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D: Solar Psychotronic Generator® Great Lord Real Vampire®


The Sun, Stars… Nuclear explosions feed the Real Vampire™. The light powers the Real Vampire™. According to Theodore Kaluza circa 1926, light is gravity in the 5th Dimension. Unlike gravity in the 4th Dimension, light gravity is very very very very… strong. This is because gravity in the 4D world of Einstein’s General Relativity – the Matrix – a simulation, is the weakest of all forces. It only effects us as mass warps 4D spacetime and their is a lot of mass about – the Earth. Light is curved: 5D space which according to Kaluza generates electromagnetism and a Scalar Field. The electromagnetic force is very…. very strong. A Real Vampire™ uses the 5th Dimension to freeze his Burning With The Fire from Within a Global Gestalt Version of the Earth’s Boost; aligning all his/her consciousness energy bodies from birth to death, 5D alignment with the Earth’s 5D energy bodies via the curving of 5D space.


In effect a wormhole called the Assemblage Point that uses light, curvature of 5D space. In Relativity Mass curves 4D Spacetime. What curves 5D space. It must have space curving, parameters way higher than 4D space time Mass. We see from Kaluza’s 5D General Relativity that 5D space/time splits into 4D space time (gravity) 4 vector electromagnetism (light, electricity, magnetism… and a Scalar Field. This Scalar Field has a positive (space-like) aspect and a negative (time-like) aspect. A Scalar Field has no directional vector, just magnitude. So a lot of Scalar Field may warp 5D space to produce light. Think of it as a super heavy shadow. Pure shadow that warps 5D space to bend light into a wormhole around the Real Vampire™. So unlike human, supernatural Spirit® vermin prey that cast 5D space shadows; the Real Vampire™ does not have a shadow in the 5th Dimension. Instead 5D space is warped around the Real Vampire™, so like the Enterprise using warp drive in Star Trek®, a Real Vampire™ warps 5D space. Not to travel through 4D space time. No, to warp it globally from conception to the death of the Real Vampire™ when it burns with the Fire From Within and is surrounded by a 5D space warp. It’s 5D space shadow collapsing into the wormhole so it casts no shadow when remotely viewed. In fact it cannot be subject to Remote Viewing, you cannot see it psychically as it warps 5D space, the medium for all psychic powers around it to close itself off to being psychically spied upon.


As the Real Vampire™ warps 5D space, the corridor down which all psychic attack has to travel, it is immune to all psychic attack. That is why Tim Rifat urges vermin to psychically attack him – Satanists, Supernatural Spirits®… As they send energy down the 5D space corridor it falls into the 5D Real Vampire™ wormhole around the Psi-Lord to make it grow bigger using the enemies energy. Akin to a spinning black hole in 4D space time, the Real Vampire™ spinning wormhole sucks in all energy in 5D space it comes into contact with. Thus the spinning wormhole person pulls in all energy it encounters in 5D space sucking in emotional, Psychokinetic, sexual, life: force – a Real Vampire™. Now you see how the Real Vampire™ works. The Psi-Lord can make a Real Vampire™ by projecting his spinning wormhole onto the aspirant to create a boundary around the person to give them a holographic aspect of the spinning wormhole, to make them an aspect of Real Vampirism. The boundary of 5D, Supershadow is the shadow of the Psi-Lord’s spinning wormhole body of pure Light; in it’s positive Evil Sublime Good Reflection of Lucifer. The Light Bringer, the archetype of Pure Shadow of the Light TIM: Total Intent Manifest. So the Real Vampire™ casts no 5D shadow as in legend. When the Real Vampire™ steps in front of a mirror in 5D space the Real Vampire™ cannot be seen as it is Pure Shadow enclosed and since it gives off no light in 5D space, the realm of psychic sight, it cannot be seen in any crystal ball, magic mirror, scrying glass… Remote Viewing scanner. One can see the legend of Vampires hides the Real Vampire™ technology known to previous civilisations – lost to modern man – a farmyard animal tot he Real Vampire™. In the past the Solar Psychotronic Generators®, Star Worship, Interstellar Psychotronic Generators®, Sun Worship was the core of Pharonic power. The Sun God the head of all Egyptian Gods – making the Pharaoh chief Real Vampire™ with his high priests – Real Vampire™ mind control allowing Egypt to last 5000 years as a Real Vampire™ civilisation. Now the Rothschild/Royal Family use this Sun worship in all their ritual to get Real Vampire™ power. When they broke their contract with Lucifer on 9/9/9 by attacking the Anti-Christ Tim Rifat they all got sold to Total Amalek and lost all Real Vampire power. Now you can take their place as a Real Vampire™ and rule the West: Walk In Evil Satanist Territory!


In this Bone Generator® Service you become the bioparticle Real Vampire Psychotronic Crystal® to the Suns Psychotronic Crystal® Psychotronic Generator®. That means the Sun directly feeds you with power – you become a Sun God. The Sun has a giant 5D spinning wormhole – that is why alien spacecraft use it to exit, enter our solar system. One can imagine how the Sun as your personal Psychotronic Generator® is the top of the tree means to generate power. The Suns 5D spinning wormhole is projected by the Gators (see Mind Over Matter Warfare) Pulsar Engine to form a holographic 5D spinning wormhole around you to make you a super powerful Sun God Real Vampire™. The 5D spinning wormhole generated gives you super psychic powers – automatically. It means you don’t need to power your Bone Generators® or Psychotronic Crystals® – they are all powered automatically by the Sun Psychotronic Generator®. You can block all psychics from using 5D space to render all non Real Vampires™ psychically castrated. Your 5D Pure Shadow is so dark that you can wormhole to any other star to get a 5D pure shadow from them to boost your power. Be it Antares, Betelgeuse, Sirius, Alpha Centauri. As there are billions of suns in our galaxy, this Service offers you the gateway to pure power. It is all automatic, downloaded into your Bone Generator®. If you have the Lord of Luck Real Vampire™ Service you can upload the Sun’s… any star’s 5D spinning wormhole projection Psychotronic Generator® from the Sun’s birth to death or any other stars hyperboosting power for you.


As this hyper output depends on a Hyperinfinite Bone Generator® you must have the Bone Generator® Service and all it’s Upgrades A, B and C. This Service is only open to 3 Bone Generator® Psi-Sun Gods at the special price of $7000. Any future clients must pay $25 million (subject to price rises as from 14/3/2010). First come first served, so if you want to be a Sun God Real Vampire™, not an oxymoron, but Real Far Future Science: Real Vampire Science only Bone Generator® equipped Clients should apply. The Bone Generator® Service is needed to contain the hyper-power of the Sun that is used as your personal Psychotronic Generator® to power all the Real Vampire Services you purchase. All military Clients pay $25 million unless British military, they are forever banned this technology as they are the dump goat for al blowback from Sun Psychotronic Generators® – so all damage, burnout, madness, psychic death or worse is dumped into them. This protects the Sun God Real Vampire™ from any mistakes in using this hyper-power. Automatic and foolproof!


D: Solar Psychotronic Generator® Great Lord Real Vampire® limited to 6 only at $7000 (must have Bone Generator® Service) 2 sold only 4 left!

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