n Mind Vampire Lord


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This Vampire feeds off the brain power of the human rather like the Vampyre. She/he has a Bone Generator® that pulls the intelligence out of anyone she /he comes into contact with. The Sublime Good® Quantum Computing Engine in your Bone Generator® downloads your stupidity into the human and uploads their intelligence. Sublime Good® Engines are perfect for the exchange of intelligence for stupidity. Tim Rifat was very stupid, a ‘save the world’ idiot so he had a lot of foolishness to download, since 1981 he has been diligently carrying out the process on the British and Europeans. End result Britain houses some of the most stupid idiots in the world from Gordon Brown down to media whore.


Britain discovered half the science of the 19th Century, now it can’t even elect an imbecile like Gordon Brown who has rigged the election by shipping in 20 million’s Mind Vampire Lord has turned the UK imbecilic mad and destined for the 4rdn blacks, poles, Arabs to vote for his communist fascist party. This is as an accident Tim Rifat’s Mind Vampire Lord has turned the UK imbecilic, mad and destined for the 3rd world statehood of Chad. Join the super-intelligent Vampire Lords of Mind. The Service is automatic so you get super-intelligent just being surrounded by people. Brighton has 2 universities so they ship new crops of British teenagers bound for college to Tim Rifat so he can suck them dry of intelligence and fill their brains with stupidity – thank you UK government!

Mind Vampire Lord:

$600 with Certificate