Blood Drinking Vampire® Master


It is illegal to bite the carotid artery of prey and drink their blood. To get around this the Illuminati feed off blood spilled on the ground. The Freemasons are the personal servants of the Vampire Illuminati. To this end they have constructed all major cities to be blood sponges that suck up the energy of blood and feed it to the Vampire. All without bloodletting on the part of the Vampire. This makes Vampirism totally legal, discreet, secret and hidden in plain view – prerequisites of Vampire Illuminati. In 1981 the Illuminati Vampires gave Tim Rifat a new graduated scientist access to his monolithic Vampire system via MI6 occult branch. Tim Rifat then gradually suborned the system to freeze out the Vampire Illuminati to make his line of Vampires the only Real Vampires®. To do this he made a deal with Lucifer and Amalek the enemies of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, Shaddai… the Vampire God of the West worshipped in the Old Testament. In the New Testament Christ’s torture murder by the Vampire Jewish Banker Sanhedrin enabled them to become Vampires like the Pharaohs using the blood of Christ in the form of the Holy Grail to make Vampires. All the billions of Christians have their energy processed by Mass drinking the wine to extract Sublime Good® blood of Christ to enable those who drink of the Holy Grail to become energy Vampires. This is the core secret of MI6 occult branch and the dynastic British Vampires called Rothschild/Royal Family (Hanover and Windsor), European Vampire Anglo Jews.


The Freemasonic Grid of buildings we call a Western City is one vast Vampire Sponge that emulates the Vampire Mass of the Christian Church. It uses the Ley Lines, energy system of the Earth to carry blood energy from the prey to the Vampire. That is why Cities promote violence and bloodletting. Luckily the Moon Psychotronic Generator® forces females to spill menses blood every 28 days so half the population of humans are regularly blood let. The Freemasonic Cities collect the blood energy and via obelisks, monuments, planned building layouts, temples, all over Ley Lines, funnel the energy to Vampires who as Superusers have access to the system. Knowledge of this is unknown. Females are totally mind controlled by the Vampires by their menses so females keep order in the West: Walkin Evil Satanist Torture Garden. Females keep the males in eunuch mode so they willingly obey authority – the Vampires. Paradoxically this total vulnerability to Vampires makes Vamps so dangerous, they innately understood Vampirism and don’t need to be taught to understand Real Vampires® – they know Real Vampires® exist once turned.


If you are a wanabee Vampire nerdlet/chicklet and need to drink blood, the Freemasonic blood letting system is for you. As stone collects the blood energy you need a stone to collect it for you. The Stone of Scone, once under the Scottish Royal Family’s Throne, then stolen by the British was given to them by Vampire Scottish Rite Freemason – descendents of the Knights Templar. A Stone of Scone Vampire Stone is included in the Bone Generator® Service. This Psychotronic Generator® Psychotronic Crystal® Sublime Good® Engine (yes, Tim Rifat has all those Trademarks) is put under the tongue. IT should be washed in mild 3% hydrogen peroxide to clear it. Anyone under 18 cannot use it for fear of choking. Anyone else does so at their own risk. If in doubt just press it to your lips. The rest of the Service is automatic all blood energy from the Freemasonic system fed to you by the Vampire Psychotronic Generator®. All the blood letting in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq… is fed to you by the Psychotronic Crystal®. All Vampire Services have a Vampire Psychotronic Generator® added to the Vampire experience by enabling you to use blood letting to tune, power all the Vampire Services. This generic blood drinking Vampire Master Service allows you to imbibe of the seminal blood energy flow of the Freemasonic Vampire System. As well as to feed off the genocidal blood drinking Vampire wars organised by the Rothschild/Royal Family Vampires around the world. You get all the rewards of blood drinking Vampires while they do all the hard work! All the rest is automatic so you gain blood energy simply by having mouth/lip contact with the Vampire Psychotronic Generator®. Real Vampire® Science for the 21st Century thanks to Tim Rifat.

Blood Drinking Vampire® Master: $600 with Certificate