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g Rogue Vampiress Assassin


This Vampiress is a super-skilled assassin on top of being a Master Class or near Mistress Vampiress. I could spend a few pages of text explaining her in detail. Luckily the Kate Beckinsale Vampiress Assassin from the Underworld films gives a good approximation to this warrioress. You don’t have to be a raven haired valkyne sheathed in a black leather catsuit, but this Service, by Morphogenic Coupling with the imaginary space Mind-Fields of all the watchers, fans of the Vampiress Assassin will reconfigure your appearance to be thinner and more attractive, powered by all the Vamp-watchers worldwide. This template adheres to the first Underworld Vamp so you need another Service for the Vampire Werewolf hybrid, also the Sun-augmentation. What you get in all the Vampire Supernatural readers, TV/film goers, powering the Love of Vampiress kicking ass, as well as the overtones of dominatrix leather clad Vampiress’s chaining up and beating up victims.


To use you choose a victim. Unlike the first four Vampire templates you simply place your Psychotronic Generator® Psychotronic Crystal® on the floor of your training space to manifest their energy bodies, both physical and biophysical. The Psychotronic Crystal® uploads their voltage spikes in their brain and Mind (by use of the Hyperinfinity in the worldwide Vamp fans given to you) The Psychotronic Generator® pulls their energy bodies to be over the Psychotronic Crystal®. You then can kick box the crap out of the victim to cause brain Mind damage. American chick Vamps can put the Psychotronic Crystal® under the shooting target you practise firing your weaponry at. The bullets energetically damage the victim’s body brain, Mind, Soul. Very useful for female assassins, who can use the MI6 magic of manifesting the target’s energies to make them vulnerable to you. Very useful on nasty bosses to damage them irreparably and make them your boy bitch. The Psychotronic Crystal® once activated by physical violence then holds the Mind Soul, brain voltage spikes of the victim so you control your boy bitch simply by holding his Mind Soul and brain in your beautifully manicured hand. This can be used on a female also, of course.


You can then visualise what you want the victim to feel, do, his emotional state – all aspects of his Mind/Soul, brain activity, all controlled by the Psychotronic Crystal® that uses reverse ESD to make him see, do, feel, what you want. You can place the Psychotronic Crystal® in a condom, hollow vibrator to suck your bitch boy dry of male energy simply by masturbating so he becomes besotted to you the more you suck him dry. The eventual state the slave property of the Vampire Dominatrix.


This Bone Generator® Service powers the Extreme Situations Assassin Bone Generators® using the billion plus people who have seen female Vampires on screen in books and their unconscious has been programmed by the media to love the Vampire, to add all the Extreme Situations Bone Generators® powers (if purchased) to your Super Assassin Vampiress – an unstoppable combination. The billion plus humans power your Assassin Bone Generators® and since all reality discrimination is given up when watching films, reading books… TV… they use the Common Consensus, the group Mind to force reality to give you super-boosted Extreme Situations powers. So the military chick vamps super-benefit from this Service. You don’t have to be a female soldier to use this Service. You do need to be an A-type ballbreaker who demands her boy-toys be well broken in.


Used on your boyfriend the psychic-assassination destroys their capability to resist your psychic-violence-mind control. That is why MI6 Dr Dee Assassins used Enochian Stone Table Crystal – Psychotronic Crystals® to ESD control Gorbachov, Hitler… US presidents. Now you can use this Vampire technology to destroy bosses, enemies and turn your boyfriend into your pussy whipped boy bitch! If you wish to bite the neck of your victim simply place the Psychotronic Crystal® with the victims picture ini a balloon, fill with water, then bite the balloon. This sympathetic magical ritual then automatically sucks all the sex-life force – energy – out of your victim into your mouth to make you young thin and a super-assassin powered by the Souls of your prey.

Rogue Vampiress Assassin:

$600 with Certificate


Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost.