i Hate Vampire


Feed off hate. The world is run by hate. Police hate the public. The public hate the politicians. Politicians hate everyone including their servants the Police. A vicious circle. The Centrifugal (CF) Force of the Evil hate Matrix. Now you can pick on any target as above, drain them of hate, then download this hate into any other target. Keep up the process picking a new first target, same second target. Eventually the final repository of Hate will suicide, self hate killing them. This is the perfect tool for the Assassin, using Mind over Matter® warfare one can use stored up Hate, get it from any number of victims.


To do this simply list all the names of targets to be drained of Hate. This can be any group, party, government (Western) business. The Psychotronic Crystal® is put on the list, you then upload in 15 minutes all the resident hate in the target group.   Added to this is all the hate the Vampire, paranormal romance, Supernatural Spirit fans have for the baddy in the fiction world they aspire to. So you get the billion plus fans to add their hate. You then put the Psychotronic Crystal® on your throat centre. The throat centre controls actions, the ability to do things without thought, automatic in tune with Fate – always right. You then touch your right hand to the picture of the target to download Hate – self hate into the suicide victim. Hate causes cancer, heart attacks – embolisms so you can remote disable, kill any target. The Psychotronic Crystal® then uploads Cosmic Law into your throat centre to make you an Avatar of Cosmic Law – one of the Players in the Fate game.   All humans are pawns. A Hate Vampire is a Cosmic Law Fate Player. The world is warped around them to change for their benefit. Why do you think Tim Rifat vilifies the West – to inculcate Hate from the authorities , counterfeiters… slaves to power him as the Fate Psi-Lord – Lord of Cosmic Law, Master of Reality. Join the club with this Service.


Hate is good for you if you use it to kill, disable assholes. Cosmic Law has to repay you for tormenting evil-doers. Use on an asshole such as Gordon Brown it makes him hated, suicidal, violent, bullying… unstable… dead as a Prime Minister… self suiciding. Don’t worry about Illuminati as a Hate Vampire the Illuminati worry about you.   Need more power then use the pictures of Stalin, Hitler, Netaryahu, Obama, Jack the Ripper, Son of Sam… all the hated assholes of history to superpower your Psychotronic Crystal® to make you a Hate-Vampire Lord, Master of Hate. You then download the hate into any victim up to a business, group military (Western) to make it self hate itself so the business goes bankrupt, group falls apart, military self suicides, kills family…

Hate Vampire;

$600 with Certificate