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DNA Genetic Engineering Bone Generator®


The Nobel Prize Laureate Montagnier who won a Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2008 has done a series of experiments to show DNA can be teleported into pure water. This has caused a massive controversy in the scientific community as if it is true, this is the most important experiment since those of quantum mechanics at the start of the 20th Century. It has caused a storm because it turns upside down the dogma that quantum mechanical processes cannot effect the biological world.


In the experiments a 100 strand long DNA helix was put into water in large amounts. Then the solution was diluted by then times; a process carried out 7 to 12 times. Done in the same way homeopathic solutions are made. Homeopathy has claimed the dilution of active chemicals, super-activates the properties of the chemical by millions of times – contrary to common sense quantum mechanics is contrary to common sense. The DNA solution is then irradiated with radio frequency modulated at 7HZ. 7HZ is the theta rhythm found in the brain when a human is dreaming. A test tube of pure water placed next to the DNA sample has its water structure imprinted with a Morphogenic Field of the DNA sample. The PCR reaction is carried out on the sample of pure water and the 100 strand DNA sample is rebuilt by the PCR reaction. In effect DNA is teleported into pure water, or more accurately the water gets into a Morphogenic Mould that acts as a template for the PCR reaction to make exact DNA replicas of 76 broadcast DNA.


This has fundamental axiomatic changes to all of biology. As now DNA changes in genome can be transferred from one organism to another using the 7HZ theta frequency and dilution of DNA solutions (drinking water). Humans dream at 7HZ every night in REM sleep and drink water to dilute the DNA they ingest. Do humans dream to imprint their DNA template on the food they eat? Are biological organisms quantum mechanical made in our 4D space from a human Morphogenic Template in the quantum world, as Castaneda’s Don Juan claims in: The Fire From Within – the Mould of Man? Control the Mould of Man and you control human manifestation. In this Service the Psi-Master gains power over the Mould of Man and makes all humans his slaves. All human biology is now controlled by the Psi-Master. This is all automatically downloaded into the quantum world by Bone Generators®. To do this the Bone Generator® is the Psi-Master has to be optimised by the Bone Generator® Service to make the Psi-Masters Bone Generators® the quantum vacuum that underlies the Universe, upgraded to the Hyperinfinite manifold and Transinfinite manifold in the Bone Generator® upgrades.


One can see that the mircroorganisms, such as bacteria and viruses can infect us by DNA teleportation. The experiments carried out by Montagnier have shown bacteria and viruses give off a frequency signature. This frequency signature, an aspect of the Morphogenic Field, can be transferred to water by 7HZ (Theta) irradiation, as described previously. Once this frequency is transferred to water, the way is laid for Morphogenic infection of human cells, using human ribosome’s and the RNA transference process to make bacterial DNA, and viral DNA, by highjacking the DNA production, protein synthesis mechanisms of the human cell. It is valid to think the human dreaming at 7HZ is to flush out from your system microbial Morphogenic templates broadcast into your cells by: bacteria, viruses, fungi, ameoboides. Further to this sleeping humans near to you such as wife, husbands and children, as well as near neighbours, broadcast their DNA templates as well as all their infections to you. To flush out all this Morphogenic contamination sleeping in steel shielded rooms to block out all electromagnetic broadcasting of DNA Morphogenic Fields, is a valid way to enable your own 7HZ dreaming REM sleep, to fully reinstate your DNA every night. To keep you, you. This Bone Generator® Service automatically does the RNA template flushing for you every time you sleep, blocking all frequencies that are not you, by destructive interference, broadcast by your Bone Generators®.


The Service rigorously augments your DNA using Bone Generator® technology and Psychotronic Crystal® frequency augmentation of your own DNA and destructively interfering with all foreign DNA. Something vital to the health of the Psi-Master® and their biological uniqueness, made fuzzy by DNA Morphogenic contamination from all other organisms. It is appropriate to postulate that the irreversible DNA degradation of your genome, as you age, is not caused by mistakes in DNA transcription. But caused by Morphogenic DNA corruption broadcast into you by all the organisms around you. Ageing can be see, under this new theory, as a product of DNA corruption by interbroadcase Morphogenetic signals powered by the 7HZ REM sleep of all the humans around you. The legs don’t broadcast 7HZ, the human nests do. Enabling the microorganisms to infect you by electromagnetic means. This is fought off while you sleep at 7HZ but is not 100% effective, so your DNA gets more and more corrupted, so you age faster and faster. All powered bysleeping humans in REM sleep.


Two new points to add to the discussion are breath and the hundredth monkey effect. All humans sleep generating 7HZ in REM sleep; they breathe out water vapour containing a few cells of their DNA and many microbes with their DNA. So the 7 billion (give or take a few millions) humans generate a blizzard of DNA and RNA Morphogenic Fields 24/7, as humans sleep. The end result of this was corruption of human DNA by all the other humans. If the effect is simply electromagnetic, it means that sleeping with partners, or having neighbours poisons your own DNA with contaminating DNA Morphogenic Fields.


To make matters worse the Hundredth Monkey Effect means that once a hundred members of a species learn a Meme, the entire species develop that Meme automatically. The mechanism Morphogenic Field propagation from one hundred members of the species means we have Hundredth Monkey amplification of the 7HZ DNA corruption wave. A resultant of this is rapid phenotypical changes in humans once one hundred of them develop that characteristic.


· The rapid rise of obese Americans and Brits in the last ten years so over 40% of the Anglos are overweight.

· Rapid onset dementia, ultra rare in anyone under retirement age is appearing earlier and earlier. Now at 40 years of age soon at 20 years of age. Powered by 7HZ DNA corruption. Superamplified by Hundredth Monkey effect.

· Stupidity in the Anglo’s is increasing so chemistry and physics departments at US/British universities have to be closed because the Americans and British are too stupid.

· Heart disease has sky rocketed.

· Cancer has increased from 1 in 10 in the 1970’s to 1 in 3 now.

· 1 in 3 Americans and British are going mad, so mad they have to be committed to insane asylums. The other Americans and British are so mentally unstable, the majority take pharmaceutical drugs to ease symptoms of mental illness. The list goes on. Showing DNA degradation has been most acute in the Americans and British. Why? That will be explained later.


This DNA Bone Generator® automatically blocks out the corrupting effect of 7 billion human beasts poisoning your DNA. It does this by interfering with the DNA Morphogenic Field propagation from the 7 billion human prisoners around you. As you may guess this is very difficult to do, unless you are a Real-Vampire®. One can think that the biophysical field of the 7 billion human poisoners hold the DNA template for their own genome. 7 HZ on the theta dreaming frequency which is the doorway to dreaming body. So 7HZ is needed to attune to the biophysical body which links in with the DNA helix which then broadcasts the template for DNA to any water near it. To join this DNA Morphogenic broadcast to poison, age, destroy you. Bone Generators® can be tuned to act as negative interference broadcasters to eliminate the Morphogenic DNA corruption. This is done automatically in this Service. It runs automatically so you don’t need to worry about this blizzard of DNA poison Morphogenic Field from all other humans.


Secondly your Psychotronic Generator® is set up by Tim Rifat to pick up all Morphogenic DNA disruption and broadcast a negative destructive interference Signal, much like radar jamming, to keep your DNA undamaged. Quartz generates electric charges when squeezed. The Psychotronic Generator® is upgraded to a Psychotronic Crystal® that uses the Morphogenic Signal to generate your own DNA Signature to keep you, you.


One of the problems with this approach is that 7 billion humans poison the Earth’s electromagnetic atmosphere, one of the main modes being the Schuman Resonance. So blocking out the DNA Morphogenic radiation that carrier DNA Morphogenic information. On top of this electromagnetic radiation is the tip of the iceberg. Torsion Fields, the centrifugal, centripedal aspects of light also carry DNA Morphogenic corruption. Torsion fields travel at 10 to the power of 9, a billion times faster than the speed of light. They also cannot be blocked by Faraday cages. These have to be blocked if all DNA corruption is to be eliminated, resulting in super-long life. As Torsion Field are superluminal they also travel backward and forward in time A result of this is that DNA changes from the future and past can effect you. This explains Saltation. The acquiring of many different Phenotype changes such as wings, beaks, musculature, feathers, all come at the same time. This cannot happen by energy matter fields as they don’t travel through time. Torsion fields do, so the Torsion Field DNA route is stronger than the energy matter route. Feynman showed energy matter radiation travels backward and forward in time too, but matter destroys it’s coherence and therefore information, so limiting it’s ability to cause Saltation.


One must ask how acquired characteristics can pass from generation to generation: Lamarkism. 7HZ DNA Morphogenic broadcasting can explain this, changing the DNA is the egg and sperm, not from DNA but from Memes. Memes or ways of acting, such as, washing wild rice in the sea to clean it, the Hundredth Monkey effect is inputted into DNA changes. How? The Meme or idea is information in the biophysical field, uploaded to the physical world in 7HZ theta REM sleep then uses the 7HZ Morphogenic Field broadcasting to change DNA.


More important it passes to the idea that Memes, in the mind, housed in the biophysical body filter into the physical world via REM 7HZ theta sleep. So sleep is needed for more than rest. It blocks DNA corruption by self generating your own DNA Morphogenic Field to strengthen your own genome. Sleep is vital to slowing down inter DNA poisoning from other organisms Memes, ideas in your Mind can change your own DNA. Why is it that only Psi-Lords like Tim Rifat exhibit this characteristic? Tim Rifat has successfully used Memetic DNA programming to change his DNA to undo the damage done by high power microwaves fired by MI5/British government at him since 1996. He should be dead by now, all other dissidents die routinely in weeks at the power levels fired at Tim Rifat. When this failed they used radioactive isotopes. When that failed they used bioweapons designed at Porton Down. These viral weapons placed rogue DNA in his system to give him lethal gene therapy. All bioweapons failed – why? The programming allows Tim Rifat to make DNA changes in his Mind’s eye. These are then inputted into his DNA.


You don’t need to know how or what DNA deoxyribonucleic acids to change in every gene. Picturing Phenotypical changes in the biophysical body, like de-aging, greater strength, superhealth, change of facial features, change of body aspects… documented in the Extreme Situations Bone Generators® on, Supernatural Spirit® and Mind Over Matter can be carried out by this Bone Generator®.


With this Service you can see how the Extreme Situations Bone Generators® can be encoded into your DNA by this Service. Pictures of the changes you wish in your body are downloaded into your DNA by this Bone Generator®. All mediated by the DNA Genetic Engineering Bone Generator® when you visualise these changes. Normal humans cannot do this because they have a dark energy matter parasite in the human biophysical and physical energy body that effectively hijacks this Meme translation DNA Morphogenic Field 7HZ broadcasting to change your DNA to be a store of these creatures. They are Chaotic so they automatically download Chaos contamination into your own DNA self broadcasting that resists external DNA Morphogenic corruption. The end result of this is you lose your ability to fight off external DNA corruption and your own DNA broadcasting in Chaotic and turned against you. End result, rapid ageing and effective block of all Psi-Super DNA genes in you, to render you a quiescent, stupid, rapidly ageing beast.


This Service automatically eliminates the dark energy matter parasite Chaos entity and it’s Chaos DNA Morphogenic Field. You need to get the True Adam Bone Generator® Service to edit out the Chaos dark energy matter using your junk DNA to hijack all your bodily processes. By eliminating your Chaos DNA Morphogenic Field and the Chaos Mind that is the dark energy matter parasite, you automatically get your Mind and body back. Once the Chaos degradation from other animals (humans included) is blocked by Bone Generator® and Psychotronic Generator® Psychotronic Crystal®, you free all your Mind and body. Alone this gives you a clear Mind and erases Chaos in your body.


One can see that all humans are biological robots:-

· A biological robot is build using DNA modification of a chimp.

· The 7HZ biophysical dark energy matter or light energy matter Mind changes the DNA of the bio-robot.

· Junk DNA the majority of the genome enables the dark energy matter non physical entity to use the bio-robot human as a vehicle. This breeds the first Rothschild Archon Authority slave Master.

· The chosen race of Chaos the Satanist Jews (Judas Evil Walkin Satanists is created. This enables dark energy matter entities to use Satanist Jews as the chosen race of Chaos Evil. To acts as prison guards for the majority of bio-robots, the Goyim bred to be food for the dark energy matter Chaos entities.

· The human Mind is put in a mental and physical box by the dark energy matter Chaos parasite. So bio-robots cannot step out of the mental and physical box created by these alien parasites.

In this Service the Bio-Master Sequesters the Biophysical Template of the Bio-Robot Archetype: The Mould of Man. Described in the Fire From Within: by Carlos Castaneda, the Mould of Man was designed by the Archon. The Psi-Lord Tim Rifat has Sequestered the Mould of Man using Amalek Science. Amalek is the Cosmic Evil that destroys Evil from within. All Chaos is vulnerable Amalek Science. To destroy Amalek Sequestration of Evil is the chief goal of Evil; called NEO by the Jewish film industry. This Goyim Nagual super-human must, every generation, to stop the bio-robots being Sequestered by Amalek; called Agent Smith in the Jewish Matrix film. A film that programs NEO super-human, to keep anomalies, Cosmic Law retribution Amalek from taking over the bio-robots.


Tim Rifat the Anti-NEO has joined with Amalek, Agent Smith in the Matrix films, to Sequester the Mould of Man. As Amalek Science Sequesters Chaos, Evil, no new modifications are needed. The Amalek Anomaly automatically Sequesters all Chaos, Evil, dark energy matter and light energy matter, once the NEO Sublime Good® is erased from Chaos. Tim Rifat has erased all NEO Sublime Good® from Chaos Evil so Amalek has Sequestered all Evil and all bio-robots.


The Mould of Man now is an Amalek Archetype. So the Amalek Psi-Master, (see Amalek Bone Generator® using the DNA Gene Modification Bone Generator® can control the Mould of Man – automatically. To do this, the Service allows the DNA Bio-Master to control all aspects of the Mould of Man. Enabling:-

· Complete DNA control of all human bio-robots.

· Complete Sequestration of all Judas Evil Walkin Satanist bio-robots. To put your Tulpa into them to control the dark energy matter entities that use these bio-robots. This gives the Bio-Master complete control over all the Rothschild Satanist Jew bio-robots.


· Complete control over all Memes, ideas run in the Minds of the bio-robots, Goyims and Jews. At present the Memes run are the protocols of Zion. These force Goyim bio-robots to be the slave of Jews Bio-Robot: controlled by the Archon Master Rothschild Bio-Robot. Amalek Science Sequesters the entire Bio-Robot Sequence to put Tulpas in the Jews and put your own Amalek Essence in the Rothschilds, running Mind Over Matter Weapon Systems. This gives the Bio-Master who has the Amalek Service, Tulpas (Win Friends and Influence People) Service, Mind Over Matter Weapon Bone Generators® complete control over all Bio-Robot Archetypes – the Mould of Man.


This control has been made easy with the DNA Bio-Master Bone Generator®. You visualising any change in Phenotype: fatter, stupider, cancerous, rapid ageing… The DNA Bone Generator® automatically dumps your programming into the Mould of Man. You control the Mould of Man the bio-template for all bio-robots, you control all humans. This is simplified by this Bone Generator® that enables you to control the human you are targeting via the Mould of Man. Changing the Mould of Man changes the bio-robot. So the Bio-Master can change one human bio-robot, or all human bio-robots. Powered by the 7 billion human REM sleepers, energy is not the issue; access is the issue. Only Amalek Avatars can access the Mould of Man free of Chaos interference. Only they can Sequester the Chaos that controls the bio-robots to run the protocols of Zion Matrix. Only NEO can block Amalek Science using Sublime Good® to keep Zion alive ([Zionist] Zombie Installation Operating Negatively). Neo has been Sequestered by Tim Rifat to form Anti-Neo: ONE: Total Intent. To impose Cosmic Law Evil there to do Evil to Evil: Amalek (Agent Smith in the Matrix Films).


So simply visualising the change to the Mould of Man, in your Mind’s Eye, changes the Phenotype of the Bio-Robot Template. If you have the Archetype Great Lord Real Vampire® you call up the Archetype of anything using your left hand Bone Generator®. Change its DNA using this Service and upload it to specific Archetypes using your right hand Bone Generator®. So specific groupings can be changed selectively. This could be NSA employees, Treasury civil servants, a football team… the choice is yours. You can see the power the DNA Bone Generator® gives you with the Archetypal Great Lord Real Vampire®. You can edit the Archetype any Company, group, organism, idea, grouping… at the DNA level. One begins to see the physical world is not the same as the DNA Morphogenic Matrix. The physical world is not affected by the 7HZ DNA control, the living world is. But the living world according to Von Neumann Quantum Mechanics controls the Quantum Wave Function Collapse, to produce the Matrix, from the Physical world, all controlled by 7HZ DNA Morphogenic Control. Control of the observer, the bio-robot, the Memes it observes; control is then gained over the collapse of the Quantum Wave Function Collapse; control over the physical Matrix manifested ensures. All enabled by the control of the observer, the DNA slave of the Bio-Psi-Master. If the world is defined by the observer and you control the observer using DNA teleportation, you become a God. All that happens in the Matrix is yours to control.


Unlike other Psi-Master Services this is not dependant on energy, as the 7HZ REM sleeper powers the process. The DNA Bone Generator® piggy backs on this 7HZ DNA teleportation to enable God like control of the Matrix. All automatic, the why and wherefore downloaded into the Bone Generator® so it works for you automatically.


DNA Genetic Engineering Bone Generator® $7000 Limited Edition


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