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Major Arcana


the foolThe Fool:


Random, unpredictable, Chaos personified by the Fool, but while innocent and naive perhaps, not without meaning, or purpose but considered dangerous for it’s changeable and chaotic nature. Chance.


Reversed meaning: As it says on the tin: fool, madness, breakdown of order.. Chaos.


The Fool: $600








the magician


The Magician:


He’s the man, centre of goings on, stage, and attention – but don’t think this is all there is, there are layers of complexity. Centre stage may indeed be distracting what is happening offstage! Pride.


Reversed meaning: Illusion can be a dangerous tool, when used for bad. Beware a silver tongue. Deceit.


The Magician: $600









the priestess


The High Priestess:


Using secrets of knowledge and power, the Priestess holds a balance of control and knowledge, balancing gender, knowledge, psychic ability. Clarity.


Reversed meaning: The balance is lost, tread with caution, and slowly, you are not in harmony. Confusion.


The High Priestess: $600











The Empress:


A card of plenty, both materially and psychically – the Empress can often infer birth, family swelling, expansion. Growth.


Reverse meaning: A lack of the non reversed card, dire shortcomings both materially and psychically, barren lands in person and birth. Desolation.


The Empress: $600








The Emperor:


Strength and power, braced with control and secretiveness, strong male influence in every aspect. Generation.


Reversed meaning: Corruption of this power, small minded power grabbing with almost childish, petulant control. Hatred.

The Emperor: $600









The Hierophant:


Wisdom beyond years, a figure seen everywhere but seldom his actions, whispered into close ears, a bastion of trust, acceptance, knowledge and flexibility. Counsel.


Reversed meaning: Assistance which is counter productive, misleading, damaging or even malicious. Gossip.


The Hierophant: $600











The Lovers:


A card of great fullness, love is manifold, a surge of affection, a new bond, a new life, new business, new land, new travel, love is everything and beneficial. Ascension.


Reversed meaning: Unfortunately love can be wielded for worse, signifying withdrawal of affection, loss of life, stunted business and growth – a bleak landscape. Bleakness.

The Lovers: $600













The Chariot:


Success, accomplishment, victory, resolution, synthesis – nothing is possible without momentum, energy – Will – the Chariot brings this motion. Bright and airy.


Reversed meaning: loss of momentum, anger that corrupts the accomplishments, disharmony ruins all and the Chariot is stationary and stagnant. Dark and stagnant.


The Chariot: $600















Strength is a true path, moving between obstacles, evading blockages, to it’s sure conclusion – triumph. Pride.


Reversed meaning: Stumbling against impediment clumsily, a loss of focus and forward momentum – stalled – failure. Humiliation.


Strength: $600











The Hermit:


It could be said deeply structured thought is a framework for life – the Hermit watches and thinks and says little, prudence, economy, effectivity – this is a directing Card, bracing others like Love, Strength with sure and considered caution. Character


Reversed meaning: Putting too much heed in careless and ill thought through strategy will de-rail almost any positive Aspect. You may pilot your own destiny to disaster fuelled by another’s stupidity. Folly.


The Hermit: $600










The Wheel of Fortune:


The workings of the Wheel no one can fully understand, but it is indeed a fulcrum for the ending and beginning of cycles, not just of life and death – all decision and action is a cycle and beginning and ending. Change.


Reversed meaning: The process and path of rebirth and renewal becomes clouded, without this insight, you cannot navigate forward and all becomes haphazard. Confusion.


The Wheel of Fortune: $600














Balance is maintained with power and knowledge, a finesse of decision making without ego or fear – a superlative Card promising much. Equilibrium.


Reversed meaning: Fracture. Nothing comes together, nothing is achieved, everything is lost in stray ends. Dissolution.


Justice: $600












The Hanged Man:


This Card exists in the pauses between change, the hiatus where something is neither one thing or another. Surviving these changes takes skill and grace. Flux.


Reversed meaning: Foolish recklessness trampling over the Universe’s processes and suffering for it. Rigidity.


The Hanged Man: $600










All death is birth, and birth cannot take place without death. We speak not just of human life – everything dies and is reborn – All thought, energy, power, resource, status, complexity and intricacy – pass through Change, through Death to Birth, after Flux. Creation.


Reversed meaning: Stunted loss of renewal, stagnation without growth, a rejection from the Universe’s womb into a cold and wasted land. Rejection.


Death: $600










Close twin to the Hermit, Temperance is strength and momentum, forward facing energy but braced, stabilised and cultured by Temperance. Elegance.


Reversed meaning: Without Temperance we lose all control in our interactions with others – personally, professionally, family and social – it becomes damaging chaos, infighting, offence, loss of contacts. Division.


Temperance: $600








The Devil:


Focal point of all that is greedy and evil, this Card is loaded with the dark side of human nature and is to be treated with great caution – but it is not inherently evil and is not invulnerable. Clouded.


Reversed meaning: Light out of dark, growth out of stagnation, birth out of barrenness – the Light of humanity shining through the Dark of humanity. Evolution.


The Devil: $600










The Tower:


What is formed already begins to alter, often a painful frightening series of events, as often change can be, but this is normal and necessary, and part of the Wheel’s larger cycle. Growth.


Reversed meaning: Defiance to change, or growth, resulting in stagnation and ignorance, loss of evolution, instead clinging desperately to the current status. Fear.


The Tower: $600








The Star:


The star is a beacon which permeates everything irregardless of cooperation or willingness to see it. It’s possible to navigate by this light, a sublimation of Hermit, Temperance – it is an ever present guiding force. Pathway.


Reversed meaning: Dismissal or ignorance of the Star – voluntary refusal of an offered hand of guidance. Blindness.


The Star: $600








The Moon:


The counterpoint Light to the Sun, the Star – this is not guidance, but an alter version, pay it too much attention with caution, it’s light is not bright or true, more a reflected secondary version. Choice.


Reversed meaning: Used cautiously this is an invaluable insight into people, circumstances, problems and situations, giving an alternative perspective. Second Sight.


The Moon: $600








The Sun:


A brilliance of happiness and achievement, a time of bounty and plenty. The Sun is the eternal source of creation and growth. The Sun’s light is golden and warm and enriching. Birth.


Reversed meaning: The Sun’s light is always golden, it may only be tainted by reflection, as in the Moon. The positive life giving energy of the sun is boundless. Birth.


The Sun: $600

















Nexus point of many Cards, the point at which many different aspects, influences and forces collide into a new formation, this is the moment at which everything which has led to that point, utterly counts. Truth.


Reversed meaning: Failure to launch – the synthesis of all contributing influences is lost – whatever was in creation, is lost. Death.


Judgement: $600















The World:


Completion of Judgement, unification of the myriad of aspects and influences, following the genesis of creation, into a new stable configuration. Renewal.


Reversed meaning: The new configuration fails to hold – what was created falls apart into disarray and confusion. Failure.


The World: $600








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