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h Love Vampire


This dangerous Vampire feeds off Love, Love of Love. So all the famous marriages, famous couples, famous lovers…. feed you. How? You just call up any famous target, be it an A list couple. Pick on the opposite sex to you. The Psychotronic Generator® pulls them to you by putting the target’s photo or name under the Psychotronic Crystal®. Leave for about 15 minutes to manifest. Then pick up the Psychotronic Crystal® open your blouse/shirt and put the Psychotronic Crystal® Love Vampire Psychotronic Crystal® on your heart. The heart is the emotional organ of your physical body and the Psychotronic Crystal® dumps all the love in the actress into you – then all the love the public have for that actress or actor (if you are a female Love Vampire). That is why you pick on loved people. Next drain the other member of the couple.


This Bone Generator® Service is retroactive, the crystal you receive empowered by the Quantum Computing Engine downloaded into your bones. By this method you can fill yourself with love to make you loved, charismatic, powerful… worshipped. The Love Vampire is the most powerful of the Good Vampires for this reason. You can use the power to drain any person, couple, organisation… supernatural spirit… comic book hero… fictitious character like Harry Potter. One can now see the power of the Love Vampire. The modern media world that elevates stars to godhood, now feeds you. Any nonentity elevated to stardom is worth eating. You suck all the Love out of them and their fans.


Even more useful is the huge fan base for Love of Vampires: The Vampire Diaries, the Vampire Lestat, True Blood, Blade, Underworld… Twilight… All the fans generate Love while watching all feeding you. The power output to feed you on Love is huge at least a billion humans. We then tap into the Christian Vampire Cult, of drinking the blood of Christ at mass, turning all mass going Christian’s into Love Vampires. With this Service you can feed off that host by simply downloading the Vatican and putting it under the Psychotronic Crystal®. The Psychotronic Generator® then pulls all the love retroactively into the Psychotronic Crystal® so when placed on your heart, you have a super-abundant supply of live. Love you pump into yourself to make you the most loved person you know. Tim Rifat uses this Vampire Mind over Matter® technology to sugar coat his hard core Supernatural Spirit® power, so one can be the most ruthless power on Earth and market the power which is Loved. This has made the only source of power in the Mind over Matter® realm.


Be loved, have adoring fans, friends, use it for business, politics, PR… to make money. Or use it on the opposite sex, same sex… to get laid again and again. The power to generate Love means people are attracted to you whatever you do. The stick needs constant application to keep people in order using fear. Love on the other hand makes people want to help you. If you like another person you can call them up using the Psychotronic Generator® then place your right hand on the heart of their energy bodies as you put the Psychotronic Crystal® on your heart. Love comes to you from your Love targets, flows out of your right hand to the potential Love slave. From the Love slave it flows back tot he Psychotronic Crystal® on your heart. This means your Love slave can only love you and the more you call them up the more they become addicted to the Love fix they can only get from you.


Constant application of this makes them your Love slave. Willing to do your bidding for the Love fix. The Love Vampire by this means collects any number of Love Junkie Slaves. Very useful for politicians, cults, gurus, commanders of special forces, actors, actresses. The effect can be promoted by getting people to watch your films, as an actress to make the audience Love Junkies which powers the Love Vampire – positive feedback. One can see the potential of the Vampire technology – far future technology to make Mind over Matter® Vampires created by Tim Rifat in world changing, society, being ruled by Vampires of the bioenergetic kind. If you wish to lead the Love Vampire is a must, star, entrepreneur, author, artist… all made possible by Love Mind over Matter®.

Love Vampire:

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