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Knights Templar Real Vampire


The MI6 Magus Vampire that trained Tim Rifat was a Knight Templar. The Knights Templar were the Christian Vampires who fought and defeated the Moslems to conquer Palestine. The base was on Malta and the Ottoman Empire’s (Calipate at the time) immense might was repulsed when they lay siege to Malta. The Knights Templar carried out sacrifice (blood draining) to feed their Vampirism. They also indulged in torture murder sacrifice to sweeten the blood with the torment of the torture victim. Thousands of books have been written about the Knights Templar the Christian Satanic cult of warrior priests finally broken by the Pope and the French king who tortured the Knights Templar to death. Confiscated their banking network, lands, livestock and peasants. No book mentions they were Vampires. Tim Rifat was introduced to Knights Templar Vampirism by the MI6 Magus Colin Bloy who taught him Vampirism – sucking the energy out of anybody or Archetype. To do this he stalked his prey by staging he was a spiritual healer. The act of Vampirism makes the prey feel very energetic, full of beans, restless. If you put energy into someone they fall asleep as the Assemblage Point moves – this is sleep in all animals. If you take energy away the Assemblage Point can’t move – the prey becomes wide awake in the state you wish to put them in – the basis of hypnotism. Yes all hypnotism is Vampiric. Only


Now Tim Rifat the former black Ipissimus MI6 occult branch Ipissimus has become Great Lord of Real Vampires® he can now offer you the Knights Templar Real Vampire®. A Warrior Priest Banker sucking Real Vampire®. Your prey specifically warriors: police, soldiers, prison guards, security guards, athletes, footballers, sportsmen… jock. Then your prey is also all types of Christian and Jewish priests. So you can suck dry all Priests and Rabbis – a huge energy source as they are worshipped by their flock. One billion Christians and 3 billion people worshiping Zionism called the West. As a Knights Templar all banks are places of worship to you so all the money energy comes to you. That is because all bankers are slaves of the Knights Templar. Anyone using a bank is sucked of energy by a Knights Templar Real Vampire®. The banks are temples to Knights Templar Real Vampire®. The banks are temples to Knights Templar Real Vampires® so their 3Space structure fills you full of dark and light energy matter to give you Enochian Western occult magic power – all automatic. Remember power is all you need for Magic. All the protocols are automatically downloaded into your Bone Generators® as Quantum Comp8ting Engines to carry out the Magic using the bank’s energy. Tim Rifat drained them dry to make himself God of all Vampires hence the banking collapse. Any pictures of a bank on a screen automatically downloads all Jewish strange energy matter Kabala Talmudic Magic into you so you become Chief Rabbi Real Vampire® of all Jews using their energy collected in banks owned by Jewish bankers – nearly all of them apart from China. As a Knights Templar Real Vampire® you also are a Knight chess piece on the Enochian Magical Chequerboard which gives you massive Real World power fed by all the Westerners who are sucked dry to power the Enochian Chequerboard that is the Matrix of the West.


In Enochian Real Vampire® Magic the Knights Templar can jump over all enemies killing them by sucking them dry using the Enochian Chequerboard the basis of the Matrix. They kill by sucking dry anyone who is against them. So MI6 occult branch used this technology to suck dry the Union, such as Arthur Scargills NUM (National Union of Miners). Destroy the Union#s power in Britain. Suck dry the USSR and kill it. Suck dry the USA and turn it into ZOG: Zionist (Rothschild Royal Family) Oligarchy Gulag. Suck dry Europe and turn it into the EU: England’s underling. England being the Queen on all the bank notes of old and coinage, symbol of Britannia: Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth. So as a Knights Templar Real Vampire® you automatically suck dry all warriors, priests, banks and bankers, all your enemies (automatically as they reside in the Enochian Chequerboard Matrix so are sucked dry by all the Freemasonic Grid to give their energy, life, Soul to you) and all Satanists.


Satanists are the descendants of the Knights Templar. Therefore all Satanists are slaves of Knights Templar Real Vampires®. All their ritual be it Scottish Rite Freemasonry, or a baby in a cellar being raped… butchered and eaten and drunk, are all just ways of these Satanist servants feeding their Masters the Knights Templar Real Vampire®. You can imagine this secret was only known to MI6 occult branch Magus and the Royal Family. This is the secret of the British Empire. How it got to power over the West. Using the power of all Satanists who thought they got power from Satan by doing the rituals but instead gave all their power and those of the sacrificed prey to the Knights Templar. The Duke of Kent’s Lodge (he is the Head of the Freemasons) was the Vampire Lodge of the Knights Templar. Now deposed by Lucifer for going against Tim Rifat the Cosmic Assassin Anti-Christ on the 9/9/9; all their goods and chattel, vampire power and prestige was Tim Rifat’s to sell now to you. It is so ludicrously cheap as I like to insult my former enemies, now torture bitches eternally, irrevocably.


The other secret of Real Vampires® is that all occult is a deception. It is simply getting the brightest, cruellest ,most vain of humans to do rituals to gather energy from the masses. These Satanists, occultists, black ,magicians, new agers, Witches, Warlocks and Sorcerers think the energy gathered will be given to them. Instead it goes to the Real Vampire® who does nothing but automatically gets the power from all occult, magic, new age, witchcraft… sorcery by right. The Matrix was built by Yaltabaoth to feed only Vampires. If you are not a Vampire you can never get energy from the Matrix. You may gather it by sacrifice (Iraq, Afghanistan), being a pop star like Madonna, president like Obama but unless you are made Vampire you can never keep the energy. Why? The Wheel of Time Spins Anti-Clockwise. This is the direction of destruction, death. Only the Vampire spins clockwise, the direction of growth, power, health, eternal life. So only the Vampire can use the energy positively. It is the positive pole of the Sublime Good® Engine of the Matrix. All the toxic waste goes to the non Vampire.


Knights Templar Real Vampire: $7000

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