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Electronic Real Vampires


Electronic Real Vampires™: On-Line Real Vampires™: Search Engine Real Vampires™: Personal Profile Website Real Vampires™: Mobile Phone Real Vampires™: i-Pod Real Vampires™: Operating System Real Vampires™: Central Processor Real Vampires™: Decision Engine Real Vampires™: Paperless Processing Real Vampires™: Online Banking Real Vampires™: Online Tax Returns Real Vampires™: E-Mail Real Vampires™: Online Security Real Vampires™: Big Brother Muncher Real Vampires™: Payment Provider Real Vampires™: Sex Site Real Vampires™: Dating Real Vampires™: Shopping Online Real Vampires™: (you shop till you drop: while the Real Vampire™ shops as you drop – online retail to power Real Vampires™)… working sites…


Tim Rifat is the world’s leading expert on psychic warfare (confirmed by…), scientist specialising in Supernatural Spirits®… Mind over Matter warfare, Real. Vampire™, ex MI6 occult Ipsissimus, paranormal activity explorer, Remote Viewer, author of 3 books on psychic warfare, radio correspondent – US independent radios most vicious controversial radio vampire, enemy of the British state, Psychotronic supremo, Russophile… He is also the creator of psychic weapons that Sequester the Internet, computers, e-mail, mobile phones,… security state mainframes; technology Trademarked as Psychotronic Crystalware®. If you know this man you know he is totally ruthless, nasty, vicious, anti-establishment and picks on the Illuminati as his torture toys.


The 21st Century’s Anti-Hero-Real Vampire™. He got his Vampire powers from a black Ops MI6 occult inner circle of 007 ‘Dr Dee’ Magi; Turned on then hunted them down using Real Vampirism and killed them (psychically – remember physical violence is illegal, self defeating and for you girly girls – un-feminine. Real Vampires™ are sneaky kill their prey without their prey believing their lifeforce is being sucked out of them just by the Vamp concentrating on them. It is, totally deniable feminize, subtle, secret, non-macho, involves no physical contact…) As physical contact is not needed the Real Vampire in the 21st Century evolves to pull the life force out of anyone using a computer, mobile p hone, iPod, car (with computers onboard and GPS), filmed on CCTV – anyone whose information is stored on a hard drive.


Imagine a super-sexy black leather or rubber clad Vamp luxuriating in her penthouse feeding on her pet toy boys and toy girls -all prey (non Real Vampires™). She has no desire to mingle with the prey and instead: Shops till they Drop – online using Psychotronic Crystal® Real Vampire® Psychotronic Generator® Sublime Good® Engines so instead of hunting her prey in the passé way by physically getting near them she goes online to feed on them. Not in the dozens but billions per day – super efficient Real Vampirism for the modern girl. You men will wish to get close up to your prey to suck them dry – you can only meet so many people at a time. In the supermarket, office, bus, underground, city street, bar, club, gym.


Our SuperVamp goes online and subtly sucks dry billions online. Her online activity is normal, she goes to Facebook®, Twitter®, Google®, Bing®, files her tax returns online, visits government websites, looks at Microsoft’s® website, Apple®, Second Life®, online shops… carries out emailing, texting, downloading, received unwanted adverts targeting her… her modern online life – every interaction feeding her billions of human energy fields – prey at every click of the mouse. A 21st Century Electronic Real Vampire™. If you are a nerd male the Electronic Vampire is for you. If you are a male jock your place is at the feet of the Vamp licking her boots clean. Vamps are better at Real Vampire™ Science. Why? A male when wound up by the universal asshole – called prey cannot resort to violence, he gets jailed – cannot resort to verbal abuse, he gets arrested for a public order offence – cannot be surly, as security guards jump on him for inappropriate behaviour – cannot raise his voice for similar reasons.


A Vamp can get away with minor assaults especially on males and is regularly verbally abusive, relying on her sex. Males are the new second class citizens in police state Europe, America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand. So all males have to be ultra secretive about Real Vampire™ Science. Most have too much aggression to be silent psychic killing machines – Real Vampires™. Females have no such problem. I thoroughly recommend Electronic Real Vampires™ to males – you are marked men in the West. A nutter female is left alone. A nutter male has Police beat him to a pulp, is jailed… This is to keep the Police State extant. Any female beaten by Police goes to the press (G8 protester clubbed in London by Police Sergeant – he is arrested for assault) and has the Policeman arrested. Tim Rifat can carry out close contact Real Vampire™ attacks. Leave that to female Vamps. If a Vamp brushes up against you to suck you dry , the male or female ignores or likes it. If a male does it, it is a sexual assault. Now you see why Vamps are the Mistresses of Real Vampire™ Science.


Never fear. If you are a poor male you can safely use Electronic Real Vampire™ Science safe from all retribution. You just do what everyone else does online… mobile phones… CCTV and get fed by all the people using that Service automatically. 21st Century Real Vampire™ Science for the down trodden male. For the Vamp you add Electronic Real Vampirism to your portfolio of powers. How do you use it? Simple. You just do what you are doing anyway. Programmed Psychotronic Generators® and Bone Generators® automatically let you feed off every Real Vampire™ option on the list below. You pay $600 per class of Electronic Real Vampire™ Science. Why $600. If you get anything for nothing you don’t value it. A poor chicklit student, wageslave will have to save for $600, so when they get their Psychotronic Generator® Psychotronic Crystal® Sublime Good® Engine; their bones turned into Bone Generators® fed by the Sun Psychotronic Generator® in frozen time – Real Vampire™ Science Supernatural Spirit® Mind over Matter® (yes Tim Rifat has Trademarked the whole process – so make my day you corporate assholes – Trademark infringe and give me millions) they use it because it cost them money. If it was free they would not value it.


There can only 1% of the human race as Real Vampires™ so the $600 rules out all Third World poor – no charity cases accepted even if you pay for them. You can only pay for yourself or family (such as husband, son, mother…), no strangers accepted if they can’t pay $600 they are one of the 99%. Prices will not rise (except by inflation) to enable all First Worlders and middle class 2nd Worlders to have a chance to be a Real Vampire™. Limited Edition $10 million Real Vampire™ Great Lords are for the people who wish to be the Ruling Houses of Real Vampire™ kind. As in all things there is a hierarchy. Since Real Vampire™ Science allowed you to get loads of money, the devoted poor Real Vampire™ will get the $10 million to spend if Total Intent wishes her/him to be an elite Real Vampire™.


The Online Real Vampire® Services all come with three sides of the 5 dimensional Black Hole that is the secret of Real Vampires®. Therefore all the Services of the Electronic Real Vampire® are:-


a) Automatic once they have been set up so feed you power 24/7


b) They use the Internet to extend your 5D Black Hole via the virtual wormholing effect of 5D Black Holes to enable the Electronic Real Vampire® to reach out through virtual space to feed off all users of the website targeted – automatically. A revolution in technology for the Real Vampire®: Real Vampire Science. You use the computer hard drives to act as termini for the Electronic Vampire 5D Black Hole. So you Sequester the hard drive of the user’s computer, Psychotronic Crystalware® to provide the virtual 5D Real Vampire Black Hole to suck the user dry when he/she logs on to the targeted website.


c) The Psychotronic Crystal® automatically generates the 5D Black Hole Real Vampire® wormhole in virtual space when photographed and uploaded onto your hard drive.


d) To do this you take the Psychotronic Crystal® Real Vampire® Psychotronic Generator® and digitally photograph it. This puts a virtual 5D Black Hole Real Vampire wormhole on your hard drive.


f) You then log onto the website your Psychotronic Generator® is tuned to act as an Online Real Vampire® Psychotronic Crystal® Psychotronic Crystalware®.


g) You then put the picture of the Real Vampire® Psychotronic Generator® on the page you logged onto using a separate window. This then automatically uploads the 5D Real Vampire® Psychotronic Generator® Psychotronic Crystalware® onto the servers of that website by Torsion Field parasitisation. Sequestration programmes downloaded onto your Bone Generators® that use the Psychotronic Crystal® they can quantum superimpose upon to operate the computer Walk In Ware to take over the hard drives of the website’s servers.


h) You then copy the picture of website front page + Psychotronic Crystal® 156 x on your hard drive to lock the Online Real Vampire™ conduit wormholes in place from all users of the website to your Psychotronic Crystal™. Now all you have to do is keep the Psychotronic Crystal™ on you 24/7 to feed off all the users of the website. Their computer hard drives acting as the throat of your virtual 5D Black Hole Real Vampire wormhole to pull their energy out of them while you automatically get their energy.


i) As the world obsessed with the online world this allows the Electronic Real Vampire™ to feed on all computer, mobile phone users, iPad… simply by logging onto websites that feed billions of people. The Services therefore are tuned to a specific task engine on the Internet so you can feed off all users of that specific type of website. One can see this is a gigantic step forward in Vampirism. The Virtual Vampire™ is now in fact in the Real Vampire™ world. You simply choose the Internet sector of choice for the $600 price. For the Great Lord Real Vampire™ who wants to suck dry the whole Internet there is a $5000 Limited Edition Service limited to 6 only.

In this Service your Bone Generators™ and Psychotronic Crystal™ are automatically tuned so you can suck up all energy from any website you surf automatically. As we know the Great Lord Real Vampire™ has no time for Psychotronic Crystalware™ and wants it all automatically. Late comers can pay $10 million.

For the $600 the Protocols must be followed and you can only attach the website type you pay for. The following is the list on offer:


A Search Engine Real Vampire™

B My-Space Real Vampire™

C Facebook Real Vampire™

D Twitter Real Vampire™

E All Other Personal Profile Websites Real Vampire™

F Mobile Phone Real Vampire™. You can just log onto the front page of any mobile phone company to suck dry all their customers.

G iPod Real Vampire™. As above log onto companies providing iPods to use for Vampirism.

H Operating System Real Vampire™ preying on Microsoft users

I Operating System Real Vampire™ preying on Apple users

J Operating System Real Vampire™ preying on Linux users

K Central Processor Real Vampire™. You log on to front page of any CPU manufacturer.

L Decision Engine Real Vampire™.

M Paperless Processing Real Vampire™. Log onto any website involved in this online activity to suck dry their users.

N Online Banking Real Vampire™. Log onto frontpage of any bank to suck them and customers of money.

O Online Tax Return Real Vampire™. Log onto the frontpage of any tax office in any country to suck dry – tax slaves and government.

P Online Government Real Vampire™. Log onto frontpage of Government website to suck them dry. Russia excluded as it is home to my website – not sensible to piss off your benefactor!

Q Email Real Vampire™. You suck dry everyone on your email service provider – automatically every time you email anyone.

R Online Security Real Vampire™. Suck dry all Fascist online protection agencies.

S Big Brother Munker Real Vampire™. To use log onto FBI, NSA, CIA, Mi6, MI5 frontpage (Russia excluded for obvious reasons).

T Payment Provider Real Vampire™.

U Sex Site Real Vampire™.

V Dating Agency Website Real Vampire™.

W Shopping Online Real Vampire™. (You shop till they drop: While the Real Vampire® surfs the shops and drops the shopper – online retail to power Real Vampires™. — Psi-Lord sites excluded —

X Social Networking Sites (not on list above) Real Vampire™.

Y Insurance (comparing prices) Real Vampire™.

Z Price of Goods (comparing prices) Comparison Website Real Vampire™.

i Money Banking Comparison Website Real Vampire™.

ii News sites Real Vampire™.

iii U-Tube Real Vampire™.

iv Military Website Real Vampire™. (Russia excluded)

v Internet Film Real Vampire™.

vi Pirate Media Real Vampire™.

vii Hobby Website Real Vampire™.

viii Football Website Real Vampire™. Destroy any team just by logging onto their website.

x Cricket Website Real Vampire™.

1 Choose one Sport Website Real Vampire™.

2 Gambling Online Real Vampire™.

3 TV Channel Website Real Vampire™.

4 Job Search Site Real Vampire™.

5 Benefit Office Website Real Vampire™.

6 Health Service Real Vampire™.

7 Education Service Real Vampire™.

8 Multinational Real Vampire™.

9 Famous Person Website Real Vampire™. (email personality so you suck dry all their fans)

10 Online Alcoholics Anonymous Real Vampire™.

11 Online Drug Addiction Info Website Real Vampire™.

12 Online Gamblers Anonymous Real Vampire™.

13 Advertising Agency Real Vampire™.

14 Political Party Real Vampire™. (suck dry all Republicans, Democrats… Putin’s Parties excluded)

15 Religious Group Website Real Vampire™.

16 Health Website Real Vampire™.

17 Burial, Undertaker Real Vampire™.

18 Online Games Websites Real Vampire™.

19 Forum Real Vampire™.

20 Fashion Website Real Vampire™.

21 Makeup Websites Real Vampire™.

22 Slimming Websites Real Vampire™.

23 Sexual Dysfunction, Venereal Disease Website Real Vampire™.

24 Plastic Surgery Website Real Vampire™

25 History Website Real Vampire™ Let history6 work for you!

26 Geography Website include all map, satellite views… Real Vampire™

27 Philosophy Real Vampire® from Anarchists to Fascists like BNP.

28 Race Hate Website Real Vampire®

29 Race Website Real Vampire® (excluding Russians)

30 Zionist Website Real Vampire®

31 Occult, Kabbalah Real Vampire®

32 Satanist Website Real Vampire®

33 UFO Real Vampire®

34 Conspiracy Theory Website Real Vampire®

35 Any Science, University Website Real Vampire®

36 Sociology Website Real Vampire®

37 Any avenue of study from French to Media Studies Real Vampire® (Email category, Russian excluded)

38 Online Democracy, Polling Agency Website Real Vampire®

39 Second Life Virtual Reality Real Vampire®

40 Online Service Provider Real Vampire®

41 Police Service Real Vampire®

42 Ambulance Service Real Vampire®

43 Fire Service Real Vampire®

44 Auto Service Providers (from AA to tyre manufacturers) Real Vampire®

45 Telephone Directory Real Vampire®

46 Credit Profile Website Real Vampire®

47 Freedom of Information Websites Real Vampire®

48 Eco-Warriors like Greenpeace Website Real Vampire®

49 Global Warming Info Site Real Vampire®

50 Immigration Website / Visa Real Vampire®

51 Airline Website Visa Real Vampire®

52 Travel Agency Real Vampire™

53 Automotive Websites (including price comparison) Real Vampire™

54 Estate Agency, Realtor Website Real Vampire™

55 Vampire Website Real Vampire™

56 Online Books Real Vampire™

57 Art Culture Website Real Vampire™

58 Guns and Ammo Website Real Vampire™

59 Online Vision Website Real Vampire™

60 Choose specific category of your own Real Vampire™ — email and/or enter category with order.

One can see the power of the Online Real Vampire™ is immense. An old style Vampire had to visit one victim per feeding. Thanks to the Internet and mobile phones all humans can be fed on 24/7 by the Great Lord Vampire her/his 5D Black Hole wormholed through the hard drive of the computer into the victim to suck them dry. The mobile phone connected tot he server hard drive acting as a waveguide for extended Real Vampire™ Psychotronic Crystalware™. If you area government or corporation that does not wish to be vampirised please email Psi-Lord Ltd and we can negotiate the cost of protection policies.


For the $600 Electronic Real Vampire™ user please use the protocols as given on this site. If you are a Great Lord Real Vampire™ and terminally lazy add $600 for the fully automatic 24/7 Bone Generator™ for fully automatic Online Real Vampire™ Bone Generator™ upgrade, where your Bone Generators™ do all the work. You simply surf online to feed – that’s all.

Terminally Lazy Online Real Vampire™ Upgrade: $600

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost.