o Psychic Vampire Lord


A totally automatic Service for the lazy!

This Vampire sucks out the psychic powers of everyone around him. Sublime Good® Engines dump non-psychic toxic waste into them from you, using Bone Generator® technology. You get super psychic powers and everyone in your City becomes a psychic deadhead. Tim Rifat has done this to the whole of Britain so the UK military couldn’t get any effective Remote Viewers, as since 1981 Tim Rifat has been sucking out the psychic powers of all the Brits, Spaniards, Western Europeans. This Bone Generator® is automatic so you get to be a first class Remote Viewer, ESP Remote Sensor (like Sookie Stackhouse in True Blood or Jane Grey of the XMen and become an expert at Remote Influencing by leaching all Remote Influencing from all your neighbours in the City. All Remote Influencing is enabled by this Psychic Vampire Lord so if you wish to do any Remote Influencing in Tim Rifat’s Vampire world you must have this Service or be a US RI wanabee torture toy!

Psychic Vampire Lord:
$600 with Certificate