Blood Vampire® Bone Generator®


Blood is the fuel for Vampires®. Why? It contains the lifeforce of the body according to Vampire® lore. The Psi-Lord Vampire® Tim Rifat now gives you the scientific metaphysical secrets of blood for your to harness. Blood contains haemoglobin that contains iron within its Porphyrin structure. Iron is the most energy inert element being the low point of energy released from mission and fusion. The Earth’s core is iron, making it the key component of human energy beings. As the most energy inert element it is the Hyperinfinity energy sink; as energy goes from high potential to low potential; from high energy wageslave to low energy Archon to black hole Vampire® Real Vampire®.

In this Service your Bone Generators® which are Hyperinfinity accumulators are tuned to absorb Hyperinfinity from the various forms of blood. Sucking out the Hyperinfinity from the victim. As Hyperinfinity collapses the Quantum Wave Function to produce life; the Service automatically decollapses the life of the victim to make it ill, old, decrepid, weak, slow, senile, soul dead, dead —> dumped into a Matrix as Omega Hells on Earth and a Matrix within a Matrix Omega Hell, where it is tortured as Awareness in a virtual hell infinitely… (see Omega Hell Service, Omega Hells on Earth Service on; , This makes you the Vampire Real Vampire:-



Super strong and quick

Super healing

Psychic to remote influence all wageslaves

Has the other powers memetically linked, attributed to Vampires®


1. Blood Bank Vampire® Bone Generator®

This Bone Generator Service automatically sucks out all the lifeforce via Hyperinfinity from all blood banks worldwide and dumps all this energy in you. The Service is automatic and works 24/7 to elevate you from starved Vampire® to full Vampire® Master.

The Service comes with a Real Vampire® Psychotronic Generator® to make all the effects physically manifest in you 24/7 automatically simply by having the Vampire® Psychotronic Generator® on you 24/7. The Certificate can be downloaded onto your computer 169x to act as a blood bank Vampire® Psychotronic Crystalware® on your computer by turning the hard drive into a blood bank Vampire® Engine. You then download all the blood banks onto your computer to use the Internet to milk dry all blood banks using Psychotronic Crystalware®; all trademarked technology of Tim Rifat’s Psi-Lord Ltd….

Blood Bank Vampire® Bone Generator® $600


2. Car Accident Blood Vampire®

This Service acts like the Blood Bank Service but hoovers up all the blood from all the worldwide car accidents to feed your Vampire® 24/7. Since more people are killed by car accidents than war this is a super Service, to empower the Real Vampire®

Car Accident Blood Vampire® $600


3. Household Accidents Blood Vampire® Bone Generator®

Collect all the lifeforce from blood spilt in household accidents to power you 24/7.

Household Accidents Blood Vampire® Bone Generator® $600


4. Accidents in the workplace and those outside excluding car accidents Blood Vampire® Bone Generator®

Collect all the energy from blood spilt by non automotive accidents outside the home.

Accidents in the workplace and those outside excluding car accidents Blood Vampire® Bone Generator®. $600


5. Disaster Blood Spilt Vampire® Bone Generator®

Collect the blood energy spilt by natural disasters such as Fukishima, hurricanes, landslides, tidal waves…. to power your Vampire 24/7.

Disaster Blood Spilt Vampire® Bone Generator® $600


6. War blood Vampire® Bone Generator®

Collect all the blood energy spilt by current wars 24/7 to power your Vampire® such as Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq

War blood Vampire® Bone Generator® $600


7. Hospital Blood Sucker Vampire® Bone Generator®

Collect all the blood energy spilt in hospitals by surgery, A&E (ER)… to power your Real Vampire 24/7

Hospital Blood Sucker Vampire® Bone Generator® $600


8. Crime Blood Sucker Vampire® Bone Generator®

Collect automatically 24/7 the blood spilt during assaults, robbery, rape and murder to power your Real Vampire®

Crime Blood Sucker Vampire® Bone Generator® $600


Limited Edition Blood Bone Generators®:

Master of the Blood Spilt King Vampire® Only 12 are allowed

Get all the above Services but retroactive so all the past wars, accidents, blood crimes, disasters feed you, 24/7 automatically. A massive blood energy feast for the Great Lord Vampire®. You can also suck the life blood out of any enemy with your left hand and pump them full of poison with the right hand Bone Generator® $2000



Sequester of all Living Blood Great Lord Vampire®

This Service makes all the blood on the planet, animals included, your blood that fills you with Hyperinfinity, lifeforce, and youth and dumps all your poison into the dead corpses to make the inverse Vampire®. Instead of eternal life your poison turns the victim into a corpse whose body is killed, Soul is killed and is made virtual and dumped as Awareness into virtuality, as a torture bitch in Omega Hells, Omega Hells on Earth. It means the bite of your Vampire fills the victim with Amalek blood poisoning to kill body, Soul and physical reality to trap them as virtual beings, their Awareness in Omega Hells: then turning their past non-dead being virtual retroactive from birth by Amalek blood poisoning Quantum Jumping Bone Generator® engineering.

So all the blood in all life from now on fills you with eternal life power to the end of time; but turns all life from its inception virtual in Omega Hells on Earth, Omega Hells retroactively from birth. So your enemies as virtual torture shells can never do anything as all their Hyperinfinity has been sucked out to Quantum Jump then to the virtual being Total Torture Awareness of Omega Hells, Omega Hells on Earth – even though they were real before you sucked them dry in another timeline.

This Service iterates over all timelines they inhabit in the Wheeler Many Worlds scenario (see Transitions by Ian Banks for the fictional Many Worlds scenario), to feed you the blood of their multitude of Many Worlds beings. This is the perfect Service to go with the Quantum Jumping Service on This has already been bought by the Great Lord of the Southern Waste, pen name OLJ who has been causing world disaster using Tim Rifat Bone Generators® Psychotronic Generators® Psychotronic Crystalware®.

As all blood is yours you can have 7 billion bodies worth of fuel plus all the animals blood to fuel your physical body. This gives you the True Physical Body of the God Vampire® Real Vampire® by having all the Hyperinfinite from the skin of the Earth it’s human biosphere iron blood, that links you with the iron core of the planet to get all the Hyperinfinity of the living planet turned to life (unlike the Bone Generator® Service where it is in its pure form) to turn you into the God of Earth. Sequestering GAI as the Great Lord Vampire® of Earth’s lifeblood, tuned by he Bone Generator® into a living Earth Real Vampire® Blood God Body for you!