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J Vampire Lord of Fear


This is the archetypal Vampire. Vampires are scary. This Vampire feeds off fear. The Western world is run on fear management. Government is run by fear: do what you’re told or the police will assault you and lock you up. You will lose your job, wife, kids, house, car, career… lose being loved and respected… One can see fear is the engine of most of the human and supernatural spirit world. The Vampire Lord of Fear feeds off fear. Tim Rifat is the archetypal fear feeder. I hunt down MI5 and psychically drive them mad, remotely kill them, turn Gordon Brown into a raving lunatic, bankrupt Britain, turn Nato’s troops into self suicidal loose cannons, introduce Cobalt 60, start WW111 and the Western imbeciles are too scared to kill me. Why? They fear me more as a dead Supernatural killer powered by vengeance.


Now you too can be feared and feed off fear by being a Vampire Lord of Fear. You automatically feed off the fear surrounding you – that is all humans run by fear – nearly all of them. The billion plus readers of horror, Vampire, Supernatural Spirit® books and watchers of TV and film shows related to them give you a billion people’s worth of fear. The Psychotronic Crystal® supplied feeds fear-energy into you 24/7 if kept on your person. To use this surplus of fear you place it on your pancreas centre (right side around floating ribs or upper abdomen). This centre is the dreaming centre gateway to the world of imagination, Mind and the dreaming realms. Supernatural Spirits® love fear so will be attracted to you as you lay back and visualise the torture toy you wish to inflict all this fear on. It could be a boss, asshole man or girlfriend who has ditched you, enemy, politician… media whore – anyone you choose. You just get a picture of them, place it with the crystal and the fear is automatically down-loaded into them. The fear drives them suicidal, mad, frenzied, wrecking their lives. Worse still, Supernatural Spirits® love fear. So a host of Supernatural Spirit® parasites, Demons, vermin, entities – attach themselves to to your victim to feed off his/her fear possessing the poor torture toy in the process guaranteeing madness ensues.


You get paid by Cosmic Law for sucking fear out of the population – put there by Satanic authority and focussing it on an enemy – using Satanic fear to torture Satanists – not for control but for anarchy. You therefore get an equal and opposite amount of fearlessness. This power pushes your consciousness past the barriers of normal life to automatically give you psychic superpowers – all automatic. That is why Shamans hunt Petty Tyrants – assholes and kill them using this Vampire technology to force Cosmic Law to turn them into Superbeings. That is Shamanic Stalking in a nutshell (Carlos Castaneda, Chapter 2: The Fire from Within.

Vampire Lord of Fear:

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