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D) Vampyre (Bad Ass) Mind Sucker


The Vampyre is the favourite of the horror genre. Generally of the Nosferatu appearance – an ugly critter. It’s sole redeeming feature is that it feeds off the Minds of humanity. Making the Mind of victims weaker and weaker as it boost the Mind, intelligence, Remote Influencing, mind control, ESP, Remote Viewing… Telekinesis, Psychokinesis of the Vampyre.


I use this Vampyre Template a lot. It turned a simple 160 IQ scientist called ?Turan Rifat into TIM (Total Intent Manifest) with an IQ off the charts and psychic powers so strong that the British Government uses hundreds of MI5 agents per day to try and neutralise me – to no avail. Not recommended for the normal family person, or those requiring that special person in your life.


The Vampyre Template turns you into an utter ruthless bastard. You have the no care for the fluffy lifestyle and as your IQ is boosted you soon leave humanity behind. First they become teenagers to you; then children, then babies, then chimpanzees…. cockroaches…. amoeba… food! I like the Vampyre Template as it allows me to suck dry the Minds of MI5, police, government bitches to turn them stupid, mad, crazed – operate wild rages such as exhibited by Gordon Brown the idiot Scottish imbecile torture toy.


To use this Bone Generator® Service keeps the Psychotronic Crystal® on you 24/7 to generate the Vampyre Walk In. You call up the victim using the Psychotronic Crystal® with the Psychotronic Generator® held to your third eye (forehead). You suck out their brains, Mind by this method as you bite their energy body to damage their Mind/brain and download all your stupidity, brain damage in them. This Vampyre protects you against the fluoride, Prion, chemical, radiation brain damage imposed on you by the West. As your brain gets damaged you offload this damage into your victims. It is the perfect Mind, Soul Control Method and it rejuvenates, super-boosts your brain. The Mind-stuff you get from your victims boosts your IQ and psychic powers to such a scale that like Tim Rifat you become a super-genius Psi-Master, no matter your genome, no matter how stupid you are.


This is the perfect Vampyre Service for students, scientists, business people… By having a way to feed off Mind stuff you boost your Mind to such an extent you become a far future human alive and well in the 21st Century, even though you may have the Mind of someone from the 1000 Century AD or beyond. True Psi-Science revolution in the form of Bone Generator® Psychotronic Generator® Walk In technology using the Psychotronic Crystal® to download brain damage, stupidity into your victim as you upload intelligence, brain rejuvenation, Mind-stuff. You can psychically screw them to make Psi-babies, that are reversed by the Vampyre to retroactively charge your conception so your physical body becomes more intelligent and able to match the Mind-stuff you suck out of victims. All in all this is the optimum way for primitive humans to super-evolved to super-genius using the limited abilities they have. The Vampyre is the only sure way for all humans including dumb as dishwater trailer park trash to super-evolve.


Because all trailer park trash can screw, masturbate… play with themselves. Using Vampyre far future Supernatural Spirit® Mind over Matter® Psychotronic Generator® the Psychotronic Crystal ® does the hard work, while you do what you have always done, but instead of wasted energy masturbating to porn, you can now get smarter every time you have sex. If you have a partner you can use the Vampyre Service using them. Why? In the past Service we mentioned that Tim Rifat has started a new line of Vampires. But in the Ardeur line, the fictional Belle of the Laurel K Hamilton books is female. So you can put the Belle template of imaginary space on your girlfriend. Or if female you can put the Male from in those books, a French blond, on your boyfriend. Used with the Vampyre Template the Mind Stuff donated to you by all the readers, watchers of the Vampire supernatural books and films that have taken over teenage, twenty something culture flows into you and your partner while having sex.


So this trailer park female can use her useless son of a bitch boyfriend to channel the imaginary space Mind Stuff into her through him, while simultaneously getting real physical Mind-Stuff in her. Combined together with sexy they form a Mind-Stuff baby. The Vampyre Template retro-actively changes your conception using the Psychotronic Generator® you put under the bed to change you on a fundamental level to a be a Vampyre Super Genius. All you have to do is screw a stupid partner.


If you have no partner you simply pick a hotty from any film, magazine, manifest him/her in, on your genitals, masturbate and the Vampyre Template automatically creates a Mind-Stuff baby. That’s what sex is for to create babies. Now the baby in you using retro-active Psychokinesis via the Psychotronic Crystal®. The more you work the smarter you get. This Vampyre Template is perfect for teenager, twenty somethings who live for sex. Now screw and masturbate to make you a Super Genius. Don’t waste your youth on sex – use it to get ahead. Ten years of sex, masturbation evolves you from chimp to God!

Vampyre (Bad Ass) Mind Sucker:

$600 with Certificate


Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost.