Masters of the Universe

Real Vampire™ Masters of the Matrix.

The Matrix was created by the demiurge Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth the archetypal Vampire. All it’s creations were made to feed the Vampire Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth. All the workings of the Matrix uphold Vampirism. All the winners in the Matrix are energy Vampires – Real Vampires. They suck energy out of the wageslave to become rich, powerful, loved, have the trophy wives, drive the insanely expensive cars, live in the mansions of which they have many, have occult power conferred upon them by their witch slaves. Yes all occultists are the slaves of the Vampire.


The Real Vampire™ is the Far Future perfection of the art of Vampirism – the bleeding of energy from the willing prey. In this subsection of the Real Vampire™ mini-site. We take over the Matrix and the Real Vampires™ right to use all occultists, witches, Satanists and Luciferians as their bitches. Bend over so the Real Vampire™ can shaft you, the only purpose the Supernatural Spirits® and human slaves were created for.


A: Empress Real Vampire™ – Lady of Beauty:

My favourite fantasy character is the Empress Vampire (or vamp). The progenitor of her line she embodies all the best in females. The archetype of beauty, ruthless, clever, the Vamp: ultimate seductress, mistress of power…. This Vamp sucks out beauty from everyone around her. So if you are an ugly bitch, fat, have cellulite, poor hair, overbite, pinched features, droopy  breasts, wrinkles, grey hair, poor posture… the Empress Real Vampire™ is for you. Download into your Bone Generators™ is the Walk In archetype of the Empress Vampire configured to be beautiful. The Psychotronic Generator® that comes with the Real Vampire™ Empress of Beauty kit sucks out beauty from females around you.

This makes them uglier and you more beautiful (or more likely prettier – beauty is in short supply in the West – that is why it is so prized). This Service is automatic. The longer you have it, the more dramatic the change in your features, form – physiogamy. As Walk In Technology one of the corner stones of Real Vampire™ Science is the use of the (Scalar) longitudinal vector of light (the vector along it’s line of motion) and time vector of light, electro magnetic radiation, the bi-vector of which causes electrical voltage spikes, the brain voltages of Walk In: Possession Technology, the longer you have Real Vampire™ Science is you, the more powerful the effect. Why? The (Scalar) longitudinal vector gets bigger with time as does the time vector so all Real Vampire™: Possession technology gets better and better with time.

You may have seen the original Exorcist film, the Exorcist about the possession of the teenage girl. She gets more and more ugly. With Real Vampire™: Possession with Beauty, you get more and more beautiful with time as you feed off the beauty of people around you and possess yourself with this beauty. Yes, Possession need not be negative. As in the Extreme Situations Bone Generators you get possessed with attributes of an 007 James Bond; in the Real Vampire™ Bone Generators® uploads beauty into you. How? The quartz crystal has been transported by Tim Rifat the only Precognitive Remote Viewer, Bilocation Master, to the future you, that is beautiful. It then stores the future beautiful you, produces the voltage spikes for Walk In Technology. This is because quartz generates electrical charge when squeezed.

Precognitive Bilocation with quartz causes the quartz to get exposed to longitudinal and time vectors of electromagnetic radiation by its passage through time. When it comes back to the new present, it carries the voltage spikes of the beautiful future Walk In of your future self. The quartz crystal is now turned into a Psychotronic Crystal® tuned only to you. If you carry the Psychotronic Crystal® 24/7 it automatically feeds you the beauty to realise your future self with itself acting as template. As the Matrix is built for Vampires all the Masonic Monuments act as sympathetic resonators with your Psychotronic Crystals®. So the whole Matrix – Western world, feeds you beauty.

Tim Rifat has been using it since 1981 to turn the West ugly so the fattest ugliest people are Americans and British to store beauty up for his female counterpart. Now you can join in the Real Vampire™ beauty bonanza. All automatic if you keep the Psychotronic Crystal™ on you 24/7. If you are beautiful already the Empress Real Vampire™ will keep your looks even if you eat and drink too much – better than diets.

A: Empress Real Vampire™ – Lady of Beauty:
$1000 with Certificate and Psychotronic Generator

B. Grand Master Mason Real Vampire™ :

The Real Vampire™ sucks energy out of Supernatural Spirits® and human prey. The normal mode of sucking energy is physical contact, sex, biting, imprisonment… Since this activity is inappropriate behaviour, MI6 use calling up the physical and biophysical energy bodies for MI6 Real Vampires™ . Since 1989 Tim Rifat has appropriated this MI6 Real Vampire™ Enochian Magic. He did this by interfering with MI6’s Enochian magical occult war on the Chinese people which resulted in Tiananmen Square failing for MI6’s occult warfare corp. As Tim Rifat was by then the MI6 Ipsissimus he could over rule the MI6 Magi working for the Rothschilds.

MI6 Magi use stone to suck the lifeblood out of the victim. Hence Tiananmen Square, the largest stone structure in Peking (in 1989) was the focus for Real Vampire™ energy parasitism draining the Will out of the Chinese so they had a revolution. China broke up into separate Cantons and these separate states were ruled by the Rothschilds via divide and rule and control the money supply. Thanks to Tim Rifat the China Revolution failed. It is no coincidence the fall of the USSR ruled by Judaic Evil Walk In Satanists called Zionists: Stalin, Lenin, Beria, Gorbachov… was started using the Great Wall dividing East and West as the Psychotronic Generator® for Real Vampire™ Tech, Sucking the free Will out of the USSR, splitting it up to divide and conquer, then the Rothschild Institute controlled all money in the former Soviet Union – owning everything. This led to Catastroika, the economic collapse of Russia. Thanks to Tim Rifat the nationalist Russians retook their country for Russians led by that most remarkable of men: Vladimir Putin – saviour of Russia from the West: Walk In Evil Satanist Terror.

Now the lucky few can be Grand Master Mason Real Vampires™ like Tim Rifat. This Bone Generator Service allows you to gaze at any building: Empire State Building, Congress, Pentagon, Senate, Fort Meade, Federal Reserve, IRS, FBI headquarters, CIA headquarters in Maryland…. any building in the West (excludes Russia). The Bone Generator® automatically projects your Psychotronic Crystal® Bone Generator® (quantum superimposed on you by the Psi-Lord: Tim Rifat) at the building to quantum superimpose it on the Generator® so any human, Supernatural Spirit, in it is sucked dry of energy. Making the building a Real Vampire™ Psychotronic Generator® specifically for the Grand Master Mason Real Vampire™ who has the Bioparticle Bone Generator® in their skeleton, namely their head (Hence you cut the head off a Vampire to separate the bioparticle Bone Generator® from the skeleton Psychotronic Crystal®.) So the energy flow is from any one in the building – including the energy in the building to you. Real Vampire™ biting using buildings as your fangs so you can eat thousands at one sitting. If you are lucky enough to have the Lord of Luck Real Vampire™ you can eat all Supernatural Spirits® human prey that ever went into the building, past, present, and future. As well as any prey that ever looked at a picture of the target, such as the White House, UN Building (excluding Russians – for obvious reasons…)

One can see the potential for Grand Master Mason Real Vampires™ is greater than normal Real Vampires™. Buildings become your fangs to bite the victim. This is politically correct, as gazing at pictures of buildings is totally legal in the EU. Taking pictures of them is not but you can find pictures of any building on the Internet thanks to Google the number 1 search engine on the planet. You can copy any building picture 169x to use the Internet as your Real Vampire™ Psychotronic Crystal® to suck dry anyone looking, living, using, that building. This greatly increases the energy flow as you are redoubling (see Far Future Gallery for redoubling and Amalek Services) so the energy flow always comes to you no matter who tries to cut it off. One can see now why Time Rifat was so fixated on touching Psychotronic Crystals® to buildings. He was using Real Vampire™ Science. I could not reveal Real Vampire™ Science at the start of the business 1996 as MI5 would have tried to assassinate me. Now it is too late – all done !

As the building is a wormhole to dark energy matter (see i-Bombs or Far Future Galley) your Grand Master Mason Real Vampire™ automatically sucks energy out of all Supernatural Spirits® connected to that building. As the White House, Pentagon may be wormholed to many dark energy matter locations the energy supply for the Real Vampire™ is immense. This was the basis of the RVScience Psychotronic Crystals® that shred dark energy matter parasites. The house the target lives in is used by the Psychotronic Crystal® to wormhole to the dark energy matter parasite home to bleed it dry by using Real Vampire™ Science. Now I can reveal how Psychotronic Crystals® work Real Vampire™ wormhole Psychotronic Generators® downloaded into Bone Generators®. One can see Tim Rifat owns all Psychic, Occult Technology as the West: Walk In Evil Satanist Terror is based on Real Vampire™ Science: RVScience.

If you gaze at the building on your computer screen, the virtual 3D image wormholes you to all the Supernatural Spirit® strange energy/matter dimensions – home of the Archon Zionist Chaos Kings that Walk-In to the blood lines of the Rothschild, Royal Family, Pharaoh Clones – such as Obama, the Archon bodies on the Earth. So this Bone Generator® allows you to suck dry Zionism by looking at any 3D building image. To use Psychotronic Crystalware® just download an image of the building to be used as your virtual Psychotronic Generator® Real Vampire™ by inserting a picture of the building into the building. This means an image say of the White House with a smaller White House within the picture. Copy 169x and you get a virtual feed from that building sucking dry all the Zionist strange energy/matter Supernatural Spirits®, their dimensions and all Walk-Ins in the bodies of the human. Remember Zion is Zombie, Installation, Operating Negatively. Do the world a service as a Grand Master Mason Real Vampire™ to feed your body the Bioparticle Psychotronic Crystal® Bone Generator®. Using buildings as your remote fangs for the Real Vampire™ is one of the powers of the Ipsissimus Real Vampire™.

Real Vampires™ who are Masters of the Occult. In this case Enochian Magic. Enochian Magic as practised by MI6 Occult Branch uses stone as the Real Vampire™ for Supernatural Spirits®. The stone table built under the directions of Enochian Angels (such as Razael the author of the Book of Magic to the Rothschild black magicians) is the template for the Matrix. A stone table, or more accurately a dark energy/matter, strange energy/matter table is quantum superimposed on the world so all the West follows the Real Vampire™ stone of the Western building all Real Vampires™ sucking the lifeblood out of anyone who lives in an Enochian, Freemason building, house… walks past an obelisk, monument… sees one on TV, films, reads about it…One can see the Grand Master Mason Real Vampire™ is the basis of all occult in the West, as buildings are all the Real Vampire™ Psychotronic Generators® for the Archons and their Walk-In bodies – the Illuminati.

Now with this Service you cut them out of the loop to take over the Matrix Real Vampire™ Psychotronic Generators®. If you are a Lord of Luck Grand Master Real Vampire™ you can cut the Archons out of the loop retroactively from the inception of the building so the Matrix was always built to feed you. All buildings you so wish always built to be your Real Vampire™ Psychotronic Generator® Sublime Good® Engine. Anyone getting into contact with the building is turned from conception to birth to death to toxic waste, all Sublime Good® uploaded to you as a Lord of Luck Grand Master Mason Real Vampire™ . One can see how the Real Vampire™  Science Bone Generator® Psychotronic Generators® act synergistically to make you Master of the Matrix !

B. Grand Master Mason Real Vampire™ :
$3000 with Certificate, limited to 12 only.

C Lord of Demons Great Lord Real Vampire™:

The Master Vampire can have great occult knowledge. In this Service you get Occult power added to your Real Vampire™. As the Matrix was created by the demiurge Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth called Thaumiel by Kabbalists, the creator Vampire of the Matrix; all the Matrix is designed for Vampires, if you wish to thrive in the Matrix you need to be a Vampire. That is why the Royal Family Rothschilds rule the West: Walk In Evil Satanist Territory, they are all energy Vampires so the Matrix sucks out lifeforce, money, sex… from the prey – wageslave to feed the Real Vampire™. The Services previously have explored this. But Yaltabaoth (Thaumiel) is a double headed God. So the Real Vampire™ can not only suck out energy from the prey but potentially send a demon to the prey to destroy the energy in the prey for good and reverse it to cause Evil to be prey. The Kabbalah Services, Jewish Tarot Services describe this black magic in detail. Now as a Real Vampire™ you can use your BSRI-Engine composed of 34 Psychotronic Crystals® to unleash a Walk In Demon to reverse the goodness in the target prey to torture the victim.

So the Luck Psychotronic Crystals® can be used to unleash a Walk In Demon into a victim to turn all their good luck to bad luck permanently while they are possessed by your Real Vampire™ Demon. The Matrix is configured to do this. Why> Lucifer is the cosmic principle that rat catches Satanists, promising them power but instead getting them consigned to hell. Cosmic Law rewards you for all evil doers consigned to Omega Hell. So Lucifer gets rewarded by Cosmic Law for every evil doer tortured, murdered, damned, Soul raped… As a Real Vampire™ you tap into this System as the Matrix is configured to do this using Cosmic Law to feed the Real Vampire™ now you too can benefit by torturing the damned – all prey.

C Lord of Demons Great Lord Real Vampire™:
$3000 with Certificate. Needs BSRI-E. Limited to 12 only.