Sword Master: Vampire Sword: Real Vampire®


Tim Rifat is the sole designer of Psychotronic Crystal® Psychotronic Generator® Swords – Vampire Swords. In medieval times you could walk around town with a sword.. Now guns and laws have made it illegal to walk around with a knife, let alone a sword. Luckily swords don’t need to be made out of steel – they can be made out of energy; the Vampire Sword that cuts the enemy’s physical and energy body with an energy blade and sucks out all their lifeforce, sexual energy, Soul, Spirit, good luck, money, energy, youth… No one cares if a Vampire carries a Psychotronic Crystal® – what could a crystal do in the 21st Century to harm anyone. So you can walk up to anyone extend an energy blade from the Sword Psychotronic Crystal® to cut, slash, stab… your target. The blade is invisible so no one can arrest you for anything. The perfect way to feed off prey. Tim Rifat always uses Vampire Swords on MI5. The result:-

Britain is bankrupt
MI5 and the authorities driven mad – Morphogenic Imbecile 5 year olds
All my enemies commit self suicide
I have all their energy, they have none
They can’t win a little war in Afghanistan against primitive tribesmen
Everything in Britain is getting worse as I suck it dry

If you live in Nazi (North Atlantic Zionistish Illuminati) America you can’t go attacking the authorities unless you want to be arrested. With a Vampire Sword you can stab anyone you like: boss, wife, husband, police, enemies. As the blunt end of the Psychotronic Crystal® generates the 6 foot long blade, no offence can be got by a small crystal held in your hand as you walk near a toe rag prey. The pointed end of the Psychotronic Crystal® projects the energy of the impaled, bisected prey to you slashed and cut prey bleed blood. If you do this to the energy bodies of enemies they rapidly age, get ill, go made and their Souls shrivel. Perfect Mind Over Matter® weapons for the 21st Century. Silent, deadly and they feed you with energy. Vampire Swords are the future of close combat, why go to jail for killing an asshole when you can drive them old, mad, ill, damned so they suffer!


You can use Vampire Swords on pictures of prey to carry out Real Vampire® combat at a distance. Just get a picture and put the Psychotronic Crystals® base on the picture to damage the prey and bleed it of energy. To use Psychotronic Crystalware® Real Vampire® Psychotronic Generators® you photograph the base end of your Psychotronic Crystal® Vampire Sword. You then upload the picture to your computer 169x you can then erase the file if you email an enemy. The empty file emailed turns the hard drive into a Vampire Sword hacking them. As their hard drive turns it projects a 6ft long blade to cut up anyone in the circle (12ft wide). So by emailing enemies innocuous emails containing the erased 169x Vampire Sword you cut up your enemy silently. The Psychotronic Crystalware® sucks the energy bled from their punctured physical and biophysical energy bodies to feed you every time they use their computer. Your computer’s Psychotronic Crystalware® in your hard drive feeds you their energy. The Certificate also redoubles the energy so copy it to your hard drive 169x. Email as many assholes as you want to, cut them up with the Psychotronic Crystalware® Vampire Sword to make the Internet your 21st Century Real Vampire® hunting ground – all above the law as Vampires don’t exist in law.

Sword Master: Vampire Sword: Real Vampire®: $600 with Sword pc and Certificate