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Ultra Gangster Real Vampire™ Slaughterers of Good Shepherds


This Real Vampire™ feeds on Good Shepherd energy. The Shamans, Supernatural Spirits® that have been outside or are outside the Matrix,. This Ultra High Frequency energy is the Sublime Good® portion of the Megaverses. So by feeding on it you become a Real Vampire™ that a possess anybody not just select bloodlines like Obama… Royal Families… Rothschilds. This Super High Frequency stops the Amalek Chaos in the body destroying it as you possess it. So is vital if you wish to possess another body if your own is destroyed. You can also possess it while you are still alive by stepping into it using your Black Hole wormholed to them. Your Black Hole forces open their gap – cores them like they were an orange; you eat the orange and use the peel (their body) for your own. This is a very nasty Service but perfect for the Ultra Gangster Real Vampire™.


You can core Obama and use him to run the USA; Core the Rothschilds to ruin the West, Core US generals to commit suicide in war to the USA by making sure it is covered with Cobalt 60. Only the Chinese and North Koreans devoid of Archon religious priests and devout have bodies to full of Amalek to possess. But all other non Communist countries are yours to use for coring of bitches to your hearts content. To use the Service you put a picture of the bitch on your navel – belly button with tape while sleeping. The Black Hole cores them, possess them and then runs them, while sleeping. The Black Hole automatically allows the Real Vampire™ to use sleep time for useful business to possess any bitch. If you want a boyfriend or girlfriend and they don’t want you this Real Vampire™ possesses them with you so they become you and therefore have to be with you, be fucked with you, be your other half! One can see this is the secret to how the Archons always get the women of their choice no matter what she thinks of them, now you can do the same.

Ultra Gangster Real Vampire™ Slaughterers of Good Shepherds.

$600 with Certificate

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost.