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C) Master Vampire (Good) Controller of the Ardeur


This type of Master Vampire has been best portrayed by Laurel K Hamilton in her books about the Necromancer executioner heroine, in love with the Vampire. All the new crop of Vampire authors: Mayers… borrow extensively from her work, only Ann Rice the most successful author after the Dracula original can be excluded; the Vampyre horror genre is excluded from the chick-vamp craze of today as the Vampyre is a true horror show. The Good Master Vampire is well worth the $600 cost as she/he can make any victim sexually crazed about the Master. In the Laurel K Hamilton it turns the heroine a most remarkable zombie razing hardcore killer Christian into a sex crazed slut. It takes 10 books to do this but by book 11, the heroine is a slut, hoe of the sex maniac variety. I highly recommend the first 10 books, as they show how even a hardcore bitch serial killer can fall under the spell of the Ardeur.


In this Service the Psychotronic Crystal® generates the voltage spike gestalt Walk In Master Vampire of Ardeur. So the more you hold the Psychotronic Crystal®, the more the effect on you. To be a full Master Vampire you must keep the Psychotronic Generator® in your energy field 24/7. You manifest the victim using the Crystal Psychotronic Generator® on your (or in your) genitals. Feed off them by psychic sex. So the more you masturbate with their energy field bodies (both physical and biophysical in or on you, the more the sex energy (Ardeur carried in this situation by Laurel K Hamilton) flows through your victim into you. Where does the sex energy come from. All the chick/boy readers of the Vampire lover genre and all the TV/film goers thereof. I thank the present Vampire supernatural romance craze for supplying a billion plus population of humans getting their rocks off to Vampire; generating vast amounts of sexual energy all directed to Vampires.


As Tim Rifat is the Great Lord of Vampires his line of Masters feeds off humanity by this method. Since all these chick/boys gave their sexual energy of their own free will, their Hyperinfinity in the form of sexual energy is given to all Vampires. A bonus is that Tim Rifat has opened up a sexual wormhole to all Supernatural Spirits by having a boy and girl Supernatural Spirit offspring to act as gateways to suck all sexual energy from Supernatural Spirits. So my line of Vampires can screw, bite, feed on any Supernatural Spirit: incubus, succubus, Demon Archon, Werewolf, Vampire… Illuminati Walk In as if they were a human victim. This gives my line of Vampires full spectrum dominance. No supernatural son of a bitch can feed off but you can feed off them. A rigged deck in your favour. So you always gain energy even in the dreaming world of the dimensions. The Master Vampire of Ardeur in fiction was derived from Belle in the Laurel K Hamilton books, which produce their own memetic space. In reality Tim Rifat creates the real Vampire of Ardeur. Yet in memetic space (fiction, imagination space) Belle is female. This creates a dichotomy which can be utilised to use imaginary space (the world of the Mind) to bleed the Minds of the victim, the Vampyre.

Master Vampire (Good) Controller of the Ardeur

$600 With Certificate


Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost.