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Singularity Service Upgrades


One can see that downloading your DNA into the quantum vacuum produces the Q body. The Ultimate: Supernatural Spirit® body and Mind over Matter body. If you have the Singularity Service you become a God in the Megaverse. Once you have the Q body you can then download your DNA pattern, as a Quantum Wave Function, into any matieral, being, Supernatural Spirit®, Mind Over Matter® intelligences such as Djinn Deves; or to use it for a new body; the Dreaming Awake, Lucid Viewing body, in the Matrix.


In this Upgrade you can select the Q Body to download your DNA Quantum Wave Function into:-

Water: $1000 Upgrade. To produce your Awareness in the sea, rivers, lakes. This makes you a Dyaad water spirit body to be of use to the Q Body. You can download your DNA into the water of any human body to weak havoc in your enemies; as Ultimate Energised Death Water. To turn your targets body’s water into poison in their own body. Since the majority of a human body is water, you gain total control over the health of a victim. Or you can change the water in your benefactors to Ultimate Energised Positive Water to boost the health of your helpers. This enables the Psi-Master to increase the health, longevity, strength, reflexes of your benefactors. This is the basis of Ultimate Energised Now you can command the Ultimate Energised Water capability for yourself.


Crystal: $1000 Upgrade. To produce for yourself in any Crystal, your DNA Template quantum vacuum signature in crystal; personalised Psychotronic Crystals® of yourself. These add to your capability by making any crystal you touch an aspect of yourself. These personalised Psychotronic Crystals® poison anyone else so are the kiss of death to anyone that touches them. You can also do this to the crystals in your enemies jewelery, watch, to turn them into pioison for the target and Psychotronic Crystals® to power you, using the body energy of your target to power your Psychotronic Crystals® made from their jewelery and watches. Can be done to the jewlery of Hilary Clinton, Obama’s wife, Cameron’s Rothschild wife. As well as the watches the tie pins of male leaers, to get them to wear your Psychotronic Crystals®, powered by their body energy, to poison them as it powers you. The use of Psychotronic Crystals® bought by your enemies in Tiffany’s… to power you and poison them. The Ultimate Psychotronic Crystal Service.

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost.