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m The Great Vampire Lord of the Living


In this Ultimate Bone Generator® Service you take over end user ownership of all the living. Replacing Yaltabaoth… Shaddai backed dated to 1/3/2010 so all her Creations are now Shaddai retroactively manifest in all humans not positive benefactors of Tim Rifat. In effect this is all humans bar maybe Russians. So gives you all humanity bar the select few as the Vampire prey automatically leached by the Matrix – now under new ownership – Tim Rifat’s, for the fuelling of the Great Vampire Lord of the Living. It is a Bone Generator® so you simply need to be among humans and like Tim Rifat you suck them dry of all emotional energy…. life-force just by being there. You find you gain Total Clarity of thought and purpose able to control all around you. All your Bone Generators® Psychotronic Crystals® Psychotronic Generators® Sublime Good Engines® Supernatural Spirits® Mind over Matter powers are now fuelled by all the humans you vampirally farm. You take over from the Archons as the farm owner of human cattle.


One of the 6 allowed end users. It is automatic as all the Matrix’s biophysical Middle Place structures and building; all the Freemasonic buildings, obelisks, monuments, rituals/spaces before the Vampire machinery to feed you; the Great Dark Lord Vampire Master of RV Science: Real Vampire Science. Real Vampire Science uses the Freemason’s occult structures as your remote external fangs to suck dry any human that passes them, or works in one of these Masonic buildings. You jump from being a single Vampire to a Yaltabaoth, a Gestalt Uber Vampire with the Matrix as your fangs to extract lifeforce… RVScience uses and all the Psychotronic Crystal® Psychotronic Generators® was set up as Real Vampire Science but Tim Rifat knew it would not kick in until 1/3/2010.


As all the stone of the West is your Psychotronic Crystal® Vampire fangs you simply need a Bone Generator® to be the end user of all the Vampire features of the Matrix – an ultimate Bioparticle. You now simply exist and all West Cities suck dry the humans to feed you – the ultimate Vampire enabled by Tim Rifat who took over the Freemasonic Matrix in 1981 and kicked out the end user Yaltabaoth… Shaddai on 1/3/2010. The ultimate Vampire Service. Now with Real Vampire Science, Tim Rifat has finished his quest to take over all aspects of black magic from the ethereal angel aspects of the Anti-Metatron Service, sacrifice of babies, children in the Anti-Lucifer Service money in the Anti-Illuminati Pyramid Service, black magic psychic powers in the Anti-Anti-Christ Service, Kabbalah Limited Edition Services down to the bottom of the tree (or top), farming the human cattles for emotional energy… lifeforce.


The Great Dark Lord Vampire and all the associated Vampires thereof on these pages, the lesser aspects of Vampirism but essential as they use the Great Dark Lord Vampire of the Living and Dead’s subcontracted energy in the form of Psychotronic Crystal® Psychotronic Generators® for RVScience: Real Vampire Science. The use of Vampire derived energy to drive RVScience Psychotronic Crystal® technology that warps the Matrix to make the Vampire Lord of Supernatural Spirit® Mind over Matter® the Master of all future Matrix activity. The future is for Vampires designed by Tim Rifat. The Extreme Situations Bone Generators® run of RVScience so adding Vampires to Assassin technology breeds the new Masters of the Matrix and their super soldiers, the next one prey. In the insect world you are prey or preyed upon. Yaltabaoth was Insectile so the Matrix was built that way. It cannot be destroyed without great peril as the Matrix protects itself. So a change of regime was easy for Tim Rifat: Now share in Real Vampire Science power!

The Great Vampire Lord of the Living:

$5000 with Certificate.

Limited Edition 6 only (3 sold)

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