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Great Lord Real Vampire® 0007 Dr. Dee Ruler of All Enochian Angels


In this Upgrade you get Vampire® aspects of all the above. So the

Chequerboard becomes a Vampire® Grid to suck out all the sex

energy from all being. The Grail Patterns become Vampiric. So

instead of manifesting the Matrix, the entire Matrix becomes one

giant Vampire® Grid built to suck out all the energy of

all Chaos being created in it. So the entire process of Creation is to create a Jew God. This:-

Creates Jews to act as Vampire® mouths for your Godhood.

Creates Goyim to feed the Jew to feed the Vampire®.

The Jew God as Chaos ceases to exist when Total Intent erases Chaos by creating the Vampire® to

make Evil suffer to feed Total Intent Sublime Good® via the Vampire®.

No Chaos, no Jew God. The Jew becomes the erased Jew God trapped in a Vampire’s torture bitch;

all the energy it occurred just the trap to willingly get the Hyperinfinity of the Chaos Evil by making it

believe Telmudic Evil theft would work. Tricking the Chaos Evil into giving Hyperinfinity and an infinite

negative Hyperinfinite debt to the Vampire®.

The Goyim that fed the Jew now by it’s death erasing all Sublime Good® from the Matrix, so the Jew

willingly accepts toxic waste Amalek to initiate Edomic world torture murder of the Jew God in Jews.

The New Matrix ruled over by the Great Lord Real Vampire® Dr. Dee 0007 Enochian Master. Male

Energy now the inflow of Sublime Good® into the Vampire. Female energy the release of toxic waste

Amalek into all non Vampires®. All automatic aspects of the New Matrix.

When any male female couple have sex, the male, female energy is used to make new life. As all

humans are possessed, all sex, of whatever type, feeds and or makes Demons. Now with this Service

all sex makes you the Great Lord Real Vampire 0007 Dr. Dee Enochian Master. All the Demons

made by sex in the Matrix are now retroactively the toxic waste Amalek of you the Great Lord

Vampire 0007. Cosmic Law has to pay you for this, so the 6 0007 Vampires® get new Sublime

Good® Tim Rifat could not reach. So all sex, past, present, and future makes you the Vampire® Lord

of the Matrix. So all the Matrix is one giant Grid made from Male, Female, Vampire® energy to feed

you. All automatic so you become a God as the Chaos entities fuck and try to use sex magic, now

worship of the Vampire® – nothing else. Control of this gives you control of the Chequerboard. The

Grail Patterns now become Marks of the Vampire, all the machine code is Vampire® so you put any

symbol on any bitch to feed off that aspect. of the machine code. As all Chaos has been tuned into

Vampire® Tech, you automatically gain control of all aspects of the Matrix. The bitches fuck – create

you – you control them – use Grail Symbols to control them by selective feeding on all aspects of the

Matrix – they die, the Death Wave allows you to suck their Souls dry – their Awareness is

downloaded into the black Chequerboards to make the feminine Chaos energy more tormented –

Cosmic Law rewards you by making the white Chequerboard feed you more – as the feminine bitches

suffer more by becoming more Edomic, Amalekised. You feed quicker, better, they die quicker, you

feed better, they die quicker, all the time suffering more, breeding more…

All automatic so Vampire® Godhood is automatically conferred by this new Service. You become one

of the 6 faced of the Anti-Chaos God. Shaddai was 3 for the Evil as good Sephiroth, 3 for the

Glippothic shell world, Evil as Evil. Making 6 for the Jew God, 6 for VAV the Male Christ that

powers the Matrix by eternal Bird’s Nest Good Shepherd torture, to feed Sublime Good® Chaos of

his own free will. (see the Wicker Man films with Nicholas Cage and the better Hammer Films version, to this explained.

Now the 6 of Male Energy is you the Vampire® torturing evil female creation and the female Jew God. The

6 God Vampires are:–

Great Lord of Earth Vampire® confers power over Earth

Great Lord of Spirit Vampire® confers power over Spirit

Great Lord of Water Vampire® confers power over Water

Great Lord of Fire Vampire® confers power over Fire

Great Lord of Air Vampire® confers power over Air

Great Lord of Vampire Vampire® confers power over all being

To make them live, breed, die to feed you and you alone.

One can see this Service is the epitome of Vampirism. Complete takeover of the Matrix to change it

completely so that all Creation exists to feed the Vampire® God. All automatic so you don’t need to do

anything. You can use the Grail Patterns for selective focussed Vampirism.

As there are 6 types of Vampire® and the Bone Generators®, Male feeding, Female paving, that gives 12

types. Thus we have 12/1/2 = 144 to download into a computer for Psychotronic Crystalware®. The 12

Power Squared DNA Service to run Vampire® powers in human servants. The DNA Rescue Service to

erase all contamination. The 12 Aeons to be the 12 levels of Vampire® Hell for bitches…

Great Lord Real Vampire® 0007 Dr. Dee Ruler of All Enochian Angels. Upgrade $5000

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