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Ultra Gangster Real Vampire® Dead Guardians


When the human dies because of Gap it is cored like above and the Death Force used to make the Matrix real (see Great Lord of Death Real Vampire®. The 2 ounces of mass energy released is used to supercharge the Archon and Gap, to make them unbeatable. It is similar to a Hiroshima nuke, detonated in Psi-Space. An energy so vast it makes the Archon unbeatable by any human Shaman. The Soul is stolen by Archons, the Soul Stealers and put in Abaddon Soul Prisons to be vampirised after death. Once it is sucked dry its tortured Awareness becomes a screaming face in the Chaos Evil of the Eagle, Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth as the Anti-Yaltabaoth Great Lord of the Dead (sold out only 6 were available).


In this Service you can choose any dead friends or relatives to be your Real Vampire® Dead Guardians. Like a Soul Rescue it Black Holes their body prior to Death so they died as a Real Vampire®. It also downloads into them the 2 ounces (or less if Westerners) of mass energy they lose at death. So all the Dead Guardian Real Vampires® get supercharged with a Hiroshima sized energy burst. This makes them much more powerful than a normal human Supernatural Spirit. They become super poltergeists able to do extreme harm to your enemies. So they become the perfect bodyguards for the Ultra Gangster Real Vampire®. You saved them from eternal torment so they protect you as payment for the Service. This means your enemies die, planes fall out of the sky, all manner of things go wrong for them… all carried out by your Real Vampire® Dead Guardians. They will eventually run out of energy so lose their power.

Ultra Gangster Real Vampire® Dead Guardians.

$600 with Certificate

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost.