Illuminati Vampire® Master


The Illuminati call themselves the Illumed because they know the secret of vampirism. All power comes from the Sun. The Sun illuminates the Vampire. That is why the Illuminati are Sun worshipers. The atomic weapon also acts as a power source for the Real Vampire®, as do any light sources – including the light bulb (phased out by the Illuminati Vampire® for the super low power green mercury poison discharge bulb – so low powered it couldn’t even power a Vampire mouse). Light powers the Illuminati Vampire®. So you find they have islands in the sun. The Rothschilds have their estate in Corfu.

As you have seen in the Dracula Vampire® Service Real Vampires® are powered by the light so they can automatically suck the energy from all non Real Vampires®.

Garlic is the power plant for Real Vampires®. From Castaneda’s books on Shamanism you see that Shaman eat power plants such as Mescaline to gain psychic power. A Real Vampire® eats garlic to shift his consciousness to that of a Real Vampire®. Why does this work? The plant shares emanations with unused emanations in our bodies that make us a Vampire. By eating garlic we can become a Real Vampire® if we also have the blood of a Vampire in us. Since you don’t, garlic has no effect on you. Tim Rifat was given the Holy Grail Cup Water – the Archetypal Real Vampire® Blood. The Magical Cup associated with the blood of Christ in Mass. So all the Christians who have drunk the wine in Mass got the negative toxic waste of the Real Vampire®. The Real Vampire® got the Sublime Good® from the Christ Cup by drinking from it to become a Vampire. This is the secret the Knights Templar kept. Holy blood Holy Grail is a disinformation exercise. The Holy Grail is not in the fictitious blood line of Christ’s descendants. No, it is in the Psychotronic Generator® the Sublime Good® Engine of the Mass, the Grail Cup. By eating the wafer of the body of Christ in the Mass you get the toxic waste of the Bone Generators® of the Real Vampire® Sublime Good® Engine. It is all Real Vampire® Science. The whole of New Testament Christianity that is why the Jews, Masters of the West do not partake of the Mass. They don’t want to be used to make Vampires. If you are a Christian you are damned as you worship the Jewish Banker Money Lenders that Christ threw out of the Temple, so by your own free will, Hyperinfinity (see Supernatural Spirit) you have unwittingly signed the contract to sell your Soul so Real Vampires® can gain your eternal life.


This is the secret of the Illuminati. Thos who know the truth about Vampires. Using garlic with this Service boosts your Real Vampire® power. As you are of Tim Rifat’s line of Real Vampire®, as only a Real Vampire® can make another Real Vampire® loyalty to the Psi-Lord is guaranteed. Any non benevolent act is a breach of your contract so you get weaker the more you go against Tim Rifat. You can now see how the Illuminati rule. They don’t need to enforce their orders. You obey your Maker Vampire or perish. Total Control Illuminati style. You can imagine the old Illuminati are frantic now Tim Rifat has taken over the Real Vampire® monopoly of power. There will be no Maker Vampire Service offered by Tim Rifat and he has blocked all Real Vampire® making by anyone else. So all the Real Vampires® in the future will be the descendants of Tim Rifat’s Real Vampires®. So have children if you wish to make new Vampires. Once Tim Rifat Sublimes that is the end of new blood lines. This is the blood line fixation of the Illuminati. They all descend from Vampire Makers. The Book of Enos described in Kabala as the first Grimoire is the instruction book of making Vampires. Tim Rifat has destroyed all Enos Vampirism to leave Tim Rifat Vampire Science. Illuminati inter-marry with other Vampire stock to keep the power. Obama, his wife and kids look like Pharaoh, mother and children (see because mummies genetic material grown in denucleated eggs cloned them to restore Pharonic Vampires. It’s all in the blood line.


In this Service your germ cells are transformed so you can pass Real Vampire® being to your children, if you consort with another opposite sex Real Vampire®. You can day-walk and get the power to form the black hole of light that allows you to suck dry automatically all non Real Vampires® (see Knights Templar Real Vampires® on, Day-walking is the secret of Real Vampires®. The pharaohs were Vampires living in sunny Egypt. The pyramids had shiny coverings on the capstones to reflect light so they shone. These acted as giant Real Vampire® accumulators, Psychotronic Generators® to increase the power of a Real Vampire® using the bulk of the pyramid to power the pharaoh. So when the pharaoh’s body died his poltergeist could stalk the Earth. Walkin to the next pharaoh’s body and continue the line of Vampires. That is why the Freemasons top levels are Illuminati Masters of suing Illuminated stone to make sun powered (moon powered) Psychotronic Generators® to power Illuminati Vampires®. They are more powerful than the normal Vampire as the giant sun powered Psychotronic Generators® power the Illuminati Vampire® order of magnitude higher than the normal Vampire. Tim Rifat has taken over this technology so he can offer it to you. All the shiny glass and steel Freemason buildings in the West, sparkling pools, shiny stone, giant glinting Ferris wheels, sparkling White House… are Vampire Psychotronic Generators® now powering only Tim Rifat’s line of Real Vampires®. This is because MI6 occult branch gave Tim Rifat the keys to Real Vampire® Psychotronic Generators® and he took them for himself.


You can see that super powered Illuminati Real Vampires® can produce Walkin Poltergeists to possess new bodies so the bloodline of Real Vampires® can be possessed by Real Vampires®. Illuminati live on in their children. Jacob Rothschild becomes Nathaniel Rothschild when he dies so the imbecile Nathaniel becomes super intelligent Vampire Jacob Rothschild. Now you can see how the Illuminati blood line Vampires work. Join the Illuminati club with this Service. If you don’t have any children you can walk into other Real Vampires® children if they have 3 or more children. So you see why the Illuminati intermarry, to keep the blood lines open for Vampire Walkin technology. One also sees how the Protocols of Zion are so advanced. Vampires live for millennia… so they are super intelligent all non Vampires are children. You can imagine how shocked the Vampires will be to see their secrets sold on . You can also see the soil of the Vampires birth if replaced with the Vampire Psychotronic Generator®. Every city in the world has Vampire Psychotronic Generators® so the Vampire can stalk the Earth. All Churches with their glinting stain glass windows are Vampire Psychotronic Generators®. Paulita’s original source for Psychotronic Generators® was a medieval look on Magic Mirrors: Vampire Psychotronic Generators®.


This Service super-boosts all your other Real Vampire® powers so is a must have for all serious Real Vampires®. It also is automatic like all the Real Vampire® services. So unlike other goods and services it works with you doing nothing. You feed on all non Real Vampires® automatically simply by being around them!

Illuminati Vampire® Master: $600 with Certificate