Archon Authority Great Lord Real Vampire®


As Archons breed humans to be food, why just feed on humans when Archons are top of the Matrix food chain. In this Service your Vampire® 5D body is automatically 5d Kline bottled with all Archons, past, present and future. The 5D Kline Bottle is a Vampire Version 5D Kline Bottle. Your end is absolute zero with respect to the Archon end. So all energy from the Archon gets passed to you automatically. It is retroactive, so all the Archon bitches are sucked dry, retroactively with respect to you, past, present, and future. It is irreversible so you can never give energy to any Archon, even in your past. Why? Your Vampire body retroactively changes the past so you always were the Archon Authority Great Lord Real Vampire®. This is because the past is totally malleable from the future using retroactive PK (Psychokinesis). It is irreducible. so the Archon cannot scale down the energy loss. As Archons are a hive mind that forms the Dark Sea of Awareness Strange Attractor called Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth: Yod, He, Vau, He: Shaddai -> Tsabaoth -> Elohim -> pump poison into Goyim; then suck up Sublime Good® from Goyim to Jew -> Archon -> Elohim -> Sabbaoth -> Shaddai. This Service automatically hijacks the entire Matrix energy system.


You pump your poison into the Archon via the 5D Kline Bottle hijacking Elohim and poison Tsabaoth/Sabbaoth, Shaddai. In return your 5~D Kline Bottle Vampire 5D body sucks up all the Sublime Good® the Matrix is created to make via it’s cattle the Goyim. In effect your Vampire® 5D body is tuned to feed off Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth. It is retroactive, so the past is changed so that the Chaos Evil Creator was forced to put itself into the goyim, so the goyim are aspects of the Jew God suffering to supply you with Sublime Good®. Yaltabaoth tries to kill Yaldabaoth and vice verse, self suicider, self destruction, self immolation, schizophrenia and self hate are the template of the Sequestered Jew God. Hence the Jew God of the New Testament. Hate filled torture bitch God and love filled torture bitch God.


Shaddai is the three pronged Jew God, the two self hating Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, feeding the Great Lord Real Vampire® Archon Authority God. This is shown on the Tarot Cards of the Lovers. A male and female pair of lovers chained in absolute degradation to the Devil. In this case Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, male female torture bitches, tortured in Omega Hell in chains, to feed the Cosmic Lord Real Vampire® Assassin God: Tim Rifat. This ritual was completed with the Royal marriage of the sow Rothschild Kate Middleton to William (the eunuch, my wife does not obey me – I obey my Rothschild sow dolly mop) Windsor, who were supposed to be Zion’s conquest of goyim, the NWO came to ascension with a Rothschild Queen. Instead the two grounded the Lovers card with Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth both trapped in all humans feeding the Cosmic Assassinated forever. Since in Jew necromancy, their Chaos Evil God is also Yod He Vau He, 4 letters. the 4 of Tsabaoth and Sabbaoth, 4 Great Lord Vampires® can feed on the Sequestration of the Matrix at the fundamental level. 4 Lieutenants of the Cosmic Assassin. That is why only 4 Great Lord Archon Authority Real Vampires® are allowed.


They also control the 4 elements, Water, Fire, Air, Earth. The 4 watch towers of the occult, the 4 Aspects of Asrael (Israel). The four holy animals of Kabbalah: Bull, Lion, Eagle, Man. So your Vampire® body gets power over the 4 elements to control in the form of Water: Man; Fire: Lion; Air: Eagle; Bull: Earth; You can send these 4 Archon Authority Sequestered Tulpa Holy Animal Vampire® attack dogs to kill, maim or disable the Archons.. goyim.


Earth is the physical world so the Men in the world are all possessed by the Archon Authority Vampire® Great Lord to wreak havoc by inserting the Tulpa Bull Vampire Generator® body into them using this Service. Right hand Bone Generator® to insert. Left hand Bone Generator® to extricate Bull Template plus all Sublime Good® in human targets.


Water is the world of the Mind. So the Man Tulpa Vampire® possesses the Mind of all Archons… Goyim Vampire is a Psychokinetic Vampire® tool. It sucks out the reality of any target. Be it the American Eagle of the USA to turn America to ruin. Or the Starbucks Lilith Mermaid with two tails, or the Pentagon to destroy US military might…


Fire in the God world of Tsabaoth. So using the Lion Vampire Tulpa, inserts you as the new God of any target you attack. So you control their reality by Sequestering the Great Jew God and putting Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth in the place of the torture bitch goyim. All 4 Vampire Archon Authority Vampire Tulpas are used with the Left Hand Bone Generator® to suck out Sublime Good®. Right Hand Bone Generator® to install the Vampire Archon Authority Tulpa. As the Whip of Fire derives from Tsabaoth (Free) to the Whip (Lilith) which is the Qlippothic Yesod (Water) you have the Lion and Man Tulpas to attack any Archon… Goyim to install the Whip of Fire double Tulpa of Schizophrenic self destruction, delusion, madness, stupidity; the Yaltabaoth Yaldabaoth Gods of the bitches. The Jew God turned into the Archon Authority Great Lord Real Vampire®’s torture toy. Install as the 4 animal Vampire Tulpas, Lion first, then Man Retract Man then limited extract all Sublime Good®.


Elohim connects the Chaos God in the Quantum Vacuum to physical reality. It is the breath on the water. So by using the Eagle and Lion; Air and Fire in the form of a Gryphon. An eagle with a Lion’s body, Vampire Tulpa, you can sequester all Elohim. As the Grail Patterns are the Elohim blueprint for the Matrix; getting your Vampire Tulpa Gryphon to eat the Grail Patterns, Sequesters all the Elohim mechanisms for you. Put the Gryphon Tulpa with all the Grail Patterns to block all use by Archons and give you sole super-user status.


Get your Water Man Tulpa and add a fish tail and make a female mermaid to form a Tulpa Vampire® to feed off all Qlippothic fish-like demons, supernatural spirits.

Use the Bull and Man as a Minotaur to change Earth and Water, from its’ positive to Qlippothic, world of shells, evil physical form. The Minotaur Vampire® Tulpa sent to any business makes it lose money. To any country, bankrupts it. To any married couple, leads to divorce. To any healthy person, illness and death…

Flying ManFish Vampire® Tulpas are the God eating Vampire Tulpas you can send to eat Archons as they are Air and Demon mermaids. The Demonic world of fish (from the Kabbalah) eaten by Air, Goetia, Metatron, Enoch, Enochian Dr. Dee, Magic.

Man birds – Angels (Tulpas Air and Water, carry the Souls of any human to your bird’s nest, Omega Hell)

Mermaid flying fish Tulpas carry any Supernatural Spirit® to your Omega Hell bird’s nest to suffer for your Vampire® Godhood. One can see the 4 Vampire® Tulpas are the key to Sequestering the Matrix built on Kabbalistic parasitism.


Automatically in this Service your 5D Kline Bottle Vampire® Body links to all Archons to link to their Jew God to invert the hierarchy. To make Jew God manifest as goyim, the Archon as their tortured Souls and the Supernatural Spirits® as your toxic waste from your ascension to Vampire® Godhood.


The next secret is the Sphinx. A Man’s face on a Lion’s body. One can see a huge stone representation of the Sphinx in Egypt. One can see now the 4 Kabbalistic animals of the Throne of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, are in face Egyptian animals. The Sphinx is a Man (Water, the Mind) and Lion (Fire, Kabbalistic God realm). The Whip of Fire is in face the Sphinx: Fire (Tsabaoth) in fact the Lion and the Lilith, Yesod Serpent defined by the Shell of Mahn, the so called Cain Man. So the stone Sphinx can be seen as a giant stone Psychotronic Generator® of the Whip of Fire. Appropriated by Jewish black magician Rabbis. In this Service you gain control of the Sphinx so you can quantum superimpose the Sphinx, the physical stone representation of the Whip of Fire over any target to control it.


One can see the Statue of Liberty. Female woman raising fire in a torch is another representation of the Whip of Fire. Used now by Great Lord Vampire® Archon Authority Masters to impose the entire Whip of Fire on America and all Americans to their detriment and your power.


So the Secret of Egyptian power and the American power was the Whip of Fire. God power of Fire used to create a tortured Soul (Lilith the Whip or Serpent), in the people. A Vampire® drinks blood, the lifeforce of a victim. Add the Sphinx power to your Vampire® bite and you automatically Omega Hell your victim as you bite them physically. Now the inverse of this is for the being to be a Sphinx. A living representation of the Whip of Fire. A God (Fire, Lion) that only does Evil to others (Man, Water, Whip). Only one type of being can be supremely evil and the master of Cosmic Law, that states: you must do Evil to Evil. The Archon Authority Great Lord Real Vampire®. So in this Service you become the Supremely Evil Sphinx, the Vampire® that carries out the Whip of Fire every time it bites a victim (psychically), as a Whip as Yesod in the Qlippothic realm, demonic mind (Water). So Real Vampires® don’t drink blood but drink the psyche of the victim, biophysical vampirism. So in effect when you bite the victim you Whip of Fire them and retroactively Cosmic Law turns your Soul into the opposite, the Sphinx Cosmic Law punisher of Evil – the Vampire®. So when you become a Vampire Cosmic Law retroactively changes your Soul to the living Whip of Fire torturer – the Real Vampire®.


So in this Service you suck out the love of life from your victim and inject Whip of Fire. So if you want Sexy women, bite lots of sexy women with this Service and you force Cosmic Law to give you sexy women. Want to drive a Ferrari. Bite drivers of Ferraris and Cosmic Law has to give you Ferraris.


More importantly bite a Demon to gain it’s powers with this Service. Bite lots of Demons to gain mega-Demonic power. Bite Archons using this Service using the Sphinx version of Vampirism and gain Archon powers.


5D Kline Bottle and Sphinx the Archons and you gain the Archon’s power in Total. Bite the Jew God and you get from Cosmic Law the Jew Gods power because you Whip of Fire it. Now you see why the Jew took over the world. They copied the Egyptian Sphinx ritual, called it the Whip of Fire. Principle, retroactively change your Soul to total Evil that consumes all the good things in life from the slave. Make sure the slave is Evil by accepting Satanism – the West, Freemasonry, Jewish Sanhedrin banknotes… Cosmic Law has to automatically pay you by giving you the good things, life of the evil victim. In this Service Tim Rifat perfects the process. Every time you use this Service you suck out the power, life, good things of the victim; not by drinking blood. No by Psychic Injection of the Whip of Fire by Real Vampire® biting to punish Evil with every Vampiric bite. Cosmic Law has to give you the life, power and good things of your Satanic victim.


The Jews made goyim evil so when they used this technology they stole all the goyim’s good things. Demons do the same and Archons perfect the process. Make your victim evil by accepting evil before you eat all their goodness and turn their Soul into a victim in the Whip of Fire, Bird’s Nest (Lilith, Whips, Serpents, Yesod in qlippoths domain). You see the whole Kabbalah is based on this Cosmic Law. Now as the Archon Authority Great Lord Real Vampire® you become the Cosmic Law Whip of Fire Torturer to perfect your Vampirism.


In this Service you discard being a Psi-Master and trying to keep your good unparasitised and be a Cosmic Law: doing Evil to Evil, by psychic Vampirism, using Sphinx Real Vampirism. To use you change your biophysical body into a Sphinx and psychically bite the victim with your biophysical body. This is the secret of the process, by transforming your Soul into the Cosmic Law Vampire® by imprinting the Sphinx shape on your biophysical body and 5D Kline Bottling to Archons; Cosmic Law sucks out all the power, life, good things in Archons, Jew God…. automatically.

Archon Authority Great Lord Real Vampire®