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E) Male Assassin Vampire


He has the attributes of a super-soldier powered by the billion plus Vampire fans. Powers your Extreme Situations Super-Soldier Bone Generators® using a billion plus people. Recommended to enhance the Soldier, Assassin, sportsman, kick-boxer, cage fighter, martial artist, A-type entrepreneur businessman. If you like to succeed at any cost this Service is for you. Makes you stronger, fitter, faster the more victims you suck dry using simple masturbation manifesting of any victim on your penis.

The Psychotronic Crystal® is simply touched to the image of any victim twice then touched twice to your penis to manifest the victim’s energy bodies, both physical and biophysical on your member. You can retroactively add all sex, masturbation since puberty to your psychic sex simply by touching the Psychotronic Crystal® to a child picture of yourself – pre-masturbation. This automatically re-routes all sexual energy to your Vampire self to when you psychically screw your victim you do it not once but multiply it by the number of times you have had sex, masturbated.


If you are my age the amount of sexual energy lost by sex is huge and causes old age, in this Service you regain all the lost sexual energy and use it in one psychic sex act on any victim. For the victim it is exactly like having sex all the times you had sex, masturbated. The net result is to pull all their sex energy out of them, simultaneously causing a negative energy hole in the Matrix. This has to be filled. Luckily the billion plus Vampire fans can fill the hole so you can get the number of times you had sex, masturbated, person’s worth of sexual energy with every victim drained dry.

This is the express way to getting sexual energy – the energy currency of humanity simply by masturbating as a Vampire. One can see all this energy has to go somewhere or is lost. In this Service it goes into your Assassin skills augmented by the Extreme Situations Assassin Bone Generators®. If you are a combative person, this is a must have, as it turns you into a winner. I like having British MI5 vermin so you can get the victim to make you a better assassin. Energy + Extreme Situations Bone Generators® = Assassin Nirvana. You have the skill set, Supernatural powers and energy to accomplish any mission.

Male Assassin Vampire:

$600 with Certificate


Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost.