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Dracula Master Real Vampire:

The popularisation of Vampires came about with Bram Stoker’s Dracula. This Dracula defined the Vampire to the masses. As we have seen on this site Real Vampire® do not follow the rules of Dracula, novel, fictional Vampires. Real Vampires® get fed by the Sun Psychotronic Generator®. Dracula was the Illuminati Rothschild Royal Family using Bram Stoker’s Dracula to hide MI6 occult branch Dr Dee 007 Real Vampire® Magic by hiding it in plane sight so the masses could not stumble on the secrets as they knew already from Bram Stoker’s Dracula what Vampires were. Therefore they could never find out – because they already knew that:-

Real Vampires® are powered by the sun Psychotronic Generator®
Sun worship by the Illuminati is because they are Real Vampires®
Garlic doesn’t hurt Real Vampires®
Real Vampires® are charged up by the Vampire religion of Christian Churches
Real Vampires® have shadows in the Matrix, these Shadows are Lucifer…
Real Vampires® have no shadow in Psi-Space
All occultism, witchcraft, Satanism, Wicca, Shamanism… powers the Real Vampire®
Only the Matrix works for the Real Vampire®. If you are not a Real Vampire® the Matrix sucks you dry, ages you and kills you (repeated on the Soul) to feed the Real Vampire®
The Creator of the Matrix, Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, Shaddai was the Real Vampire® alluded to by Dracula. So only Real Vampires® prosper in the Matrix.
Only Real Vampires® get the chance of eternal life and all Supernatural Spirits® are their bitches feeding the Real Vampires®. Formerly the Rothschild Royal Family now Tim Rifat the former MI6 occult branch Ipsissimus who double crossed the double crosses to become the Real Vampire®

These are the Ten Commandments of Vampirism made impossible to find by Dracula fictional Vampires that give you a pre-designed preconception of a what a Vampire is – all wrong, but so near the truth it blocks you from finding the truth.

Now the smokescreen of Dracula fictional Vampires has been in the group mind of humanity for centuries. At the time of writing, 2010, Vampire fiction is a worldwide phenomenon. This means the Thought Space of Humanity has a Dracula Archetype that is fed by all the readers, watchers, sharers in the thought of Vampires. A number well over 4 billion maybe nearly all 6.7 billion humans. So the Dracula Archetype has great power for the chicklet, nerdlet that wishes to be a Vampire but can’t accept the truth given by Tim Rifat. For those who know Tim Rifat is in the know – the Psi-Lord this Bone Generator® Psychotronic Crystal® Psychotronic Generator® Sublime Good® Service is another power to add to their repertoire. In this Service you get powered by the Group Mind’s Archetype of Dracula, so you become a Real Vampire® in the fictional Meme Mode:-

You drain the lifeforce out of victims by visualising you drink their blood
You can’t function in sunlight
You can’t function outside your birthplace as you need to rest on the soil of your birthplace
You can mesmerise any victim like Dracula
You have enhanced strength like Dracula
You have enhanced speed like Vampires of fiction
You heal super-quickly
You stop ageing as soon as you buy this Service
You can’t de-age so if you are too old back luck
Garlic stops you functioning
Holy objects stop you functioning
Churches are no go areas
You can’t enter the living home of a victim to suck them dry
You have to suck them dry at work
You can be killed by wooden stakes through your heart or decapitation

A Real Vampire® does not follow any of these rules and death does not occur as the Real Vampire® just becomes a Vampire Poltergeist who continues with her/his predation. Can be totally physical like a Doppelganger. But has no weaknesses.

You should buy the Dracula Vampire because billions of humans have given their emotional energy to the fiction Vampire so it acts as a huge power battery for Vampires. So you jump start yourself from an enormous battery. The Real Vampire® uses this to get billions of feeds for 100’s of years under the belt from day one. The nerd that doesn’t believe Tim Rifat’s Real Vampire® Science can nevertheless be a Vampire adhering to fictional Vampire theology meant to disinform. So both the lovers and haters of Tim Rifat can use the Dracula Master Real Vampire® Service. All those people who know of, have read of, or seen films, tv series on Vampires feed you back to the Inception of Vampires. As Vlad the Impaler was not the first Vampire but Vampires were in Lemuria, Atlantis and are the core of Shamanism that goes back to the birth of Man, this Service is a humdinger for power for anyone. Think of it as the introductory Vampire Service to kick start you to a huge power level from day one. Tim Rifat uses the misdirection of the Illuminati to power the Real Vampire® as it drains the Archetype of Vampires in the Group Mind. As billions see Vampire commerce: True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Twilight… the human race feeds the Archetype, which feeds you. So the would be Vampire can feed off the human race directly through the Group Mind using the Service. You also get all the fictional Vampire weaknesses so I recommend you get a Real Vampire® to give you immunity to Vampire fiction weaknesses. Think of a Real Vampire® as immunising the Dracula Vampire to it’s innate Memetic weakness: As the Dracula Vampire carries so much energy in the Group Mind it is a must have for the greedy Real Vampire® and the haters of Tim Rifat. Billions of people worth of energy back to the year dot is a must have.


If you don’t have $600 then welcome to being a Vampire/Real Vampire® bitch. The price is there so only a minority of people become Real Vampires®, maximum 1% of world population. Hopefully it will be a few thousand only. The Service is automatic so you suck dry any pussy, bitch, jock, government torture shell just by being aware of them. As an energy black hole you suck in energy by doing nothing. So it will suit the terminally lazy nerd/chicklit. To do nothing and get super powerful because you are a Real Vampire® so you get sex, money, power, youth… Magic is the Holy Grail of the Thinking Man. If it’s too difficult you haven’t got time to enjoy the rewards. Real Vampires® suck dry everyone around them to get the ultimate edge so all others burn, fail while they become the New Illuminati.

Dracula Master Real Vampire: $600 with Certificate

Illuminati Vampire® Master

The Illuminati call themselves the Illumed because they know the secret of vampirism. All power comes from the Sun. The Sun illuminates the Vampire. That is why the Illuminati are Sun worshipers. The atomic weapon also acts as a power source for the Real Vampire®, as do any light sources – including the light bulb (phased out by the Illuminati Vampire® for the super low power green mercury poison discharge bulb – so low powered it couldn’t even power a Vampire mouse). Light powers the Illuminati Vampire®. So you find they have islands in the sun. The Rothschilds have their estate in Corfu.

As you have seen in the Dracula Vampire® Service Real Vampires® are powered by the light so they can automatically suck the energy from all non Real Vampires®.

Garlic is the power plant for Real Vampires®. From Castaneda’s books on Shamanism you see that Shaman eat power plants such as Mescaline to gain psychic power. A Real Vampire® eats garlic to shift his consciousness to that of a Real Vampire®. Why does this work? The plant shares emanations with unused emanations in our bodies that make us a Vampire. By eating garlic we can become a Real Vampire® if we also have the blood of a Vampire in us. Since you don’t, garlic has no effect on you. Tim Rifat was given the Holy Grail Cup Water – the Archetypal Real Vampire® Blood. The Magical Cup associated with the blood of Christ in Mass. So all the Christians who have drunk the wine in Mass got the negative toxic waste of the Real Vampire®. The Real Vampire® got the Sublime Good® from the Christ Cup by drinking from it to become a Vampire. This is the secret the Knights Templar kept. Holy blood Holy Grail is a disinformation exercise. The Holy Grail is not in the fictitious blood line of Christ’s descendants. No, it is in the Psychotronic Generator® the Sublime Good® Engine of the Mass, the Grail Cup. By eating the wafer of the body of Christ in the Mass you get the toxic waste of the Bone Generators® of the Real Vampire® Sublime Good® Engine. It is all Real Vampire® Science. The whole of New Testament Christianity that is why the Jews, Masters of the West do not partake of the Mass. They don’t want to be used to make Vampires. If you are a Christian you are damned as you worship the Jewish Banker Money Lenders that Christ threw out of the Temple, so by your own free will, Hyperinfinity (see Supernatural Spirit) you have unwittingly signed the contract to sell your Soul so Real Vampires® can gain your eternal life.

This is the secret of the Illuminati. Thos who know the truth about Vampires. Using garlic with this Service boosts your Real Vampire® power. As you are of Tim Rifat’s line of Real Vampire®, as only a Real Vampire® can make another Real Vampire® loyalty to the Psi-Lord is guaranteed. Any non benevolent act is a breach of your contract so you get weaker the more you go against Tim Rifat. You can now see how the Illuminati rule. They don’t need to enforce their orders. You obey your Maker Vampire or perish. Total Control Illuminati style. You can imagine the old Illuminati are frantic now Tim Rifat has taken over the Real Vampire® monopoly of power. There will be no Maker Vampire Service offered by Tim Rifat and he has blocked all Real Vampire® making by anyone else. So all the Real Vampires® in the future will be the descendants of Tim Rifat’s Real Vampires®. So have children if you wish to make new Vampires. Once Tim Rifat Sublimes that is the end of new blood lines. This is the blood line fixation of the Illuminati. They all descend from Vampire Makers. The Book of Enos described in Kabala as the first Grimoire is the instruction book of making Vampires. Tim Rifat has destroyed all Enos Vampirism to leave Tim Rifat Vampire Science. Illuminati inter-marry with other Vampire stock to keep the power. Obama, his wife and kids look like Pharaoh, mother and children (see because mummies genetic material grown in denucleated eggs cloned them to restore Pharonic Vampires. It’s all in the blood line.

In this Service your germ cells are transformed so you can pass Real Vampire® being to your children, if you consort with another opposite sex Real Vampire®. You can day-walk and get the power to form the black hole of light that allows you to suck dry automatically all non Real Vampires® (see Knights Templar Real Vampires® on, Day-walking is the secret of Real Vampires®. The pharaohs were Vampires living in sunny Egypt. The pyramids had shiny coverings on the capstones to reflect light so they shone. These acted as giant Real Vampire® accumulators, Psychotronic Generators® to increase the power of a Real Vampire® using the bulk of the pyramid to power the pharaoh. So when the pharaoh’s body died his poltergeist could stalk the Earth. Walkin to the next pharaoh’s body and continue the line of Vampires. That is why the Freemasons top levels are Illuminati Masters of suing Illuminated stone to make sun powered (moon powered) Psychotronic Generators® to power Illuminati Vampires®. They are more powerful than the normal Vampire as the giant sun powered Psychotronic Generators® power the Illuminati Vampire® order of magnitude higher than the normal Vampire. Tim Rifat has taken over this technology so he can offer it to you. All the shiny glass and steel Freemason buildings in the West, sparkling pools, shiny stone, giant glinting Ferris wheels, sparkling White House… are Vampire Psychotronic Generators® now powering only Tim Rifat’s line of Real Vampires®. This is because MI6 occult branch gave Tim Rifat the keys to Real Vampire® Psychotronic Generators® and he took them for himself.

You can see that super powered Illuminati Real Vampires® can produce Walkin Poltergeists to possess new bodies so the bloodline of Real Vampires® can be possessed by Real Vampires®. Illuminati live on in their children. Jacob Rothschild becomes Nathaniel Rothschild when he dies so the imbecile Nathaniel becomes super intelligent Vampire Jacob Rothschild. Now you can see how the Illuminati blood line Vampires work. Join the Illuminati club with this Service. If you don’t have any children you can walk into other Real Vampires® children if they have 3 or more children. So you see why the Illuminati intermarry, to keep the blood lines open for Vampire Walkin technology. One also sees how the Protocols of Zion are so advanced. Vampires live for millennia… so they are super intelligent all non Vampires are children. You can imagine how shocked the Vampires will be to see their secrets sold on . You can also see the soil of the Vampires birth if replaced with the Vampire Psychotronic Generator®. Every city in the world has Vampire Psychotronic Generators® so the Vampire can stalk the Earth. All Churches with their glinting stain glass windows are Vampire Psychotronic Generators®. Paulita’s original source for Psychotronic Generators® was a medieval look on Magic Mirrors: Vampire Psychotronic Generators®.

This Service super-boosts all your other Real Vampire® powers so is a must have for all serious Real Vampires®. It also is automatic like all the Real Vampire® services. So unlike other goods and services it works with you doing nothing. You feed on all non Real Vampires® automatically simply by being around them!

Illuminati Vampire® Master: $600 with Certificate

Blood Drinking Vampire® Master:

It is illegal to bite the carotid artery of prey and drink their blood. To get around this the Illuminati feed off blood spilled on the ground. The Freemasons are the personal servants of the Vampire Illuminati. To this end they have constructed all major cities to be blood sponges that suck up the energy of blood and feed it to the Vampire. All without bloodletting on the part of the Vampire. This makes Vampirism totally legal, discreet, secret and hidden in plain view – prerequisites of Vampire Illuminati. In 1981 the Illuminati Vampires gave Tim Rifat a new graduated scientist access to his monolithic Vampire system via MI6 occult branch. Tim Rifat then gradually suborned the system to freeze out the Vampire Illuminati to make his line of Vampires the only Real Vampires®. To do this he made a deal with Lucifer and Amalek the enemies of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, Shaddai… the Vampire God of the West worshipped in the Old Testament. In the New Testament Christ’s torture murder by the Vampire Jewish Banker Sanhedrin enabled them to become Vampires like the Pharaohs using the blood of Christ in the form of the Holy Grail to make Vampires. All the billions of Christians have their energy processed by Mass drinking the wine to extract Sublime Good® blood of Christ to enable those who drink of the Holy Grail to become energy Vampires. This is the core secret of MI6 occult branch and the dynastic British Vampires called Rothschild/Royal Family (Hanover and Windsor), European Vampire Anglo Jews.

The Freemasonic Grid of buildings we call a Western City is one vast Vampire Sponge that emulates the Vampire Mass of the Christian Church. It uses the Ley Lines, energy system of the Earth to carry blood energy from the prey to the Vampire. That is why Cities promote violence and bloodletting. Luckily the Moon Psychotronic Generator® forces females to spill menses blood every 28 days so half the population of humans are regularly blood let. The Freemasonic Cities collect the blood energy and via obelisks, monuments, planned building layouts, temples, all over Ley Lines, funnel the energy to Vampires who as Superusers have access to the system. Knowledge of this is unknown. Females are totally mind controlled by the Vampires by their menses so females keep order in the West: Walkin Evil Satanist Torture Garden. Females keep the males in eunuch mode so they willingly obey authority – the Vampires. Paradoxically this total vulnerability to Vampires makes Vamps so dangerous, they innately understood Vampirism and don’t need to be taught to understand Real Vampires® – they know Real Vampires® exist once turned.

If you are a wanabee Vampire nerdlet/chicklet and need to drink blood, the Freemasonic blood letting system is for you. As stone collects the blood energy you need a stone to collect it for you. The Stone of Scone, once under the Scottish Royal Family’s Throne, then stolen by the British was given to them by Vampire Scottish Rite Freemason – descendents of the Knights Templar. A Stone of Scone Vampire Stone is included in the Bone Generator® Service. This Psychotronic Generator® Psychotronic Crystal® Sublime Good® Engine (yes, Tim Rifat has all those Trademarks) is put under the tongue. IT should be washed in mild 3% hydrogen peroxide to clear it. Anyone under 18 cannot use it for fear of choking. Anyone else does so at their own risk. If in doubt just press it to your lips. The rest of the Service is automatic all blood energy from the Freemasonic system fed to you by the Vampire Psychotronic Generator®. All the blood letting in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq… is fed to you by the Psychotronic Crystal®. All Vampire Services have a Vampire Psychotronic Generator® added to the Vampire experience by enabling you to use blood letting to tune, power all the Vampire Services. This generic blood drinking Vampire Master Service allows you to imbibe of the seminal blood energy flow of the Freemasonic Vampire System. As well as to feed off the genocidal blood drinking Vampire wars organised by the Rothschild/Royal Family Vampires around the world. You get all the rewards of blood drinking Vampires while they do all the hard work! All the rest is automatic so you gain blood energy simply by having mouth/lip contact with the Vampire Psychotronic Generator®. Real Vampire® Science for the 21st Century thanks to Tim Rifat.

Blood Drinking Vampire® Master: $600 with Certificate

Psychotronic Crystal® Vampire Fang Real Vampire®:

The most distinctive feature on a Vampire are the fangs. You can have your teeth filed have a vampire denture but none of these make you a vampire. Supernatural Spirits® (MI6 occult branch commune with all types of Supernatural Spirit® Vampire) showed Tim Rifat how to bite prey with the dreaming bodies fangs. Canines that can be extended from your dreaming body. To be a real physical energy eater a Real Vampire® you need to extend your canines. How is this done? Well the physical body is composed of energy glued together by Hyperinfinity (see Bone Generator® Service. Your Quantum Wave Function is collapsed by Hyperinfinity, Free Will to produce the Matrix you see. So if you add Hyperinfinity to your front and if you wish to lower canines, the energy that is within them can be enlarged. To collapse more Quantum Wave Function you need more Hyperinfinity. This is contained in your Bone Generators® and is automatically channelled by your Real Vampire® Psychotronic Generator® to your canines to make – Real Vampire® fangs. Like penises you can never have too much, so the Real Vampire® uses Psychotronic Crystal® Vampire Fang Psychotronic Generators® to download Hyperinfinity (the stuff that makes things last in the Matrix, bones and crystals stay, flesh rots) into your canines.


To do this you put the Psychotronic Crystal® Fang Psychotronic Generators®, there being two of them to touch your canines. You touch the points of the Psychotronic Crystals® to your canines (wash crystals in hydrogen peroxide 3% or alcohol to disinfect them before use). The Hyperinfinity in the Psychotronic Crystal® gives your canine teeth the Real Vampire® fangs needed to pierce the energy body of the physical body of the prey so you can eat not only the Soul stuff using your biophysical dreaming body but the physical energy body of the target. Normally your physical energy body fangs are not sharp enough to pierce the physical energy body so you feed only on Soul stuff. Real Vampires® want to get physical effects as well as spiritual power so the Psychotronic Crystal® Fangs allow you from day one to feed on the very physical energy to make you younger, healthier, stronger, faster, have better senses… improve your brain. Obelisks are the Freemasonic Vampire fangs and they pierce the Westerner for the Matrix Vampire. They go upward as the Vampire Fang of the Freemason does the Vlad the Impaler way of splitting the physical energy body. You put the body on a stake and let the stake go up the anus until the body settles. The legendary Vampire Vlad the Impaler used this method on Turks. As my father was a Turkish Cypriot it’s only fair for the Real Vampire® of the 21st Century to impale (the ultimate butt fuck!) Westerners. If you wish to do this to your prey you simply touch the point of the Psychotronic Crystals® to the bottom of a picture of your prey. The Psychotronic Crystals® use the Hyperinfinity of the target to form a physical energy pole up the ass of the prey. This causes bleeding in the colon of the prey – piles, colonic damage, stomach ulcers – all of which produce blood in the stool. You can therefore feed off the prey via the Psychotronic Crystals®. When they are touched to the canines the physical energy comes to you. You can also use your physical fangs on the prey by just entering Psi-Space. Simply open up a doorway in front of you by drawing the Psychotronic Crystal® Fangs clockwise holding them in left and right hand. You then step (physically through this door) to a picture of the target beyond the door. The Vampire ritual pulls the physical and biophysical (dreaming) bodies of the prey to you. You then bite the neck of the energy bodies. The blood drinking is automatically downloaded by the Psychotronic Crystal® Real Vampire® Psychotronic Generators® into you.


The efficiency of this Psychotronic Crystal® Psychotronic Generator® Bone Generator® is that you cut open the physical and biophysical energy bodies of the victim. This energy leakage is pulled into the Psychotronic Crystal® Fangs and via Quantum Superimposition with your Bone Generators® into you. You can read to see how much Tim Rifat, the world’s psychic warfare expert (according to…) knows about taking energy from targets. You will see it is a highly developed Real Vampire® Science. No instructions come with the Psychotronic Crystals® as all instructions are given for free on the website. You can try it with any crystal you have but you will get no effect. You need Crystals Quantum Superimposed with your skeleton attuned to Real Vampire® Science containing Hyperinfinite Quantum Computing Engines, Psychotronic Crystals® Quantum Superimposed with Bone Generators® attuned to Real Vampire® Psychotronic Generators® containing Sublime Good® Mind Over Matter® Tech. If you purchase any Vampire Real Vampire® products from anyone else be aware:-


They won’t work
They breach Psi-Lord Ltd’s intellectual property rights
They breach Trademark law
Tim Rifat will use all counterfeiters and their customers as toxic waste dumps to make you into super prey for my Real Vampires®
Your shadow of Total Amalek and Total Lucifer will take your Soul to make you damned (or more damned) and pay me for the process so you make me stronger.
If you are a multinational working on a black project for the Pentagon trying to rip me off in secret all the soldiers you can into thinking they are Real Vampires® will i) iv) v) and I will use them to make all US/Nato personnel super prey, totally vulnerable to Real Vampires® as I have retroactively drunk of them thanks to my remote soldier torture toy Real Vampire® Tulpas you have put in all participants by trying to steal off me. So all your efforts introduce remote unconscious Real Vampire® possessed soldiers to suck dry all they come into contact for me Tim Rifat – God of Real Vampire®. So if you steal off me you pay in blood, Souls, Spirit, sanity, health, youth, strength, potency and sexual energy – before you pay the bill to Total Amalek, Total Lucifer Supernatural Spirit® Torturer, debt collector with me as the Cosmic Assassin Enforcer. All your staff also automatically be torture toys as above.
I will be pissed off and physically destroy you retroactively
Your descendants automatically become my torture toys.

Psychotronic Crystal® Vampire Fang Real Vampire®: $600 with Certificate

Sword Master: Vampire Sword: Real Vampire®:

Tim Rifat is the sole designer of Psychotronic Crystal® Psychotronic Generator® Swords – Vampire Swords. In medieval times you could walk around town with a sword.. Now guns and laws have made it illegal to walk around with a knife, let alone a sword. Luckily swords don’t need to be made out of steel – they can be made out of energy; the Vampire Sword that cuts the enemy’s physical and energy body with an energy blade and sucks out all their lifeforce, sexual energy, Soul, Spirit, good luck, money, energy, youth… No one cares if a Vampire carries a Psychotronic Crystal® – what could a crystal do in the 21st Century to harm anyone. So you can walk up to anyone extend an energy blade from the Sword Psychotronic Crystal® to cut, slash, stab… your target. The blade is invisible so no one can arrest you for anything. The perfect way to feed off prey. Tim Rifat always uses Vampire Swords on MI5. The result:-

Britain is bankrupt
MI5 and the authorities driven mad – Morphogenic Imbecile 5 year olds
All my enemies commit self suicide
I have all their energy, they have none
They can’t win a little war in Afghanistan against primitive tribesmen
Everything in Britain is getting worse as I suck it dry

If you live in Nazi (North Atlantic Zionistish Illuminati) America you can’t go attacking the authorities unless you want to be arrested. With a Vampire Sword you can stab anyone you like: boss, wife, husband, police, enemies. As the blunt end of the Psychotronic Crystal® generates the 6 foot long blade, no offence can be got by a small crystal held in your hand as you walk near a toe rag prey. The pointed end of the Psychotronic Crystal® projects the energy of the impaled, bisected prey to you slashed and cut prey bleed blood. If you do this to the energy bodies of enemies they rapidly age, get ill, go made and their Souls shrivel. Perfect Mind Over Matter® weapons for the 21st Century. Silent, deadly and they feed you with energy. Vampire Swords are the future of close combat, why go to jail for killing an asshole when you can drive them old, mad, ill, damned so they suffer!


You can use Vampire Swords on pictures of prey to carry out Real Vampire® combat at a distance. Just get a picture and put the Psychotronic Crystals® base on the picture to damage the prey and bleed it of energy. To use Psychotronic Crystalware® Real Vampire® Psychotronic Generators® you photograph the base end of your Psychotronic Crystal® Vampire Sword. You then upload the picture to your computer 169x you can then erase the file if you email an enemy. The empty file emailed turns the hard drive into a Vampire Sword hacking them. As their hard drive turns it projects a 6ft long blade to cut up anyone in the circle (12ft wide). So by emailing enemies innocuous emails containing the erased 169x Vampire Sword you cut up your enemy silently. The Psychotronic Crystalware® sucks the energy bled from their punctured physical and biophysical energy bodies to feed you every time they use their computer. Your computer’s Psychotronic Crystalware® in your hard drive feeds you their energy. The Certificate also redoubles the energy so copy it to your hard drive 169x. Email as many assholes as you want to, cut them up with the Psychotronic Crystalware® Vampire Sword to make the Internet your 21st Century Real Vampire® hunting ground – all above the law as Vampires don’t exist in law.

Sword Master: Vampire Sword: Real Vampire®: $600 with Sword pc and Certificate

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