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r Make my Special People Augmented Vampire Protectors Service


In Vampire fiction the Vampire makes protectors to defend him while asleep. These protectors can gain strength, healing fast powers, speed, resistance to Remote Influencing, glamour, mind control, ESP with their Master and enhanced sex orgasms with their Mistress/Master. Vampire fiction has explored this territory, now with Real Vampire™ you can make anyone you are close to, partner, wife, husband, children, close friends, family, your Real Vampire™ protector.


They become immune to disease, stranger, faster, fitter, and gain psychic powers. As you are a Real Vampire™ pull in Hyperinfinity, Free Will constantly to freeze the Fire from Within to allow you to be powered by the Sun Psychotronic Generator® via Psychotronic Crystal® to use the Earth’s Boost, you can pull more Hyperinfinity out of the prey – anyone around you. This Hyperinfinity is then lent to your protector to hold them together as you project the Earth’s Boost to push their being to the deep right side Assemblage Point shifts that produce strength, speed, psychic powers, immunity to disease and extend life. (Read the Fire from Within by Carlos Castaneda). Downloaded into your Real Vampire™ Bone Generator® in the Quantum Hyperinfinite Engine to do this automatically. All you do to make a Protector is copy their name 156x onto your PC and then email anyone and everybody with this name 156x copied on your hard drive Psychotronic Crystalware® does the rest.


The entire computer complex of the internet acting as the Psychotronic Crystalware® to make your Protector. All the spinning hard drives infected via your PC with the Torsion Field programming for the Real Vampire Protector. If you wish to discard a Protector just copy onto the hard drive their name reversed: 169x. That’s all. All subsequent computer activity will erase the Protector programming for that reject. One can see Real Vampire™ Remote Influencing and internet Psychotronic Crystalware® are the quick and easy way for the Real Vampire™ to access the Hyperinfinity of the billions that use the PC, internet. All computer screens are wormholes into dark energy matter dimensions as they are 3 dimensional boxes. As virtual 3 dimensional spaces (pictures they access all the strange energy matter dimensions. Hence Real Vampire™ can suck dry all dark energy matter and strange energy matter Supernatural Spirits® to power your Psi-Master. Now with the disclosure of Real Vampire™ Science, the basis of RVScience you see have Tim Rifat’s technology brings Far Future Real Vampire™ Science to the past.

Make my Special People Augmented Vampire Protectors Service:

$600 with Certificate

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost.