Dracula Master Real Vampire


The popularisation of Vampires came about with Bram Stoker’s Dracula. This Dracula defined the Vampire to the masses. As we have seen on this site Real Vampire® do not follow the rules of Dracula, novel, fictional Vampires. Real Vampires® get fed by the Sun Psychotronic Generator®. Dracula was the Illuminati Rothschild Royal Family using Bram Stoker’s Dracula to hide MI6 occult branch Dr Dee 007 Real Vampire® Magic by hiding it in plane sight so the masses could not stumble on the secrets as they knew already from Bram Stoker’s Dracula what Vampires were. Therefore they could never find out – because they already knew that:-

Real Vampires® are powered by the sun Psychotronic Generator®
Sun worship by the Illuminati is because they are Real Vampires®
Garlic doesn’t hurt Real Vampires®
Real Vampires® are charged up by the Vampire religion of Christian Churches
Real Vampires® have shadows in the Matrix, these Shadows are Lucifer…
Real Vampires® have no shadow in Psi-Space
All occultism, witchcraft, Satanism, Wicca, Shamanism… powers the Real Vampire®
Only the Matrix works for the Real Vampire®. If you are not a Real Vampire® the Matrix sucks you dry, ages you and kills you (repeated on the Soul) to feed the Real Vampire®
The Creator of the Matrix, Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, Shaddai was the Real Vampire® alluded to by Dracula. So only Real Vampires® prosper in the Matrix.
Only Real Vampires® get the chance of eternal life and all Supernatural Spirits® are their bitches feeding the Real Vampires®. Formerly the Rothschild Royal Family now Tim Rifat the former MI6 occult branch Ipsissimus who double crossed the double crosses to become the Real Vampire®

These are the Ten Commandments of Vampirism made impossible to find by Dracula fictional Vampires that give you a pre-designed preconception of a what a Vampire is – all wrong, but so near the truth it blocks you from finding the truth.

Now the smokescreen of Dracula fictional Vampires has been in the group mind of humanity for centuries. At the time of writing, 2010, Vampire fiction is a worldwide phenomenon. This means the Thought Space of Humanity has a Dracula Archetype that is fed by all the readers, watchers, sharers in the thought of Vampires. A number well over 4 billion maybe nearly all 6.7 billion humans. So the Dracula Archetype has great power for the chicklet, nerdlet that wishes to be a Vampire but can’t accept the truth given by Tim Rifat. For those who know Tim Rifat is in the know – the Psi-Lord this Bone Generator® Psychotronic Crystal® Psychotronic Generator® Sublime Good® Service is another power to add to their repertoire. In this Service you get powered by the Group Mind’s Archetype of Dracula, so you become a Real Vampire® in the fictional Meme Mode:-

You drain the lifeforce out of victims by visualising you drink their blood
You can’t function in sunlight
You can’t function outside your birthplace as you need to rest on the soil of your birthplace
You can mesmerise any victim like Dracula
You have enhanced strength like Dracula
You have enhanced speed like Vampires of fiction
You heal super-quickly
You stop ageing as soon as you buy this Service
You can’t de-age so if you are too old back luck
Garlic stops you functioning
Holy objects stop you functioning
Churches are no go areas
You can’t enter the living home of a victim to suck them dry
You have to suck them dry at work
You can be killed by wooden stakes through your heart or decapitation

A Real Vampire® does not follow any of these rules and death does not occur as the Real Vampire® just becomes a Vampire Poltergeist who continues with her/his predation. Can be totally physical like a Doppelganger. But has no weaknesses.

You should buy the Dracula Vampire because billions of humans have given their emotional energy to the fiction Vampire so it acts as a huge power battery for Vampires. So you jump start yourself from an enormous battery. The Real Vampire® uses this to get billions of feeds for 100’s of years under the belt from day one. The nerd that doesn’t believe Tim Rifat’s Real Vampire® Science can nevertheless be a Vampire adhering to fictional Vampire theology meant to disinform. So both the lovers and haters of Tim Rifat can use the Dracula Master Real Vampire® Service. All those people who know of, have read of, or seen films, tv series on Vampires feed you back to the Inception of Vampires. As Vlad the Impaler was not the first Vampire but Vampires were in Lemuria, Atlantis and are the core of Shamanism that goes back to the birth of Man, this Service is a humdinger for power for anyone. Think of it as the introductory Vampire Service to kick start you to a huge power level from day one. Tim Rifat uses the misdirection of the Illuminati to power the Real Vampire® as it drains the Archetype of Vampires in the Group Mind. As billions see Vampire commerce: True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Twilight… the human race feeds the Archetype, which feeds you. So the would be Vampire can feed off the human race directly through the Group Mind using the Service. You also get all the fictional Vampire weaknesses so I recommend you get a Real Vampire® to give you immunity to Vampire fiction weaknesses. Think of a Real Vampire® as immunising the Dracula Vampire to it’s innate Memetic weakness: As the Dracula Vampire carries so much energy in the Group Mind it is a must have for the greedy Real Vampire® and the haters of Tim Rifat. Billions of people worth of energy back to the year dot is a must have.


If you don’t have $600 then welcome to being a Vampire/Real Vampire® bitch. The price is there so only a minority of people become Real Vampires®, maximum 1% of world population. Hopefully it will be a few thousand only. The Service is automatic so you suck dry any pussy, bitch, jock, government torture shell just by being aware of them. As an energy black hole you suck in energy by doing nothing. So it will suit the terminally lazy nerd/chicklit. To do nothing and get super powerful because you are a Real Vampire® so you get sex, money, power, youth… Magic is the Holy Grail of the Thinking Man. If it’s too difficult you haven’t got time to enjoy the rewards. Real Vampires® suck dry everyone around them to get the ultimate edge so all others burn, fail while they become the New Illuminati.

Dracula Master Real Vampire: $600 with Certificate