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Singularity Service


DNA can be teleported into water. In this Bone Generator® DNA is teleported into the quantum vacuum. Human beings are DNA manifesting in aqueous environments – the cell. What happens if you use DNA Teleportation by means of Bone Generators® to produce a Quantum Wave Function version, in the quantum vacuum. Replicant Version DNA: RVScience, can be teleported into many mediums:-

Water: to produce the human biopig Westerner, fat, stupid, vicious and docile to authority.

Crystal: to produce Psychotronic Crystals®. The only way to produce bio-linked Psychotronic Generators® trademarked by Psi-Lord Ltd.

Bone: to produce Bone Generators®. Psychotronic Generators® in your bones linked to your Hyperinfinity.

Computers: to produce Psychotronic Crystalware®. To download DNA templates onto the hard drives of computers.

Charged Water: to produce Psychotronic Generators® to charge Orgone.

Biophysical bodies: to produce Mind Over Matter® technology. See Mind Over Matter Warfare Service.

Dark energy matter beings: to possess them as Supernatural Spirit® Tulpas. In this Service you can possess any Supernatural Spirit® to make it your remote controlled Tulpa. This Service allows you to make all your Supernatural Spirits your bitches.

Gold: to produce the Psychotronic Generator® Power Ring.

Platinum: to produce the Psychotronic Generator® Power Ring.

Ley Lines: to produce the Freemasonic Psychotronic Generator® Sequestration technology.

Stone: to produce Psychotronic Generators® that control all monuments and buildings, Supernatural Spirit® Bone Generator® Services.

Air: to produce Jinn Sequestration Tulpas to control Jinn.

Fire: to produce Kabala Sequestration Tulpas to control Kabala.

Earth: to produce Demon Sequestration Tulpas to control Demons.

Spirit: to produce Enochian Sequestration Tulpas to control Angels.

Soul: to produce human Sequestration of humans by Tulpas.

Quantum Vacuum to produce Tulpas.

Coupled with the Death Wave produced by dying humans. A pulse

of energy released by neurons after about 37 minutes, to decouple

the biophysical body from the physical body, all the above can be

possessed by your DNA downloaded into the quantum vacuum.

One can see the Singularity Service is the key to all God-like powers

of RVScience.

DNA teleported into the quantum vacuum is the basis of the Singularity Service. The Mind housed in the biophysical body is linked to the physical body by DNA. The process of how Mind Over Matter® is carried by Torsion Fields (spinning fields) via DNA is the highest secret of Psi-phenomenon. Only Tim Rifat understands this and has trademarked the process under Supernatural Spirit® and Mind over Matter®; see Department of Trade and Industry: Intellectual Property Office for full details. All other companies are charlatans, criminals and fraudsters in this field, Tim Rifat owns all the technology – period.


In this Service your optimised DNA; carried out by returning it to the DNA of conception; altered by the 12 Powered Squared DNA Service to uplift it to Psi-capable status, by fibre bundling your DNA to give it multi-dimensionality. The DNA template is then downloaded into the quantum vacuum using the Hyperinfinity in your Bone Generators®. This allows your Hyperinfinity to collapse the quantum vacuum around the pattern of your DNA. A process that gives you the quantum vacuum Quantum Body needed for Godhood. If you have the Bone Generator® Service the entire universe’s Hyperinfinity embeds your DNA pattern in the Dark Sea of Awareness, total quantum vacuum, to give you a Total Quantum Body.


Once you have a Total Quantum Body you can be a Pattern Juggler, putting your DNA pattern, housed in the quantum vacuum into any body you may target. How is this done? DNA in your body is turned into a pattern on the quantum vacuum. Your Hyperinfinity then collapses the quantum vacuum around your DNA pattern to form a Quantum Body. Your Quantum Body can then put it’s pattern on the substrata of the quantum vacuum of anybody you target. So your DNA pattern can swamp out the DNA Replicant Version in any target; more importantly swamp out the DNA of the target to hijack the body of the target. DNA enables the biophysical Mind of the target to control it’s body. With this Service you block the Mind of the target using it’s brain. The Singularity Service allows you to use your DNA pattern to control the brain and body of the target. The true secret of Remote Influencing. The Singularity Service allows you to control one other body by using the Hyperinfinity in the Bone Generators®. If you have the Bone Generator® Service you can control the bodies of all the humans on the planet: Total Remote Influencing on a strategic level. On the Singularity Service package you can automatically download the DNA pattern onto anybody.


This automatically allows your Mind to use your DNA pattern to rewire the brain of any target. The neurons of the brain constantly compete by Darwinian Evolution, research done by Dr. Gerald Edermann, a leading neurologist. Your DNA pattern changes the brain wiring of the target to control it like a lab rat in a maze. The Mind over Matter® Service rewires the victim’s brain to Fubar them: Fucked Up Beyond All Repair – destroy them; done to Cameron, Rothschilds, MI5, MI6… NSA… In this Service you rewire the brain of the target to control the victim as another aspect of yourself. You can use the Singularity Service to become multi-being. So your control of humanity becomes absolute by freezing out the Minds of all your targets, rewiring the brain by DNA patterning, so that your Mind controls their body True Mind Over Matter® – owned by Tim Rifat, the Psi scientist. To do this you simply choose a target. Pull out the DNA pattern of the target with your left hand Bone Generator®. You then inject his foreign pattern, using your right hand Bone Generator®, into the Whip of Fire Bird’s Nest. Fully described on the Tim Rifat Forum uncensored on the Psi Posse Lafora Forum. You then inject your DNA pattern into the target, with your right hand Bone Generator®. This DNA pattern then starts to rewire their brain and body to make them more and more you. All the cells in the body are remade over a long period, 7 years is the figure given, this is incorrect, but in time your DNA remodels your target, to be a controlled body for your use.

Your Quantum Body has another aspect. The Singularity.

Hyperinfinity is negative pressure in the quantum vacuum. So

adding the Bone Generator® Service to your Quantum Body, you

have infinite negative pressure. This collapses the DNA of your

Quantum Body, by use of the negative pressure of the Bone

Generator® to gush your DNA down into a Singularity; a black

hole, in the quantum vacuum. But negative pressure in General

Relativity causes the quantum vacuum to explode in a Big Bang.

The Universe is destroyed by the Singularity Service and remade

with your DNA pattern as the basis of the new Universe. You

become a God in the new Universe. Your DNA remapping the

Universe to link your Mind to Matter by having your DNA pattern

on the substrate of the Universe. Making the Universe the body to

your Mind. Mind over Matter® on the Universal scale using the

Singularity Service Limited Edition.
Currently by Invitation only.

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