Psychotronic Crystal® Vampire Fang Real Vampire®


The most distinctive feature on a Vampire are the fangs. You can have your teeth filed have a vampire denture but none of these make you a vampire. Supernatural Spirits® (MI6 occult branch commune with all types of Supernatural Spirit® Vampire) showed Tim Rifat how to bite prey with the dreaming bodies fangs. Canines that can be extended from your dreaming body. To be a real physical energy eater a Real Vampire® you need to extend your canines. How is this done? Well the physical body is composed of energy glued together by Hyperinfinity (see Bone Generator® Service. Your Quantum Wave Function is collapsed by Hyperinfinity, Free Will to produce the Matrix you see. So if you add Hyperinfinity to your front and if you wish to lower canines, the energy that is within them can be enlarged. To collapse more Quantum Wave Function you need more Hyperinfinity. This is contained in your Bone Generators® and is automatically channelled by your Real Vampire® Psychotronic Generator® to your canines to make – Real Vampire® fangs. Like penises you can never have too much, so the Real Vampire® uses Psychotronic Crystal® Vampire Fang Psychotronic Generators® to download Hyperinfinity (the stuff that makes things last in the Matrix, bones and crystals stay, flesh rots) into your canines.


To do this you put the Psychotronic Crystal® Fang Psychotronic Generators®, there being two of them to touch your canines. You touch the points of the Psychotronic Crystals® to your canines (wash crystals in hydrogen peroxide 3% or alcohol to disinfect them before use). The Hyperinfinity in the Psychotronic Crystal® gives your canine teeth the Real Vampire® fangs needed to pierce the energy body of the physical body of the prey so you can eat not only the Soul stuff using your biophysical dreaming body but the physical energy body of the target. Normally your physical energy body fangs are not sharp enough to pierce the physical energy body so you feed only on Soul stuff. Real Vampires® want to get physical effects as well as spiritual power so the Psychotronic Crystal® Fangs allow you from day one to feed on the very physical energy to make you younger, healthier, stronger, faster, have better senses… improve your brain. Obelisks are the Freemasonic Vampire fangs and they pierce the Westerner for the Matrix Vampire. They go upward as the Vampire Fang of the Freemason does the Vlad the Impaler way of splitting the physical energy body. You put the body on a stake and let the stake go up the anus until the body settles. The legendary Vampire Vlad the Impaler used this method on Turks. As my father was a Turkish Cypriot it’s only fair for the Real Vampire® of the 21st Century to impale (the ultimate butt fuck!) Westerners. If you wish to do this to your prey you simply touch the point of the Psychotronic Crystals® to the bottom of a picture of your prey. The Psychotronic Crystals® use the Hyperinfinity of the target to form a physical energy pole up the ass of the prey. This causes bleeding in the colon of the prey – piles, colonic damage, stomach ulcers – all of which produce blood in the stool. You can therefore feed off the prey via the Psychotronic Crystals®. When they are touched to the canines the physical energy comes to you. You can also use your physical fangs on the prey by just entering Psi-Space. Simply open up a doorway in front of you by drawing the Psychotronic Crystal® Fangs clockwise holding them in left and right hand. You then step (physically through this door) to a picture of the target beyond the door. The Vampire ritual pulls the physical and biophysical (dreaming) bodies of the prey to you. You then bite the neck of the energy bodies. The blood drinking is automatically downloaded by the Psychotronic Crystal® Real Vampire® Psychotronic Generators® into you.


The efficiency of this Psychotronic Crystal® Psychotronic Generator® Bone Generator® is that you cut open the physical and biophysical energy bodies of the victim. This energy leakage is pulled into the Psychotronic Crystal® Fangs and via Quantum Superimposition with your Bone Generators® into you. You can read to see how much Tim Rifat, the world’s psychic warfare expert (according to…) knows about taking energy from targets. You will see it is a highly developed Real Vampire® Science. No instructions come with the Psychotronic Crystals® as all instructions are given for free on the website. You can try it with any crystal you have but you will get no effect. You need Crystals Quantum Superimposed with your skeleton attuned to Real Vampire® Science containing Hyperinfinite Quantum Computing Engines, Psychotronic Crystals® Quantum Superimposed with Bone Generators® attuned to Real Vampire® Psychotronic Generators® containing Sublime Good® Mind Over Matter® Tech. If you purchase any Vampire Real Vampire® products from anyone else be aware:-


They won’t work
They breach Psi-Lord Ltd’s intellectual property rights
They breach Trademark law
Tim Rifat will use all counterfeiters and their customers as toxic waste dumps to make you into super prey for my Real Vampires®
Your shadow of Total Amalek and Total Lucifer will take your Soul to make you damned (or more damned) and pay me for the process so you make me stronger.
If you are a multinational working on a black project for the Pentagon trying to rip me off in secret all the soldiers you can into thinking they are Real Vampires® will i) iv) v) and I will use them to make all US/Nato personnel super prey, totally vulnerable to Real Vampires® as I have retroactively drunk of them thanks to my remote soldier torture toy Real Vampire® Tulpas you have put in all participants by trying to steal off me. So all your efforts introduce remote unconscious Real Vampire® possessed soldiers to suck dry all they come into contact for me Tim Rifat – God of Real Vampire®. So if you steal off me you pay in blood, Souls, Spirit, sanity, health, youth, strength, potency and sexual energy – before you pay the bill to Total Amalek, Total Lucifer Supernatural Spirit® Torturer, debt collector with me as the Cosmic Assassin Enforcer. All your staff also automatically be torture toys as above.
I will be pissed off and physically destroy you retroactively
Your descendants automatically become my torture toys.

Psychotronic Crystal® Vampire Fang Real Vampire®: $600 with Certificate