Real Vampire™ Remote Influencing


The Vampire is the best Remote Influencer in the world of fiction. Able to use Remote Influencing to get the human to give up all self preservation and give his/her life for the Vampire – the ultimate in Remote Influencing. We know the US military tried to develop Remote Influencing in project Stargate, failed, it’s failures selling illusory high cost Remote Influencing courses to gullible Americans. So useless is military US Remote Influencing they can’t get the Taliban to lay down their arms, instead they need 250,000 Americans to stop a few Afghans armed only with AK47’s and homemade explosives – pathetic. They can’t use Remote Influencing to topple Iran or get the Iraqis to stop blowing up Iraq. Can’t get the Chinese to play ball on any front. Failed to install Kordokovsy, the richest Zionist in Russia as President – he has been 10 years in jail for fraud, tax evasion, sodomy rape…


Tim Rifat was the Remote Influencing expert for the black ops MI6 occult branch who turned all Westerners into zombie wanabee wageslaves – afraid of their own shadow and toppled the USSR using Enochian Walk In Remote Influencing. Tim Rifat went rogue, slaughtered MI6 Magi remotely (physical violence is illegal in the UK – thought weapons – cursing, totally legal) and eliminating his boss in 2004 to take over all the occult power of MI6 occult branch. It has been previously mentioned on this website that Remote Influencing requires energy, not expensive DVD courses sold by US imbeciles who can’t use Remote Influencing to even mind control one Al Qaeda operative. The Israelis have to kill a Hamas leader in Dubai, their Remote Influencing sucks. Since the key to Remote Influencing is energy – corner the energy market and you control Remote Influencing. That is why Psi-Lord Ltd have so many energy products – all trademarked to stop any competitors.


Now Tim Rifat reveals the most nasty powerful way of Remote Influencing the Real Vampire™. You use your enemy’s energy to power the Remote Influencing you use against them. Something for nothing if you are a Real Vampire™. Now until now the Vampire has been kept as fiction – Vampires always existed, energy Vampires and more physical Vampires kept secret by the black Satanists of the West: Walk In, Evil, Satanist Territory. Luckily since Tim Rifat was part of a deniable black project MI6 occult branch operation to enslave the world, he was taught by the MI6 Magus, how to call up Archetypes, project archetypal possession – walk ins, use dimensional magic and produce Real Vampires™. As you might guess the British elite, rule by use of Real Vampire™ technology. Now you can become the ultimate Remote Influencing agent, surpassing any of the Illuminati using Real Vampire™ Remote Influencing.


Your body is changed into a bioenergetic Real Vampire™ you feed off the energy of the target and use their energy to use Remote Influencing on them. Automatically controlled by your Psychotronic Generator® tuned to Remote Influencing on them. Automatically controlled by your Psychotronic Generator® tuned to Remote Influencing you get the energy feed from the target and the Psychotronic Generator® to tune this energy to Remote Influencing. Doing the complex energy tuning to mesh with any target to use Remote Influencing effectively on them. Tim Rifat’s expertise at Remote Influencing is downloaded into the Psychotronic Generator® and the Psychotronic Crystal® possesses you with the knowledge automatically downloaded into your unconscious – seat of Remote Influencing. Your body is changed by archetypal MI6 magic to be a Real Vampire™. The Bone Generators™ keeping the Real Vampire™ power in you after the ritual. The Remote Influencing protocols are on this website. The Real Vampire™ Remote Influencing Bone Generator® and Psychotronic Generator® – key to ultimate hardcore Remote Influencing. More on Real Vampires™ on – Real Vampires™ . Get the Real Vampire™ automatic Remote Influencing Service and become a living Remote Influencing Engine.

Real Vampire™ Remote Influencing:
$600 with Certificate and PG