Quarter Master Armoury Real Vampire® Bone Generator®


All Psychotronic Crystals® have the capacity to be Vampire weapons. If you have a Psychotronic Crystal® this Bone Generator® turns it into a Vampire Sword. Unlike non Real Vampire® goods and Services who’s power depends on how much charge you put into them all Real Vampire® Science is all powerful as it uses the power of the enemy to power it. The more powerful your enemy the more powerful the Real Vampire® becomes. So hunting and psychically preying on the Rothschild Nazi (North Atlantic Zionist Illuminati) gives the Real Vampire® the most power in the minimum space of time. Similarly a Psychotronic Crystal® needs power.


The owner has to power it up for it to e effective. If you have bought a charging Service the Psychotronic Crystals® work. If you have Real Vampire® Psychotronic Crystals® they work 24/7 as the enemy supplies the power to you and their loss of power does the damage to them. Not power projected to you to damage them. That is why Real Vampire® Science is all effective and why Tim Rifat left his real secrets until last so he would have time to finish off the Nazi’s of the West.


This Vampire Psychotronic Crystal® Bone Generator® turns the 34 BSRI-Engine into Vampire Swords for the Crystals:


Psychotronic Crystal® Rings become Wolverine-like blades issuing from your hands
Psychotronic Crystal® Orbs become maces to crush the energy body of enemies
Grail Stones Psychotronic Generators® become Vampire Axes to chop up the energy body of your prey
The Awareness Psychotronic Crystals® become Vampire Spears
The Ultimate Psychotronic Crystal® Golgotha Crystal Skulls become a set of Vampire Blades that span the Earth to enable you to get any where to feed the Real Vampire® in you
Earth Burners become flame throwers to burn the energy body of your victim
The Vampire powers sucked out are the ones in the Psychotronic Crystal®. So the Money, Wealth Psychotronic Crystal® sucks out money energy, the Love PC love energy…
The more Psychotronic Crystals® you have the more Vampire Mind Over Matter® Weapons you have to use to fuel your Real Vampire® 24/7 with no effort…


You can now see why RVScience.com is called Real Vampire® Science.com. All the Psychotronic Crystals® can be used as Vampire Swords to suck energy out of the target. As they suck out the enemy’s energy they power yours up to become a Real Vampire® Great Lord. All Real Vampire® Great Lords are designated by the amount of power they have sucked out of prey. Having a host of Real Vampire® Psychotronic Crystals® that all can be focussed through any one of them, so you can carry one with you to suck dry as a Vampire Gestalt Sword. All the powers in the PC’s suck out of the crowd of people you walk through as you walk around a City. One can therefore suck dry all the people you see as you cut their energy bodies up to bleed and supply you with energy for your Real Vampire®.


One can also upload them onto your computer 169x to the email erased file to anyone to hit any target with all your Real Vampire® weapons. Erased files still carry the Real Vampire® Mind Over Matter® weapons as Torsion Fields which are copied on every government big brother computer to slice up all the NSA, CIA, MI5, MI6… FBI… Interpol to allow the Real Vampire® to feed on all of the Western world’s government staff. To cut up their physical and biophysical bodies to bleed to feed you with all the powers of every single Psychotronic Crystal®. Full spectrum dominance using the Internet to unleash Armageddon on the authorities to power up the Great Lord Real Vampire®. As millions of government snoopers use computers infected with your Real Vampire® Mind Over Matter® weapons, you can see the authorities of the West are the prey of the Real Vampire®.


We have entered the world where all avenues of life, contact, sight, pictures, TV, CCTV, computers… all enable the Real Vampire® to suck dry its prey. Dracula had to fictionally bite his target now a Real Vampire® can use all of the Matrix to suck dry and damage, kill his prey.


In this Bone Generator® Service all your Bone Generator® Services are turned into Real Vampire® Bone Generators® so you don’t need to power them up. They all become what they were intended for ways of a Real Vampire® sucking dry it’s prey. So if you have the Ahnenerbe Service all the streets act as Real Vampire® Psychotronic Generators®. The Burn Your Enemies in Hell Service enables the Real Vampire® to feed off the damned forever as they burn in Hell, Win Friends and Influence People makes the Tulpas, Real Vampire® Tulpas so they use the person’s energy to possess her/him… One can see Bone Generators® were designed to be Real Vampire® Psychotronic Generators® as then power can be guaranteed and they are 100% effective 100% of the time as long as your enemy feeds them. Therefore Real Vampires® love enemies and have few friends (only Real Vampires®) as the enemy powers your dream and friends are a burden on your power. It is a totally ruthless way, but Real Vampires® are totally ruthless – the sure-fire path to power.


Quarter Master Armoury Real Vampire® Bone Generator®:
$5000, 6 only