Tarot Vampires

Tarot Vampires® is a unique combination of Services and goods which only Tim Rifat and Psi-Lord Ltd can supply, as he holds the Trademarks for psychic consulting with respect to Vampires® and Vampire®; as well as Real Vampire® and Real Vampires®. Only Tim Rifat can give Mind Over Matter and Supernatural Spirit® psychic consultancy applying Vampire® and Real Vampire® powers for any purpose in the Supernatural or Psi realm.


Tarot powers have been downloaded into the Psychotronic Crystal® Psychotronic Generators® so you have the power of the Tarot card at your disposal. The Tarot power is also downloaded into your Bone Generators® so you have the power of the Tarot Card at your disposal. The Tarot power is also downloaded into your Bone Generators® so the Tarot powers are redoubled for your disposal to boost your power using Tarot Supernatural Spirit® Mind Over Matter. Holding the Trademarks in all these applications, only Tim Rifat is allowed to sell this technology. All others like Graham Nickells aka Paul Hughes Barlow, Life Tech.org, Mystical Wonders.org…. (see warnings) are criminal counterfeitors.






In this Service you get:

1. Uplifted to become a Tarot Vampire® who feeds on the 7 billion possessed human bitches, the power tuned to the Tarot Principle you embody. There are 78 Tarot Cards so there are 78 Tarot Vampires® to choose from. Each Tarot power is the height of magic. This is because Tarot magic is the pinnacle of Crowley magik. Tarot magic being the use of the 78 principles of the Matrix.

Why? The Matrix is all about sucking the good out of Goyim and putting this in the Satanist: Judas Evil Walkin Satanism based on Eliphas Lovi the French Satanist Kabbalist of the 18th Century, who instructed all Freemasons and wrote their rituals. Evil is dumped into the Goyim , so Cosmic Law punishes the Goyim not the Satanist. Satanists prosper Goyim suffer extremely as Good Shepherds in the Birds Nest (Matrix Soul hell).

There are 78 Tarot principles 3×26=(3×13) on 2 levels. 13 is the number of Amalek. The Comic Law evil doing evil to evil. Judas Evil Walkin Satanists, get tortured eternally by Amalek. So the 6 Kabbalistic Trees have to be innoculated against the 13 of Amalek 6×13=78. On Friday the 13th the Knights Templar, Christian Satanists worshipping Baphomet were tortured to death on Malta (Knights of Malta the Tony Blair, Queen of England, Satanic cult) so the 78 Tarot principles are draining the goodness out of Goyim and using this to form Sublime Good® and kill off Amalek in the 6 Kabbalistic Trees. Hence 6×13 powers needed to Sublime Good® the Matrix of 6 Kabbalistic Trees with 13 Anti-Amalek powers. So Tarot magic is the distilled goodness of the Goyim transformed by Satanism of the Tarot to Sublime Good tuned to poison Amalek and sustain Judas Evil Walkin Satanists. One can see Tarot is the vital immune system of the Matrix, it:

a) Drains the Sublime Good® from Goyim.

b) Forms Tarot Archetypes that are aspects of Amalek.

c) Since they are Sublime Good® aspects of Amalek, they torture Amalek, as Sublime Good® in poison as to Evil.

d) The Jews have the Jewish Tarot that uses Cosmic Law’s payment to them for doing Evil to Evil (Amalek is evil) to form 78 Jewish Tarot Archetypes to protect the Matrix from Amalek, Evil doing Evil to Evil.

e) Safe from Evil doing Evil to Evil, the Judas Evil Walkin Satanists prosper and the Goyim that helped them to avoid Cosmic Law punishment are automatically downloaded into the Birds Nest Kabbalistic torture hell. Where all possible torturers and evil are done to them eternally by Cosmic Law.

f) Brilliant Cosmic Law punishment evasion by Kabbalals – all done by the mechanism of Tarot magic. The Jewish Tarot has been covered in www.supernaturalspirit.com . In these Services the Sublime Good® freely given by Goyim of all ages is retroactively given to the Vampire®.

One can see the Sublime Good® in the Matrix is the Tarot Principles.

2. Psychotronic Crystal® Psychotronic Generators® retroactively upload all Sublime Good®, past, present, and future and desatinise it.So that the Tarot Principles are tuned to Evil doing Evil to Evil, the Vampire®. So Tarot under Cosmic Law can only be safely and eternally used by Vampires®, if no reversion such as has happened to the Judas Evil Walkin Satanists in to occult. They Psychotronic Crystal® Psychotronic Generator® has the Sublime Good® Tarot Power downloaded into it. The Sublime Good® is tuned to the Matrix so that this Sublime Good® (Trademark of Tim Rifat)(Good with no hidden Evil is named Sublime Good® and does not damage you or make you mad or lead to self suicidal downfall.

Therefore Tarot Sublime Good®, as it is the Sublime Good® of the Matrix, is the good things in the Matrix. Psi-Masters wish to escape the Matrix so Tarot Sublime Good® binds them to the Matrix and destroys them. Vampires do Evil to the Evil in the Matrix. Therefore Tarot Sublime Good® destroys Psi-Masters but gaurantees temporal power to a Vampire®. Riches, power, sex slaves, mansions, Bugatti Vyrons, Lear Jets… riches and servants. All supplied by the Sublime Good® of the Matrix. So the Psychotronic Crystal® Psychotronic Generators® Sublime Good® (all trademarks of Tim Rifat) are the most valuable commodities in the Matrix. All 78 of them contain the total Sublime Good® of the Matrix. The 78 Psychotronic Crystal® Psychotronic Generators® Sublime Good® are therefore the distilled good things of the Matrix, past, present, and future, so the 78 Psychotronic Crystal® Psychotronic Generators® Sublime Good® Vampire® Supernaturalspirit® Mind Over Matter® technology are the only way to get all the good things in the Matrix, Sublime Good® processed for the Vampire®. Use in automatic you possess one, you possess those good things embodied in that Tarot Principle.

3. The Bone Generator® turns your Hyperinfinity to download into you the Tarot Principle Sublime Good® to make you theTarot Principle Sublime Good® of Evil doing Evil to Evil. Only Tim Rifat has Bone Generator® technology, his exclusive trademark. So only the good things in the Matrix can be dowloaded into your person, using Bone Generator® power. No other way. All the Tarot Cards on the planet have been turned into Psychotronic Generators® that do Evil to the possessors and users of these Tarot Cards. Why? The Tarot Card user is the channel to protect the Matrix from Cosmic Law. So is the prime evil doer in the Matrix. Now punished by Cosmic Law. The Tarot Pyschotronic Generators® downloading all the Sublime Good® obtained by damning these Tarot dogooder Satanists into the Vampire®. Collected by the Bone Generator® in the Vampire®.

4. The Vampire® has his fangs 5D Kline bottled into the Tarot Cards automatically done by this Service. So any person who comes near a Tarot Card automatically feeds your Vampire body. As the people who use them are geerally spiritually advanced, this Service gives you the highest frequency Sublime Good® on the planet. The best Sublime Good® automatically downloaded into your Vampire® body.

5. The Vampire® you embody feeds on humans and the Real Va,pire® only feeds on Sublime Good®, the good things in the Matrix. Thus the Trot Vampires® are automatically the Masters of the good things in the Matrix, absorbing it 24/7.

6. Psychotronic Crystalware® (Trademark of Tim Rifat) allows you to download the Real Vampire® Certificate 169x. This means that all the computers on the planet run your Tarot Vampire® on the Internet, to give you a Virtual Tarot Vampire® body. So anyone who uses computers or is near them is sucked dry, automatically to power your Tarot Vampire®. Only Tim Rifat has Trademarked technology using computer software for Vampire® Psychic Consultancy. Real Vampires® are computer enhanced Vampires® that have all computers as fangs to bleed the human bitch dry, 24/7, automatically. Therefore Psychotronic Crystalware® is the keystone of Real Vampires® your virtual Real Vampire® body is working 24/7 to feed your biophysical and physical, Vampire® bodies. Real power, real Vampire®.

7. The package therefore is 6 fold and contains the Certificate, Psychotronic Crystal® Psychotronic Generator®. The Bone Generator® is downloaded into you by Tim Rifat with any Service purchased. The Psychotronic Crystalware® is in the Certificate to be downloaded 169x into your pc. You simply choose any one of the 78 Tarot Principles or all of them ($600 each). To download the negative aspect of a Tarot Card. The inverted form, into a target, simply hold the Tarot Psychotronic Crystal® Psychotronic Generator® in your right hand and touch to the targets name, person, picture… So you can put the total of bad things in the Matrix, into any target by having the 78 Tarot Psychotronic Crystal® Psychotronic Generators® in your right hand to apply to name of target. Damn them automatically.

8. The Shadow Tarot Powers of Evil Sublimed to give you the Sublime Good® in Evil. Only the Vampire® can do this. This means that only the Vampire® can have Sublime Good® in Total Evil. Prospering, while everyone else is ploughed under by Evil. So everyone else grows old and dies to be condemned to Hell, while the Vampire grows younger, continues to live and goes to Omega Heaven on Earth’s Heaven on Earth for the Vampire® eternally. He has a Virtual Real Vampire® body. a 5D blackhole Vampire® biophysical body. An interchangeable physical body that can remanifest or be in another chosen body: all done automatically by Vampire® power. Touch anyone with the Psychotronic Crystal® to possess their body.

9. The negative aspects of the Shadow Tarot can be downloaded into any target by touching your right hand to a target. Your left hand Bone Generator® uploads Sublime Good® Shadow Tarot Vampirism.

Major Arcana               Minor Arcana