r Crystal Vampire Lord


The entire new age community, Satanists, occultists, Freemasons, Supernatural Spirits® use crystals. You now know why – the Earth’s Boost to utilise the energy field of the Earth to propel their consciousness into other dimensions. Real Vampires™ are powered by the Sun as a Psychotronic Generator® via the medium of Psychotronic Crystal®, Bone Generators® and the Earth’s Boost. So they automatically use every crystal used by prey – all Westerners to suck out the lifeforce.


As all the crystal users of their own free will give their Hyperinfinity, attention to the crystal for healing, love, power… magic, the crystal is inverted by the Crystal Vampire Lord. Turning all crystal into negative Psychotronic Generators® sucking dry anyone with a crystal into the Bone Generator® in the Real Vampire®. As all watches carry crystal in their mechanisms all watches are turned into lethal weapons against their bearers – I never wear a watch for this reason. You just get this Bone Generator® Service and all the negative Psychotronic Crystal® Psychotronic Generators® in the energy field of any Westerner pull out their energy and download it into your Bone Generators®.

Why ?

All Westerners are possessed by Walk In’s. They use crystal in the Freemasonic monuments to push the Earth’s Boost to power the possession into the Westerner. Since a Real Vampire™ is the Earth’s Boost Avatar all the Walk In technology flow, West: Walk In Evil Satanist technology is reversed by this Bone Generator® Sublime Good® Engines filer out the toxic waste and dump it back in the Walk In, magnified by the Engine to boost efficiency.

You get power, life force, health, sexual energy – automatically 24/7.

Crystal Vampire Lord

$600 with Certificate