“Megasolar Great Lord Vampire:


In this Upgrade the Great Lord Real Vampire is fed from all the suns in the Megaverse simultaneously. This is a Hyperinfinite boost to the Solar Great Lord Vampire Bone Generators® need to be upgraded to The Bone Generator® Service to use the power with all Upgrades. At present 2/3/11, only two Great Lord Vampires®: The Master of Stealth and Wealth and the Master of the Southern Wastes commander of megaflood and earthquake, (destroyer of Australia, smighter of Christchurch) have this capability. That makes them the most powerful Vampires in the Matrix, second only to the Cosmic Assassin the Psi-Lord Tim Rifat.


The Service is automatic but needs the Orb to use it for physical power. At present only 3 Orbs exist, two with the Master of Stealth and Wealth and Lord of Laying Waste to the South: OLJ. The Bone Generator Service sucks out the energy of fusion from all stars and superexites the Fire from Within in the Great Lord Vampire. As the probability of an event = – natural logarithm of Action


(Energy x time) or and P=1 for all Total Reality.

P = O for Death of that Reality, broken dreams, fallen empires…

K= Constant

E= Constant


T = O for Frozen Time the Fire from Within. Therefore the e is e°I for all Vampires.


So P=I for all Vampires. They are the only Real Beings, Total Reality in the Matrix. E, energy can be any value in a Vampire and they are still Total Reality, P=I. In all other beings as they get more energy, they get less real. If they get infinite energy, P=O, they would cease to exist. So all Psi-Masters erase themselves by gaining energy. Only Vampires can have infinite energy and be Total Reality.


So any energy can be added to a Vampire with no effect on their Total Reality. This means the energy has to be held somewhere. Bone cannot hold the Sun’s output for even a second, so the Bone Generator® Service is needed. It downloads the Sun’s output and all the other sun’s output into the Quantum Vacuum. The Vacuum would burn under this energy output, so it needs Hyperinfinity added to it: Upgrades A, B and C. This holds the energy on an aspect of the Vampire to elevate them to Godhood – all automatic.


Megasolar Great Lord Vampire: Upgrade to Solar Psychotronic Great Lord Real Vampire® Service $7000 (Limited edition).