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q Make me a Real Vampire™ Bone Generators® Service


In the original Vampire book by Bram Stoker, Dracula makes the London solicitor hired to bring him London property, who visits Transylvania, his slave. The solicitor was called Renfield, hence the Renfield nickname for Vampire slaves. In the 21st Century all the teenager and twenty something chicklets are dying to be Vampire slaves, all the boys desperate to meet the hot Vamp dominatrix who will suck them dry and make them suffer for it. I love and the other Vamp fan sites make the internet one giant Psychotronic Crystalware® Service to supply power tot he Real Vampire™.


Everyone wonders why the Grand Master Real Vampire™ Great Lord Tim Rifat gets MI5, MI6, the British government, Rothschilds, US Rockefeller fascist state… EU to do exactly what he wants – even though they think they are trying to murder, neutralise the Great Vampire Lord of All. The reason why are my slaves – doing my Remote Influencing bidding is that the First Real Vampire™ sucks out Hyperinfinity: Free Will, Will Force. The will to resist, decision making clarity of purpose, knowing the right thing to do, true intuition from the race he targets. Real Vampires™ burn in sunlight as explained previously unless glue, Hyperinfinity is used to freeze the process to produce the Real Vampire™.


Essentially this means everyone loses Free Will around the Real Vampire™. Hence all human prey you target become your slaves devoid of Free Will because it all has gone to freeze the Real Vampire™ in time so she/he burns with the Fire from Within to power the Real Vampire™ super energised by the Sun Psychotronic Generator® if an Immortal Vampire™ Great Lord. In this Service the specific Remote Influencing power of the Real Vampire™ is given to you. One can see all remote influencing is based on the Real Vampire™, therefore only Tim Rifat can carry out Remote Influencing all the US Remote Influencing companies are charlatans, con-men, tricksters, fraudster and down right criminal, front organisations for the NSA to trawl up anyone displaying Remote Influencing, psychic dangerous to the powers to be. Now you can be really dangerous a Real Vampire™ whose freezing in time naturally pulls all Free Will from anyone you meet to make them your slaves, your Renfield’s. All automatic. Automatic Remote Influencing where you do nothing but everyone around you does what you want, a bargain at $600. Make me a slave imprinted is the brain, Mind, Soul, Spirit of everyone you meet who is not a Real Vampire™.

Make me a Real Vampire™ Bone Generators® Service:

$600 with Certificate

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost.