F Vampire Killer Assassin


This Vampire has been excellently skill setted by Wesley Snipes in the Blade trilogy. A Vampire who hunts Vampires. A superb assassin, killer. In this Service you can turn any victim, Supernatural Spirit, into a Vampire – target. They are reconfigured by the Psychotronic Crystal® to act as a nexus for the worldwide love for Vampires, but instead of charging them up, it is inverted by the Psychotronic Crystal® to be negative. So like a big balloon they fill up with toxic waste. You then manifest them in your dojo, or in a punch bag, or in your training space so you can use your work out to damage their body, brain, Mind, Soul. So every time you train you kill off one of the victims on your list. As their hyper-inflated energy bodies burst you get an equal and opposite amount of life-force sexual energy tuned to boost your physical body. Added to your Extreme Situations Bone Generator® for super combat skills.

Or on it’s own to remould your body to be fit, strong, supple and younger – a super magical gym workout as you eliminate enemies, business rivals, anyone in your way… Perfect for the female/male over achiever who wants to get tot he top and needs a secret way to get ahead. Use your time in the gym for Vampire Magic. Simply have the Psychotronic Crystal® on you as you work out and visualise each physical exertion damaging your pre-prepared victim. If you go tot he gym 3 times a week you can get 3 competitors and enemies permanently disabled as you power yourself up using a billion Vampire fans worldwide. One can see that Vampire Supernatural Spirit® Walk In Mind over Matter® Psychotronic Generators® fit in perfectly with the busy A-type individual who hasn’t got the time or inclination for ceremonial repetition. With Vampire technology you use your workout to get ahead – can be used for physical activity, tennis, swimming – as long as you have the Psychotronic Crystal® on your person. Pump up your enemy with toxic waste – burst him – then get the equal and opposite energy bonanza.

Vampire Killer Assassin:

$600 with Certificate