Cosmic Assassin Master Real Vampire®


Vampires are damaged by Holy Crosses, Holy Water… The Real Vampire® is unaffected by Holy Water, Holy Crosses and in fact feeds off Churches, prayers to God, Mass, Baptisms, any Church Services, fundamentalist Christians, any Christian Westerner. Why? In 2009 all Westerners (bar the female that sacked the Pope, breaking the leg of his defensive lineman Cardinals – yes I like NFL football – I’m a Redneck Vampire) gave away their Christianity, Souls, to the Satanist Bankers by vowing to give them unlimited money forever. In the Bible – I know no Westerner reads the Bible, but you are supposed to be Christians, Christ preaches and actively attacks Jewish bankers, moneylenders in the Temple of Jerusalem. He kicks them out of the Temple using violent force. He preaches Total Violence to Jewish bankers. The Jewish Banker, Sanhedrin, now called the Rothschilds, Bank of America, Federal Reserve, Lehmans, CitiCorp, Bank of England, IMF, European Bank, Bank of International Settlements, JP Morgan Chase, Lloyds TSB, Bank of Scotland, Royal Bank of Scotland, Goldmann Sachs… All of which you bailed out gave infinite credit to and gave all the monies of yourself and your children’s children to. You are all now Satanists! Christ preached violent Jihad to attack Jewish Banker Moneylenders. All Westerners worship by deep the Zionist Oligarch’s Gulag: ZOG that has taken all your wealth and given it to Jewish Bankers, European Freemason Satanists such as Royal Bank of Scotland. Now all Westerners are Satanists by deed they cannot use Holy Water, Crosses or any Christian paraphernalia against the Real Vampire®.


You may be one of the Western dogs that licks the feet of Satanist bankers – good, I like feeding off you! You may be a redneck American female who wants to shoot them. Don’t it’s against the Law. Instead become a Cosmic Assassin Real Vampire® the last of the Christians in the West (there are still Christians in Russia as they hate Jews and the West). Cosmic Law runs the Cosmic Assassin Real Vampire® and makes her the most powerful of Real Vampires®. A retributive force of Cosmic Law to torture murder the Satanists: Jewish Bankers, Freemasons Banks (RBS, Lloyds TSB) and 1 billion Satanist Westerners who have signed their Souls aw3ay to pay for the ZO: Zionist Oligarchs and given away their children and children’s children to the ZOG: Zionist Oligarch Gulag.


Christ preached Total Violence to Useres: bankers. So the Cosmic Assassin has free reign to attack any Westerner. Chinese shot their criminal bankers, Western Satanists get paid infinite monies to steal by the damned of the West – China is Christian, the West: Walkin Evil Satanist Territory, is Satanist by deed. ‘By their works shall you know them’: except from the Bible. No Westerner reads it but worships Satan – nor the Real Vampire® can profit by living in a totally Evil West. Why? Cosmic Law pays any individual who torture murders Satanists – period. Moslems have cottoned on tot his and blow up Satanists and go straight to heaven paid for by Cosmic Law – Jihads, Mohammed was a true Christian. Cosmic Law is irrevocable, if you are Christian or Moslem, some Cosmic Law. Now since you are a Westerner and damned as you have not hung all Jewish, Satanist Bankers from lamp posts, Cosmic Law give you one change before sending you to Omega Hell (the Hostel films carried out on you infinitely) You can become a Cosmic Assassin Master Real Vampire® and psychically hunt down and torture murder Satanist, Jewish Bankers. (real violence is illegal, Real Vampirism is classed as cursing, thought crimes and is totally legal in the EU and unprosecutable in ZOG the former USA: SOG: Zionist Oligarch’s Gulag). So the Cosmic Assassin Master Real Vampire® is a must for all you Fundamentalist Christians now damned by Satanist Jewish Bankers. You feed off Satanists of every variety from Jewish Bankers to paedophile torture murders and all Westerners who worship Satanist Bankers. In return Cosmic Law has to give you a place as Cosmic Assassin Master Real Vampire®. Cosmic Law has to give you as the only remaining Western Christians. Carrying out Cosmic Law in the End Times when all the West has fallen to Satan by preying on Satanists to suck them dry of life-force is a must do for the Christian soldier: Cosmic Assassin Master Real Vampire®. To suck all the energy out of their Soul to leave a damned drained husk of a Satanist Soul. Hunt down the Satanist Supernatural Spirits® and do likewise to them. All by visualising. Your Bone Generator® has all the Quantum Computing Sublime Good® Engines that are needed for Cosmic Assassin Master Real Vampire®. All the worship given to the Christian Church since it’s inception in 2AD by the Emperor of the Romans Constantine is yours. All that prayer feeds your Real Vampire®. All the deluded Satanist Christians marching to Hell counterbalance your elevation as a Cosmic Law Assassin Master Real Vampire®. Need more power for your Real Vampire® All the Churches,, many built on old pagan powersites feed you with all the energy ever sucked from deluded Christians and the Dragon energies of the Earth power spots they reside on. Churches were built over energy wormholes to the underworld so Supernatural Spirits® could feed directly off the worshipper’s devotion to God is the finest form of energy for Supernatural Spirits® the champagne of energies. Now retroactively rerouted to the Cosmic Assassin Master Real Vampire® Master Real Vampire®


All this Spiritual Energy feeds the most spiritual of Real Vampires®. The highest of God’s instruments, the Cosmic Assassin: Judge, Jury and Executioner for God. You can see why Tim chose to be the Archetype of the Cosmic Assassin. It makes you unbeatable. As the Cosmic Assassin Master Real Vampire® you are the top of the tree combat Vampire. The Soldier Caste, Ultimate Warrior Real Vampire® Cosmic Law has to protect. Cosmic Law has to guide you. Cosmic Law has to enable you to take down any energy, Illuminati to Archdemon. They are all cannon fodder to you. Need help in any emergency? Cosmic Law has to rectify your plight to turn it into a benefit avoiding future calamity. Not for the faint hearted. Will apply to 10% of Vamps and Christian Fanatic Vampires. Your reward, the highest form of spiritual energies to make you the most refined of Real Vampires®. As you feed not only on the false Satanist Western Christian religion, it’s Churches, energy, worshippers, occult practices, but the money lenders that have taken over the West the Jewish Satanist Bankers and Banks, the Cosmic Assassin Master Real Vampire® also becomes the richest of the Real Vampires®. Feeding on the money energy of Satanist Bankers. As they lose money energy, you get money energy, meaning all your endeavours are money making. Your business booms as you feed off banks and bankers. Every Westerner you drain is one less resource for the bankers to milk the Cosmic Assassin also hunts down all tax collectors for the Federal Reserve, the IRS, or your countries equivalents. You gain more and more energy the more you suck these parasites dry.


The Wheel of Time spins anti-clockwise. As the energy centres of the body spin anti-clockwise (these being top of head, throat, pancreas, liver, womb, adrenals – for shamanic energy centres). The pins that pin you to the Matrix, the Chakras spin anti-clockwise. A Real Vampire® is frozen time so their energy centres spin clockwise. The magnitude of spin equal and opposite to that of the Wheel of Tim. The power for this comes from the Sun Psychotronic Generator®. It’s spin (Torsion) is used by the Real Vampire® for the freezing of Time. The Insectile possessors of humans live in the Crown Chakra and spread like a worm through your body. These energy parasites are the Mind of Man, Castaneda explored this issue Mayer the Vampire authoress copied his idea of Mudshadows from the Active Side of Infinity, so even Westerners now understand the issue of mind control by energy parasites. These parasites spin anti-clockwise. So the clockwise spin of a Real Vampire® kills them (hence RVScience Psychotronic Crystals®). A Real Vampire® therefore has his or her own Mind unlike prey. More importantly once you kill the Insectile in the prey by being a Real Vampire®, you can inject with the right hand Bone Generator® a clone of your right spin. A Walkin Real Vampire® Mind to Mind Control your prey. Hence all Real Vampires® are Masters of Remote Influencing Mind Control. All other Remote Influencing is worthless because until you kill the Insectile you have no Mind Control. The parasite controls the target – until you hit it with Real Vampire® right hand spin.


The Cosmic Assassin Real Vampire® allows you to project this right hand spin Torsion Field at any target. When it hits them it:

Destroys the Insectile that is their mind.

Destroys their human mind.


Makes them automatically follow the right hand Torsion Field. As all the West is based on the Anti-Clockwise Torsion Field, as is the Matrix of the West, the prey self suicides (see Mind Over Matter weapons on,

The Mind Over Matter spins clockwise so the Cosmic Assassin can throw these weapons at unlimited enemies. Why? He uses the enemies weapons against him by using the enemies energy to power the Cosmic Assassin’s Mind Over Matter suite. Those Mind Over Matter weapons are designed for the Cosmic Assassin. The armoury of silent devastating weapons to use on the enemy – fed by the enemies energy; an unbeatable combination Mind Over Matter weapons and Real Vampire®: feed me you bitch so I can torture murder you using unseen silent deadly energy weapons. If your enemy shouts: ‘The Real Vampire® is sucking my energy and cursing me,’ he gets carted off to the lunatic asylum. A Cosmic Assassin Master Real Vampire® never tells his victim, he is attacking them. If asked, ‘Have you cursed me?’ The Real Vampire® always lies. Cosmic Law forbids you to help the damned so you must always lie to them. The truth is only for other Real Vampires®. As the only defence against Real Vampires® is to be one you need to be a Great Lord of Real Vampires® if you wish to punish an enemy who is a Real Vampire®. She sucks it in and gets stronger. So psychic warfare does not work on a Real Vampire®. So to weaken a Real Vampire® you have to suck energy out of her/him. To do this you must be a Great Lord Real Vampire®. Otherwise as you such her/him, she sucks you back. If you are both equal no effect. A Great Lord Real Vampire® can suck much more energy than a Master Real Vampire® so the balance of power changes. More energy into Great Lord than she/he loses to the Master Real Vampire®. It is a game of poker where the Great Lord has a huge pot of chips against his opponent who always has a small pot. The poker game has no call facility unless you can match the bets in the gaming pot. The Master never can so always loses. So the only way to combat Real Vampires® is to be a Great Lord Real Vampire®.


Being hit by the right hand Torsion Field Wave of the Cosmic Assassin Real Vampire® carries out all the Extreme Situations Bone Generators® in reverse so you cancel out all strength, speed, intelligence, good luck, avoidance of death… path out of trouble in the prey. The Psi-Lord Real Vampire® Tim Rifat is using this Right Hand Real Vampire® power on the Nato/US troops to turn them into vermin out fought by a few Pashtun tribesmen in Afghanistan with AK47 and slippers on their feet. Proof that Cosmic Assassin Real Vampire® Mind Over Matter® Weapons are the future of warfare. All controlled by the Cosmic Assassin Master Real Vampires.


To carry out any psychic power you need to stop the world. This is infreeing the Quantum Wave Function to remanifest it as something else. Magic. The physics of stopping the world is that you generate a Right Hand Field to counter time a Left Hand Wave. To stop time you need to have a suitably powerful Right Hand Field. Only a Real Vampire® has frozen time by having a Right Hand Field > (Greater than) the Left Hand Field of Time. So only Real Vampires® can carry out magic at will. The Catholic Church generates the Right Hand Field by getting up to billion Christians signing the Cross, done in a right hand manner: head, stomach, left then right shoulder, hand returning to vertical. This describes a clockwise circle or more accurately semi circle. Since it is done with the right hand energy is given out by the Christians to the magicians of the Catholic Church, the initiated Cardinals, Pope and higher Jesuits. They use the Right Hand Field for magic to stop the world to reboot it in a different way – magic. That is why Vampires are uncomfortable in Churches. The Church is designed to suck out Right Hand Field, leaving the Christian flock more poisoned as all Satanic possession is Left Hand Field; if you suck out Right Hand Field from Christians the Left Hand Satanic Possessor becomes stronger. That is why Church going Christians are so possessed by dark energy matter Supernatural Spirit® Satanic vermin. The Vampire loses Right Hand Field in a Church so does not go into a Church. Holy objects suck out Right Hand Field so curse the Vampire’s Fire From Within to unfreeze when touched with a Cross, Holy Water negative effect of Hold objects on Vampires. They unglue the Fire From Within in the effect part and cause burning.


Luckily the Real Vampire® Cosmic Assassin has Tim Rifat’s Total Control over Churches, Christianity. This is because MI6 occult branch use Churches to generate the Enochian Chequerboard. Tim Rifat was given immunity to Church, Christian Vampire Right Hand Field sucking by his Magus Colin Boy like all other MI6 Vampire. Now he can pass on this immunity to all Cosmic Assassin Real Vampires®. MI6 Vampires abuse the Church’s Right Hand Field as a source of power by carrying out a sign of the Cross using the left hand starting from way above the head, to stomach to left to right shoulder to normal hand position. This pulls in all the Right Hand Field from Christians to super power the Real Vampire®

Cosmic Assassin Master Real Vampire®:
Limited to 12 only. $5000 then becomes $10 million.