archetype you simply visualise yourself walking into the Archetype. This could be the: Archetypal Lover, Archetypal Beauty, Archetypal Predator, Archetypal Rich Person… The Bone Generator® Hyperinfinite Quantum Computing Engine then automatically feeds you via Real Vampire® Science: RVScience.

To use the internet simply put the Archetype and your name 156 times on the hard drive of your computer. The Bone Generators® turn it into Torsion Fields on your hard drive so the internet becomes you as the Archetype of your choice. To spread out over the entire internet and military, NSA western network you email yourself 169 times. It is as simple as that. You can erase the emails before sending them if you wish to mask your Real Vampire® Psychotronic Crystalware®. Erasing does not erase the Real Vampire® Torsion Fields so you can infect the internet to make it a Real Vampire® which is you. To do this you put Tim Rifat Real Vampire® Master of all computer, computing, Turing Machines, Turing Computing…. internet… then your name and Archetype. Think of the Tim Rifat… as your password to access the Real Vampire® Internet which feeds the Great Lord of Real Vampire® Tim Rifat.


The Internet is the ultimate way to feed off the Western human prey. They all have a computer screen inches from their face. It acts as a virtual portal to allow your Real Vampire® power to be powered by all the hard drives to manifest in every computer screen and then step through the virtual portal of the screen to bite the prey on the neck and feed off their lovely sexual, life, success, youth, potency: energies. Like to feed on billions in one sitting? Wonder why Tim Rifat is the Real Vampire® Great Lord? Now you know how one person can feel off billions everyday for day after day. Growing from a Real Vampire® to Master Real Vampire® to Great Lord Real Vampire® to The Real Vampire® Cosmic Assassin. Why do I add the Cosmic Assassin Maniker? That is explained by Archetypes. There are 3, a Trinity of Source Archetypes. You know about the Trinity from Christianity: Father, Son and Holy Ghost. In the Kabala we have the Supernal Triangle of Keter (crown), Chokmah (wisdom), Male Archetype), Binah (understanding, Female Archetype. The Archetype is Evil but when turned to Total Intent it is taken over by Crown (Cosmic Assassin): Wisdom, Male, Lucifer: understanding, Amalek, Female.


The Cosmic Assassin brings Total Intent the Global Gestalt, Unity to Evil. So all the former Evil becomes torture bitches. The former victims get the chance to torture murder the Evil Vampires. They are allowed to become Real Vampires® to enable the victim retribution on the evil vermin. Do you want to get your own back on all evil bastards? If you do Total Intent, God working in Mysterious Ways (to unite Evil and Good, with Evil being the bitch) has it’s principle of the Cosmic Assassin. This is a formerly good person victimised by Evil in every possible way who turns into a vigilante. Films have explored this: Mel Gibson’s remake of the Payback film, the Death Wish films with Bronson, Clint Eastwood’s former sheriff who is hanged, survives and turns the town into Hell… Think of the Archetype of all possible ways of torture murdering evil bastards for vengeance – the Cosmic Assassin. Why is he a Real Vampire? This comes about because the Matrix is designed as a form to enable Supernatural Spirits® Archons to feed by Vampirism off humans. The Matrix is a Vampire farm. When the Cosmic Assassin kills all the Vampires (how?) by tricking them into breaking their Contract with Lucifer, all the Vampires become prey, the torture toys of Amalek, their Souls in Omega Hells, Omega Hells on Earth. The Cosmic Assassin is the Anti-Christ. He brings not salutation but vengeance to the wronged. Anyone who has been wronged by the system can now become a Real Vampire® and torture murder the system and it’s former rulers.


Lucifer as the Light Bringer (Sun) of course makes frozen Fire from Within Vampires. As the rat catcher he sells these Lords of the Matrix to Amalek, so the former Lords of the Matrix become torture bitches. Cosmic Law pays him. Amalek is Pure Evil in Total Intent Pure Evil tortures, murders, damns, persecutes, Omega Hells evil beings. Lucifer is the Archetypes of Vampires. Amalek is the Archetype of the Pure Evil inflicted on the damned. The sting in the tail is that Lucifer tricks the Vampires to become torture bitches by picking on the Cosmic Assassin: the Real Vampire® Psi-Lord: *Tim*: Total Intent Manifest. The Cosmic Assassin embodies all Vampirism as he feeds off the evil bastards who wronged him and is fed by Cosmic Law and gets everything they stole off him, and had as their own – the Real Vampire®. As the Vampire Rothschild Royal Family tried to destroy the Archetype of Vampires: Tim Rifat, they did not destroy him, but destroyed all Vampirism in themselves to become torture bitches. This Sequestered Vampirism is now available to any wageslave, former prey who now wants payback, to become a Real Vampire®. To feed on the former Illuminati Vampires, their slaves and Supernatural Spirits®. The Matrix is alive and configured just for Real Vampires®. So if you do anything else in the Matrix the Matrix strikes you down. All good deeds lead to Hell. Now you understand why. The Matrix is a cosmic trash bin for evil, the Real Vampire® the jailors thereof who get fed by the prey and Cosmic Law for making Evil pay!


Archetypal Vampire™ 12 only. $5000, $10 million after

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