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s Lord of Luck Great Vampire Master


Only the Real Vampire™ Tim Rifat can duplicate Far Future Real Vampire™ Science in the present as he is the only precognitive Remote Viewing Psi-Lord. It has been seen that Real Vampires™ are powered by the Sun. The Sun is a Psychotronic Generator® to Real Vampires ™. The light of the Sun mixed with Psychotronic Crystal® Hyperinfinity jumpstarts the Real Vampire™ reaction. The Psychotronic Crystal® activates the Earth’s energy field. The Earth’s energy field is called the Earth’s Boost by Shamans. Opening up to a Psychotronic Crystal® pumps the Earth’s into you if it is coupled to the Sun Psychotronic Generator®. If the Psychotronic Crystal® is quantum superimposed on your bones (the Hyperinfinity store in you); the Earth’s Boost can act on your entire consciousness. As a global gestalt push on all your consciousness, past, present, and future, the Earth’s Boost makes you Burn with the Fire from Within. Your consciousness aligned with all external consciousness it matches past, present and future.


The Alignment Energy: Will, Hyperinfinity, decollapses all your physical body and collapses it to manifest as a Supernatural Spirit bodiless entity. Your body burns – spontaneous combustion as the Sun’s power overwhelms the decollapsing pushing all your bodily Quantum Wave Functions into the quantum vacuum. The quantum vacuum produces energy, heat – Free Energy as your body decollapses into it. This quantum vacuum energy burns your body. If you have a huge surplus of Hyperinfinity – Will – from other people (prey), the Hyperinfinity holds together your body in the quantum vacuum. So the quantum vacuum supplies energy to your body that is held together by millions of people worth of Hyperinfinity. The value defined by the 20z of mass you lose when you die. If you can supply enough Hyperinfinity to keep a small nuclear bomb explosion frozen; the first Real Vampire™ Tim Rifat can be made. Once he is made he acts as a template for other Real Vampires™ to exist, his Hyperinfinity holding them frozen. The Real Vampire™ line is thus established. All based on Hyperinfinity: Will using the Sun as the Psychotronic Generator® to power the process. The quantum vacuum., free energy continuing the process in 5 dimensional space as Burning with the Fire from Within in past, present, and future 5D, your total life burning. Freeze it and your conception to Far Future are frozen. A 5D being in 4D time, the Real Vampire™


All Real Vampires™ are like animals frozen in amber. They exist in the present but are really past, present, and future beings, 5D beings, having an extra dimension. So if the Master that made them dies, the Real Vampire™ dies unless he/she is a Mistress/Master and has enough Hyperinfinity: Will, to stop the Fire from Within burning of the body. Blood carries Hyperinfinity from the Bones around the body. We can’t digest bones, they have too much concentrated Hyperinfinity, but living blood is full of Hyperinfinity, so the Vampire feeds on blood. The Real Vampire™ takes this a step further on, as an energy feeder who can suck the blood dry of Hyperinfinity: Will by line of sight, proximity or using MI6 archetypal magic to manifest their physical and energy bodies on your genitals… As the Real Vampire™ is a 5D out of time being, one can feed off the Hyperinfinity: Will of the victim encompassing the date of the birth of the Vampire till its death. As the creation of the Real Vampire™ is retroactive to the conception of the Real Vampire™, a Real Vampire™ can therefore suck the energy out of the blood of the victim from her/his birth date till the future demise of the Real Vampire™ – if only demise exists. So you can suck the energy out of any victim as a 5D lump using this Service. The older you are the more complete a blood sucking of energy you can accomplish. Since the prime energy prey is people 18 or under, it means you can suck them dry from conception tot he present day till their death (if you outlive them, as a Real Vampire™, you always outlive them as you can walk into another body at Will, as explained previously).


In this Bone Generator® Service you upload all the energy, Will: Hyperinfinity in the prey in one go. As one can imagine this means the entire lifespan of the prey is utilised, not the Hyperinfinity , energy in the prey at the time of feeding off them. You have in fact taken all the life of the victim in one go, past, present and future. This is the ultimate way to use the prey of the Real Vampire™. More importantly it enables you to use any human, Supernatural Spirit® prey, not matter what their age as you suck them dry from conception to death. This Bone Generator® therefore maximises the Real Vampire™ energy consumption per prey, you get all their life at one feeding. The best way to feed for the Real Vampire™. So even old people are prime prey for the Real Vampire™, no waste.


By being a 5D Real Vampire™, you can suck all the life out of the prey from birth to death. You become the Archon who uses the human slave for food. The Insectile foreign installation that is housed in the head of the human and eats their life force supplying it tot he mother Insectile Archon, hence to the Chaos Archon is erased by the 5D Real Vampire™, the Lord of Luck. You change the conception by feeding on the conception of the human slave. Retroactive Real Vampire™ feeding. So all the energy in the human is gobbled up from conception to death along a different timeline. The Real Vampire™ timeline. The resultant fully drained slave now full of pure toxic waste – total rubbish with no Sublime Good® is what the Insectile fed upon. So you made the Archon the Cosmic Scapegoats, the willing receiver of pure poison – the effluent, faeces and urine of the Real Vampire™. By this means the Real Vampire™ turns all the life energy they feed upon into Sublime Good® free from poison – the poison that drives the powerful mad. Secondly the Archon by receiving this poison is turned mad. So all the Walk In Evil Satanist technology: West is turned against the Westerner – causing total madness in the Archons and their Westerners. So you use all the Supernatural Spirits® and their Western slaves as Cosmic Scapegoats® to make yourself super-sane.


Next, the Cosmic Law that punishing Evil must be rewarded, means when you feed on the toxic waste installed prey, Cosmic Law supplies you with an equal and opposite amount of Sublime Good®. So the more you feed on the target, be it Gordon Brown, Obama, Rothschild… your high school enemy, the more toxic they become to power you. So you can use any single prey target again and again, a limitless supply of energy so the Real Vampire™ using Far Future Tim Rifat Mind over Matter® RVScience never feeds and uses up the prey, but can feed on one single prey and get limitless energy. So the human Westerner is a source of Free Energy. One can see Far Future Mind over Matter® and Real Vampire™ Science are synergistic, capable of transferring all Westerners into a Free Energy food source for the New Archon (Authority in Greek) the Real Vampire™. This Bone Generator® allows you to pick any prey Westerner and feed on them again and again, so all the A through Z Vampires are augmented by the addition of the Lord of Luck Great Vampire Master to them. It makes one prey Westerner a limitless food source. Now on e can see why Westerners are so valuable; Russians, Chinese, Iranians, North Koreans have no value as Westerners. Luckily the Afghans, Iraqis, Pakistanis are added to the table by their Westernisation – thank you Obama and Brown, for adding tot he Real Vampire™ prey list.


The astute student of Tim Rifat’s lore – Psi-Lord Science – magic to Westerners as it is so advanced, will see this Bone Generator® turns the prey into a Cosmic Scapegoat. They pay for the limitless energy supply by increasing their torment in Omega Hell to limitless. Anyone with the Burn your Enemies in Hell has 12 pre-packaged limitless torture shells to kick start the Lord of Luck Sublime Good® Engine. Once you have processed 12 limitless Vampire prey (pre-packaged by the Burn your Enemies in Hell Service) you jump start redoubling. That is the retroactive Remote Influencing of any reality path you the Real Vampire™ are living upon with two timelines so if your enemy blocks your reality in one timeline; the other timeline sump starts your reality automatically. Making you unbeatable. More importantly Luck always favours you. You don’t have any bad luck retrospectively. All setbacks block you going down the wrong path, and ore dying, forcing you along the only path to Good Luck, that of the Real Vampire™. Once Real Vampire™ technology is introduced, you are either Real Vampire™ or victim. No middle ground as a Real Vampire™ will pull you down into hell as a torture bitch to suffer for their pleasure in Omega Heaven. If you have the Omega Heave on Earth, your Luck using this Real Vampire™ is always good. If you have the Heaven Rescue Service, your Supernatural Spirit® Real Vampire™ Walk In always survives in future Sequestered humans as a Real Vampire™ with Good Luck. One can see Tim Rifat has pre-packaged the best of the Far Future technologies Bone Generators® and Real Vampire™ Science – all banned in the future in other timelines.


This is the redoubled Real Vampire™ Science reality – all other futures are shadow multi-reflections of this the only real reality, Total Intent Manifest: TIM. A Global Gestalt Sublime Good® distillation of all other timelines – redoubling Mind over Matter. One can see that Real Vampire™ are the users of all the products on the Psi-Lord mega-site. No coincidence the leading anti-Westerner and most successful leader in history (as time will tell) is called Vladimir. Vladimir being the name of the archetypal Vampire of Transylvania. You might laugh. But, it is fact all new weapons technology is used Psi-Master right hand circular force Cobalt 60 mirror reflection Mind over Matter® weapons are fact, as documented by Tim Rifat on US Nation Radio. Bone Generators® are fact. The Chinese farm tigers to use their bone Hyperinfinity to turn rich Chinese into Were-Tigers junkies gain the strength, vigour, speed and potency of the tiger. One can see the Chinese know Bone Generators® work and spend fortunes on Bone Generator® Psychotronic Generators®. With Tim Rifat’s Bone Generator® Were Animal Psychotronic Generators® you can share in this Walk In animal power. Now Real Vampire™ technology is available tot he super-rich and the first six poor Psi-Masters who take up our Limited Edition Real Vampire™ Services. After they are gone new clients pay the market price. All Limited Edition Services will be gone forever. One the rich will afford market price re-runs of them.


To be a Lord of Luck you therefore feed on one person again and again. The universe has a base energy derived from the quantum vacuum base vacuua. You keep feeding on one person using any or all Real Vampire™ methods, if you have purchased them. Eventually you make them so toxic they fall through the base vacuua and create a hole in reality. Once they are holes in reality they inevitably destroy their reality producing lots of Bad Luck for themselves. You get the equal and opposite Good Luck. If like Tim Rifat, the Great Lord Master Real Vampire™ you feed on Gordon Brown, Obama, Rothschild… these bitches pull down the UK, USA, the West respectively producing vast amounts of Bad Luck for these Westerners. They also pull down Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the EU and the Third World. So the generation of Good Luck is off the charts. One can see picking 12 of the so called rulers of the West maximises Good Luck with respect to effort.


You can download the torture bitches onto your PC 169x to add the Internet Psychotronic Crystalware® to this Service, remember the Internet is one giant Psychotronic Generator® supplying energy exclusively to Psi-Lord Ltd customers. You add to your Lord of Luck power by adding Psychotronic Crystalware. Double the 169x and you redouble the process in virtual space to add double redoubling to your armoury. This means you have added strange energy/matter: Judaic Evil Walk In Satanists; Zombie installation operating negatively, to your list of torture bitches all by the medium of the Internet. Since they own the West: Walk In Evil Satanist territory, you get all their wealth, power, best looking sex partners, respect.

This is all automatic once you have completed the Psychotronic Crystalware®.

A bargain for $5000.

Market price $10 million after the first 6.

Lord of Luck Great Vampire Master: $5000


Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost.