The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Real Vampire®


Biblically the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are the Satanic Hellish Animals of the Kabala: Eagle, Lion, Bull, Man (Men are animals to Vampires)

The Four Horsemen are their Armageddon Vampire forms:-

The Great Real Vampire® Lord of Death that as been explored previously.
The Great Real Vampire Lord of War, called the Illuminati Real Vampire and Knights Templar Real Vampire®.


The Great Real Vampire® Lord of Disease, Plague, Pestilence..


$1000 with Certificate. This Great Lord Real Vampire® feeds on the Sublime Good® energy released by sick human animals. How? The Illuminati change the timeline of humans to divert them from Methuselah long life, health, to die old at a very young age. To do this they use poisoned water (fluoridated, awash with pharmaceutical and illicit drugs from urine faeces drunk in every city) chemtrail nanopoison, depleted Uranium, microwaves, phthalates in plastics to make you all female, radiofrequency poisoning using digital transmissions, poisoned food, Prions to make you demented, cosmetics to point you, air contaminated with 50(2))…


The healthy human is replaced with the premature aged human. Energy doesn’t go away so the health long life the human would have experienced has to go somewhere. This Sublime Good® energy gets sucked up by the Vampire Freemason obelisks, pools, monuments, buildings and is fed to the Rothschild Royal Family Vampire – or was until the Great God of the Real Vampires® took over the system. Now you can be young, healthy and well fed by Sublime Good® energy using this Freemasonic system for yourself.


All humans get diseased around the Real Vampire® as she/he becomes healthier. The youth energy is used by the Immortal Great Lord/Lady Real Vampire® limited edition Service so this Bone Generator® gives you the health stolen off the humans to the extent that it can cure you of all disease.


MI5 tried to kill Tim Rifat with biological weapons designed at Portardown. Anthrax-like sporulated bacteria and microbes are used to kill all Britain’s enemies. The Russian traitor and his family that jumped (were pushed) from a tower block in Scotland in March 2010 complained in the Daily Mail that anthrax bugs were being put in their flat by MI5. Tim Rifat is a Great Lord Real Vampire® so any bugs – even the MI5 genetically engineered bugs used on British dissidents or rogue MI6 agents does not kill a Real Vampire®. They have also been using lethal doses of microwave and radiation to kill Tim Rifat the Real Vampire®. We all know Vampires can regenerate Supernaturally quickly so it is no secret that all MI5 are doing is pissing me off so I kill, torture, torment, damn all of them 24/7.


That is why they and the government are going, gone, mad. The Real Vampire® needs to be protected against disease as you are surrounded by germ filled humans and need to be immune to all disease – or at least Supernaturally good at healing. This Service works for you automatically and will even allow weakened people to become Real Vampires® and recover using the health of all the prey around them to recover Supernaturally quick. The future of medicine is Real Vampire® Science a few Illuminati Real Vampires® staying young and healthy by living on the teeming billions of sick, stupid, prematurely old human prey that donate health, youth to us!


The Great Real Vampire® Lord of Disease, Plague, Pestilence.. $1000 with Certificate

The Great Real Vampire® Lord of Starvation


$600 for 3 metre version. This is the last of the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse Real Vampire® Lords. She/he gets all the potential future life of the billions of starving human prey. Energy does not go away. The Law of Conservation of Energy is the basis of Matrix Mechanistic ‘In The Box’ Western science. So the future life of a human (the Many Worlds, timelines they have as a potential) is drained off by the Great Real Vampire® Lord of Starvation, like the other 3 Riders of the Apocalypse as a starved husk. The energy released by the faited future starved prey is immense and was collected by the Vampire Illuminati using the Freemason Vampire Stone Grid. Now Tim Rifat the Great Lord Real Vampire® Maker has taken over irrevocably the system to feed himself alone and only his line of Real Vampires® now have access to the Sublime Good® food that is given off by starving prey.




These third worlders dream of food, 24/7, as to them it is their only dream. To eat enough to live and breed more starvelings. Real Vampires® feed off energy. Energy is thought is matter. So Thought of Food is energy, food is energy, dreams of food are energy; Sublime the food to get the superfed Real Vampire®; the toxic waste negative side is the starving prey. Think of it as a battery, you drain the energy from the battery to be a Real Vampire® which manifests as a dead drained battery, the starving billions. Quantum Mechanics allows the Real Vampire® black hole-like energy body to drain off the Sublime Good® from the billions of humans prior to the human being manifest by Quantum Mechanical Collapse.


So the Real Vampire® black hole-like energy bodies suck off all Sublime Good® in all its forms from the prey before they manifest in the Matrix. Called Quantum Intervention Harvesting it allows the Real Vampire® to automatically take everything from the human prey retroactively from conception to premature death (designed by the Real Vampire® Science.) This is done by having far future quantum computing Hyperinfinite Real Vampire® Engine Bone Generators® and Psychotronic Crystals®. As you can see on this site all Sublime Good® is taken from the prey in all its forms. So you see why billions starve in the world. The Illuminati Vampire designed it this way. Now the Real Vampire® takes over the system from the NAZI: North Atlantic Zionist Illuminati to give it to any first worlder (no 2nd or third worlder can afford $600+ unless they are the elite).


This Bone Generator® automatically reroutes all the energy from the starving to apportion you a piece of the Sublime Good® energy to superfeed you. Why. The bigger your: 5D Black Hole Real Vampire® Energy Bodies, the more energy you can suck in. A small black hole can only eat something the size of its event horizon. If you are a starter Real Vampire® this 5D Black Hole may only be the size of the head of a pin. So your energy intake is tiny. So you grow and therefore advance slowly. In this Service you are force fed to make you have a 3 metre in diameter 5D Black Hole Real Vampire® body so you can consume a prey in one go simply by being next to them. You then increase the size of your 5D Black Hole Real Vampire® by a humans 5D volume, therefore fat prey like Americans and British are best for fast growth.


The aim is to be a Master Vampire with a large volume Real Vampire® 5D Black Hole energy body. A Great Lord Real Vampire® like Tim Rifat has a City sized 5D Black Hole energy body. So everyone in the City of Brighton is feeding Tim Rifat 24/7. On 12th February 2010 he went up to London to 5D Kline Bottle London (see Far Future gallery on so he could consume all Londoners simultaneously 24/7. He finished the task of having two 5D Black Hole Real Vampire® bodies (one for the physical and one for the biophysical dreaming body) on 22nd March 2010. So Real Vampires® once they become Great Lords have cities as their energy farms to feed on.


Luckily the government of Britain have imported 10 million immigrants to feed Tim Rifat so as they have no natural defence. The Land hates immigrants and won’t protect them – they have no natural defence against Vampirism in a foreign land – so immigrants are completely sucked dry by a Real Vampire®. Natives to the country get replenished somewhat by Ley Lines they are connected to by being born in the Country. Unless they are fed upon by a Real Vampire® who is one of them. Tim Rifat was conceived in London, born in Brighton, so he can suck all British dry as if they were immigrants.


The Rothschild Royal Family have swamped the West with immigrants of the black, polish, Arab variety, now Spanish, Eastern Europeans… so through them the Great Lord Real Vampire® can feed on those countries through the immigrant prey. This Service automatically superfeeds your Real Vampire® Black Hole to 3 metre diameters so you can start full feeding as an adult Real Vampire® from day one. This means you can grow very quickly and eat one human at a time, not take tiny bites of them so you can advance as an adult Real Vampire®.


The Great Real Vampire® Lord of Starvation. $600 for 3 metre version

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Real Vampire®:
$600 with Certificate