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B) (Bill type) Vampire – Human Lover


This is the opposite to the Nosferatu. A good example of the soft fluffy Vampire is Sookie’s lover in True Blood®. This Bone Generator® Service allows you to have psychic sex with any human. Also you can use it to augment sex with a boyfriend or girlfriend. Sex gets boring without the Psychic Sex Vampire effect and means the lovers need not resort to drugs, as sex becomes a drug using this Vampire type. Love is the most powerful drug in the Cosmos. Since all the Vampire Lover readers, watchers are generating love while reading, watching, the Psychotronic Generator® uploads some of this love to fill you and your willing (or not so willing – if psychic sex) victim. Unlike the Nosferatu, the Vampire Human Lover incubates love in the victim.

So any one you choose falls in love with you the more you feed off them. This is above all value to the love lorn so this Vampire Bone Generator® Service will be of great use to all the unrequited lovers in the world. It also changes your body the more you use it to make you prettier. Even if acting the part the magic rubs off. One can see this is the excellent actress who pays Sookie who looks 10x prettier in True Blood® than as Rogue in the x-Men®. You can use this Vampire Walk In Bone Generator® Psychotronic Generator® if you are a lothario or a female desperate for rich partners. You suck the victim dry using the above techniques. The more you bleed them dry the more they are Soul controlled to love you.


How is this done? Well all the readers, watchers of Vampire supernatural romance films, books are sucked dry of love; as they freely give love to the Vampire. You are the real Vampire. Hence all their love (Hyperinfinity – the free will given away to love the Vampire) is channelled your way. With the Vampire Human Lover, it goes through your victim then into You. This means the victim feels immense love flow through them to you. Therefore they get addicted to the love flow feeling and become your lover, bitch, slave… A very very powerful Bone Generator®, this Vampire Walk In makes you the controller of love in others. One can see love is the most powerful tool for mind control as it works on the Soul – Soul Control. You become the Master of Love, the most powerful emotion in the good pantheon of energies. One becomes a Love Master Vampire. Able to instil love in all your victims. The more you feed off them, the more they love you

(Bill type) Vampire – Human Lover.

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