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k The Vampire Lord of Despair


Despair abounds in the human race, growing with age reaching a crescendo once death becomes a reality. Young and middle aged act as if immortal. Only the old and sick realise all is made a joke by death. Luckily the old people in the world are becoming a significant part of the population. All that despair doesn’t go to waste for the Vampire Lord of Despair. The Despair Psychotronic Generator® automatically collects all the Despair around you and puts it at your disposal. All the readers, watchers of Vampire Chicklet Romance add to the despair, the chicks despairing they will never love the Vampire Mr Right; their love turns to despair – fuel for you. All the boy fans despair they won’t be laid by Vamp Dominatrix/slut or if gay same despair as chicklets – no Mr. Right. All this imaginary generated despair is channelled into your energy field to power you by placing the Psychotronic Crystal® over your liver energy centre – this is the centre associated with ritual magic, ceremonial magic.


This could be the opening of parliament, the Oscar ceremonies, the Presidential elections, Christmas celebrations, Halloween or Satanic black mass… All run by Despair. Despair that man is so powerless so we need to do ceremonial magic to appease the Gods so bad luck doesn’t befall us and we only get good luck. That is the real reason for all the pomp and ceremony in human societies, ritual magic to appease the Gods – Lucifer, Satan, Baphamet, Shaddai… Yaltabaoth. The Great Lord of Despair is now usurped by all the Vampires feeding on Despair. You divert all the despair to your Psychotronic Crystal® divert it to a target victim by putting their photograph with the Psychotronic Generator® to download Despair into them.


This Despair makes them suicidal so the Lord of Despair Vampire can reduce SAS, Seals, Rangers… any enemy into self suicidal loose cannons who kill themselves, their families… Such is the power of the Vampire, he controls society. Cosmic Law has to replay you so pumps your liver energy vortex with all the power generated by all human ceremonies, from brushing your teeth to the Olympics all energy sources for Supernatural Lords of Despair. Now diverted to the Vampire. This warps the Matrix to make you the Master of the Matrix so everything goes your way – automatically Vampire Supernatural Spirit® Mind over Matter® Bone Generators® are the only 100% effective way to prosper magically in the Matrix. So if you always want to win, no matter the odds again you, become the God appeased by all human activity, this Vampire is for you.


As one can see the Vampire is the new power in the Supernatural Spirit® world as the Souls of the dead generate despair, so the entire world of the dead generating despair as their Souls are tormented by the Archons feeds you power. The entire Freemasonic network of obelisks, temples, pyramids… buildings feeds despair from the dead into the world via obelisks. Why? To make humans depressed, despairing, so they don’t fight, but like docile cattle settle under the yoke of fear management, work so they can live to pay taxes to die to despair in hell as the damned. A perfect cycled system. The Vampire Lord of Despair feeds on the Matrix. The Matrix is fear and despair. Despair fed into and focused in assholes is used positively an oxymoron to the Satanic West. So Cosmic Law has to reword you for subverting the Satanic Matrix to good purpose. Using Despair to assassinate assholes, be they politicians, generals, media whores or nasty enemies. Be a Vampire and get the Matrix to kick ass for you not at you.


You can see now why Tim Rifat SupernaturalSpirit®.com inculcates Despair in all my non customers. The read it and despair to feed me. Western governments read it and despair. Become the Illuminati Vampire Master of the Matrix by becoming a Bio energetic Vampire.

The Vampire Lord of Despair:

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