Ultra Gangster Real Vampire™


A/ Ultra Thug Gangster Real Vampire

If you are a black, Hispanic or white thug you realise violence is the only key to power. The government rules because it can bring more violence to you, than you can to the government – up until now. Tim Ri8fat: The Cosmic Assassin does not help any Western government – in fact they are his torture bitches. He destroyed Gordon Brown and the British Labour government as promised (see Whip of Fire on www.supernaturalspirit.com) as promised on the world wide web 2009), at present he is bringing 7 deadly plagues to America starting with the Gulf oil catastrophe. Now any thug in the ghetto can hunt down and psychically kill, destroy, drive mad, suicide, give cancer, kill the family off… not by direct physical violence capability (as physical violence is illegal so they can jail you), no like Tim Rifat: Cosmic Assassin Real Vampire™ you can kill… drive mad… ruin by psychic attack any enemy.


Tim Rifat hunts and kills MI5 his torture bitches, they have lost so many personnel the organisation sees him as the main threat to British National Security above Russia, Iran… China. Be the Big Honcho Thug. Be a Real Vampire™. You can use your bitches enemy to kill destroy them – all automatically. Any thug can buy this Service and it turns him into a Real Vampire™ who sucks dry his enemies, and uses their energy to make them ill, mad, ruin themselves or change reality to get another person to kill them for you by Remote Influencing using Real Vampire™ power from the sucking dry of all your enemies to make you super powerful as all your enemies self destruct. If you are a large earning thug get Real Vampire™ power to protect you from death or jail by Supernatural Spirit® means. It is automatic so you don’t need to spend decades like Tim Rifat to achieve occult supremacy infiltrating MI6 to take over all their secrets so he could be the Ultra Good Gangster making the West his bitch.

Be safe, be powerful and suck dry all the competitors and government bitches to assure you of a Black Hole energy body that sucks dry all you come into contact with to kill them to make you more powerful. Only your positive benefactors like your momma, woman and homies (if they are straight up!) are protected from you. This Service is payback to the blacks that have enriched my life from Phillipe, Al Green… Mary J Blige.

A/ Ultra Thug Gangster Real Vampire:

$600 + Psychotronic Crystal® + Psychotronic Crystalware® to boost the Real Vampire® power for you.


Upgrade B: Ultra Businessman Gangster Real Vampire™

This makes your Real Vampire™ Gangster Real Vampire™ Black Hole energy body feed off the dollar notes in anyone in your City. So the dollar notes act as remote mouths of your Real Vampire™. The bitch who has a dollar in his pocket has his body bitten by your Remote Real Vampire™ teeth, the pocket book, purse with dollars acts as your jaws biting the bitch. So anyone in your City carrying dollars gets horrific wounds in their energy bodies that bleed into your remote mouths Real Vampire™ medusa, a many headed monster of you that jumps out through the dollar to attack anyone who has currency on them. This means the Real Vampire™ can feed on the persons who worship the dollar directly. The energy you get is then automatically changed by Quantum Computing Engines in your Real Vampire™ body to:-


i) Boost your business to make customers want your product.

ii) Make thugs desperate to sell your product.

iii) Enable you to keep hold of the money and put it in a safe place where you can spend it.


This is done because you feed off the human tuned to the frequency of the dollar so all the energy you suck up as a Real Vampire™ is automatically tuned to making you rich using the energy of all the people in your city who carry a dollar. All their love of money, life spent working for it, dreams of getting it, dreams of spending it and their dreams of the big Man they will be are sucked up by you to automatically change your life to make you super rich. Tim Rifat the Cosmic Assassin Real Vampire™ has used this to make him a millionaire as the British Government since 1989 has been trying to jail then kill him from 1996. So he knows it works!
Upgrade B: Ultra Businessman Gangster Real Vampire™: $600


Upgrade C: Ultra Great Lord Gangster Real Vampire™

As a Gangster you know death, jail await the failures. In this Service you get downloaded into you the Perfect Gangster Real Vampire™. You are erased at birth and your fertilised egg possessed with the Great Lord Gangster Real Vampire™. As Cosmic Assassin Tim Rifat hunts the West and brings down the world. This Service makes you one of his 6 Leiutenants of Mayhem able to destroy, takeover a country. How? Your Real Vampire™ Black Hole energy body is expanded to enclose all the population of the country you live in. So you automatically suck dry the indigenous population. Power is everything there is to control. If you automatically have a country’s worth of bitches feeding you then:–

a) No-one in the country can bring you down as you are feeding off them and all their energy is being used by you to make yourself powerful so every time they try to bring you down they fuck up! Tim Rifat has used this on the British so they now are bankrupt, stupid, fat, unable to win any war on terror… Afghanistan and the MI5 vermin force Tim Rifat to torture murder the country more and more to stop him going soft.

b) Everyone has to obey you whether they like it or not. So even when they think they are destroying you they are helping you by forcing you to do the things you need to do to grow and dominate – against your will, simply to survive. Remember your plans are crap – fate has the blueprint for your success and it doesn’t follow any of your preconceptions, so is completely alien to your nature so you need enemies to force you to do what you have to do. The enemy in you – not your enemies – you fuck up – they don’t fuck you up. Be a Great Lord Gangster Real Vampire™ and automatically have the Fate Perfect Path inprinted on you, using the energy of your enemies to do it for you!

c) The British have tried since 1989 to jail, beat up, poison, microwave, kill in car crashes, use biological weapons, radiation, blow up, shoot Tim Rifat. He is still alive, a millionaire, destroyer of the Labour Government, Psychic Assassin of numerous MI5 bitches, slaughter of heads of state… (by psychic means, violence is illegal so Psi-Ltd Ltd is forbidden to advocate physical violence, curse your bitches to kill them automatically – part of the Service, just think ill of anyone and they are FUBAR: Fucked Up Beyond All Repair) So this Service automatically downloads into your Real Vampire™ body the automatic defence mechanisms to protect you from all cares – automatically. To get them to Fubar themselves you simply think Fubar and their name and your Ultra Great Lord Real Vampire™ Black Hole energy bodies suck them dry and use their energy to Fubar them!

Upgrade C: Ultra Great Lord Gangster Real Vampire™:

$7000 with Certificate


The Laws of Vampires

1. Energy goes from hot to cold.


2. High frequency good people feed low frequency Chaos Evil Archons, Energy = Plants constant x frequency. The greater your frequency, the better a person you are, the hotter you are, the better food source you are for an Archon Evil Vampire™


3. The Archon Vampire™ is Chaos Evil very low frequency, therefore very cold. That is why evil spirits make a room, house, cold. All normal humans feed the Vampire as energy goes from hot to cold. The basic laws of thermodynamics.


4. The Real Vampire™ is zero potential to all Vampires. So Real Vampires™ automatically feed off Evil Chaos Archon Vampires of all types. This is because Real Vampires™ are 5 dimensional Black Holes created by Far Future Science brought to the past by precognitive Remote Viewer scientist Tim Rifat. A full explanation of the Real Vampire™ Science, will be given on this site.


5. All good people who raise their frequency by all types of psychic development automatically feed the Matrix Archon Vampire™


6. The Archon Vampire uses the high frequency goodness to fight and protect them from Amalek, the killer, torturer of all Evil, an aspect of Total Intent that finds good poisonous. The Archon Vampire uses humans especially New Age highly evolved people and devout holy people of all denominations as cattle to provide the good to protect Vampire Amalek. Therefore the Rothschilds fund churches worldwide all with North Altars dedicated to Archon Vampires.


7. Bloodlines of the Royal Family Rothschilds are bred as the vessels for Archon Vampires. That is why the bloodlines interbreed to keep the body devoid of a Soul or super weak Soul easy to possess entirely.


8. Goyim humans have an Insectile dark energy matter larva in Archon Vampire.


9. Archon Vampires are black energy body parasites that have Chaos energy of fractal nature. Therefore all real humans automatically feed these cold entities by simple thermodynamics. Hot to cold. Human to Archon Vampire.


10. The Real Vampire™ is absolute zero to all other beings. A Black Hole singularity in the 5th dimension that pulls energy automatically into the Real Vampire™ No effect is needed a Real Vampire™ will suck dry all they meet.


11. A Real Vampire™ can become immortal if the Black Hole is tuned to absorb the Negative Rolling Force to push the vacuua of the Black Hole to:


a) Power it, the basis of all Real Vampire superpowers. Using the Rolling Force to push the energy being of a human into a singularity to create a Real Vampire™ Black Hole by controlled implosion of the Fire From Within frozen time explained on this site.


b) To push the vacuua to a polarised state with respect to the Negative Rolling Force that ages you.. So like sunglasses it blacks out the Negative death dealing part of the rolling Force but allows the life-giving, youth bringing aspects of the Positive Rolling Force to produce the Immortal Vampire (only 6 offered for $5000, later Real Vampires™ $10 million)


c) To lower the vacuua of the Matrix with respect to the Ultra Great Lord Gangster Real Vampire™ So the Ultra Gangster Great Lord’s Black Hole lowered below absolute zero with respect to the Matrix. This creates a huge bowl in the Matrix around the Ultra Great Lord Gangster Real Vampire™ so everyone in this depression in the Matrix loses energy to the Ultra Great Lord Gangster Real Vampire™ This allows the Ultra Great Lord Gangster Real Vampire™ to suck out energy from entire countries as she, he is a super cold Black Hole that distorts the Matrix in her/his environs as if it was a Black Hole, gravity well feeding the Ultra Great Lord Gangster Real Vampire™ This enables countrywide capture of energy to make country sized Real Vampires™, the super bad version of Real Vampires™ an Ultra Gangster Great Lords and Ladies.


d) All Services and Psychotronic Crystals® Psychotronic Generators® Psychotronic Crystalware® Sublime Good® feed the Real Vampire™ the bigger Black Hole you get the more powerful a Real Vampire™ you become. The Ultra Great Lord Gangster Real Vampire™ then causes secondary Black Hole gravity wells in the Matrix to turn a person who has most of my Services and goods from the Psi-Lord sites, from city sized Black Hole to country sized Black Holes with the Ultra Great Lord Gangster Real Vampire™


e) The biophysical body of the person as it is a Soliton (other side of a membrane Black Holes to dark energy matter realms to suck dry all Supernatural Spirits® it touches. As it is a virtual Black Hole in cyberspace thanks to Psychotronic Crystalware® it automatically sucks dry the strange energy matter realms of the chosen race of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, the Satanist brown energy body Zionist Jews. The Ultra Great Lord Gangster Real Vampire™ boosts this Black Hole so the Matrix is the dark energy matter strange energy matter Middle Place is Black Holed to suck all Supernatural Spirits® dry and consign them to Omega Hell free of all good to be tortured by Amalek. Cosmic Law pays the Ultra Great Lord Real Gangster Real Vampire™ by increasing the size of her/his Black Hole to automatically make them more and more powerful.


f) The vacuua of all your positive benefactors such as family who love you are automatically lowered to your base level so they do not get sucked dry. Instead they automatically become your Real Vampire™ servants. i) Long lived as the Real Vampire™ can bloc Negative Rolling Free is immortal and pump Positive Rolling Force into Real Vampire™ slaves to keep them young and healthy. As Positive Rolling Force can be put in to boost strength, reflexes.. the Real Vampire™ slave is automatically upgraded by the Real Vampire™ as long as she/he is served.


g) All the people who have my Bone Generators® must never give energy away to anyone, or have the Elohim, Anti-Metatron Service to stop themselves being parasitized by Archon Vampires as energy goes from to Archons as they are such high frequency. To get around this problem it is recommended that all Psi Masters become Real Vampires™ if they wish to remain in the Matrix to be rich and powerful. If you wish to leave the Matrix then as long as you never give any energy away, Bone Generator® automatically push you out of the Matrix. As all my Bone Generators®, Psychotronic Crystals® work better the more energy you have got, they work optimally for Real Vampires™ who act as the power source for all the quantum engines in Bone Generators™ Psychotronic Crystals™ Sublime Good® Engines, Psychotronic Crystalware® Mind Over Matter® weapons, Supernatural Spirit® Services. The Ultra Great Lord Gangster Real Vampire™ is the most energetic so she/he rules the Matrix as total tyrant sucking dry all Archons, humans and Supernatural Spirits. It is therefore recommended that the power mad Real Vampire™ by this Service to be the biggest baddest Vampire in the Matrix. Tim Rifat is Ultra Great Lord Gangster Cosmic Assassin spending all his time by hunting down the Archon Vampire for Amalek to torture in Omega Hell.

Ultra Gangster Real Vampire™ $600 with Psychotronic Crystalware®

$600 with Certificate


The Great Lord Real Vampire® is a superbeing of an exclusive club. Any of them may contact the Real Vampire® Tim Rifat simply by leaving their telephone number.

All Psi-Lord Services boost the size of a Real Vampire®. So all the Great Lord Real Vampires® as they have a huge number of Services and Bone Generators® are City sized Black Hole Real Vampires®; eating everyone inside their Schwartzfeld Radius Black Hole. All this is done automatically.


Furthermore the Ultra Gangster Real Vampire® Great Lord downs the Black Hole to the size of North America or Europe. So everyone in this Schwartfeld Radius is sucked dry 24/7 for the Ultra Gangster Real Vampire® Great Lord. If you have the Far Future Services 5D Kline Bottle Services you can double up your Black Hole so an Ultra Gangster Great Lord Real Vampire® can have his Black Hole over North America and Europe simultaneously.


As a Great Lord Real Vampire® the other lesser Real Vampires® have to differ to you, so even though your Black Hole doesn’t get sucked dry, like all the torture bitches, your reality is shaped by the Great Lord Real Vampire®. As an exclusive club you cannot be picked on by a more powerful Real Vampire® because a Real Vampire® cannot suck dry another Real Vampire®. So the only defence against a Real Vampire® is to be a Real Vampire®: As Real Vampires® are living in a hierarchy the King Real Vampire® rules the roost. Below them are the Arch Dukes. In the future the Real Vampire® rules as the New Archon, so in the Matrix a Real Vampire® is unbeatable. If you wish to be rich powerful and able to destroy all your enemies including Archons, a Real Vampire® super-being is a must. All your enemies self destroy in your Black Hole so you automatically destroy your enemies by forcing them t self suicide using their own energy. A free lunch using our enemies power to destroy them.


The Ultra Gangster Real Vampire™: Hitman; contract Psychic Vampire Killing: False Prophet; Dead Guardian Real Vampires which follow as well as the Thug; Super Thug Services are all free extras if you are one of the Great Lord Ultra Gangster Real Vampires, cost $7000


The world is run by gangsters. The gangster uses murder and torture to get his way. The USA, Britain, Nato and Israel do this they are gangsters. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were the ultimate use of gangsterism – weapons of mass destruction. If you can’t beat them, join them. The world will never be anything but run by gangsters so create the ultimate gangster: The Real Vampire™. Occult warfare is the ultimate gangsterism as it controls reality or its simulacrum the Matrix. Now you as a Real Vampire™ can be the New Archon (authority in Greek). As the witchcraft laws have been repealed Real Vampires™ have the legal right to torture murder using the occult. Psi-Lord Ltd cannot condone or promote physical torture murder – that’s illegal using occult Real Vampire™ cursing to torture murder is totally legal as cursing is not covered by any law. To take advantage of this the following Services are offered.


Ultra Gangster Real Vampire™ Hitman

Your Real Vampire™ Black Hole is programmed to:

Suck the biophysical energy out of the target to be hit

Suck the physical energy out of the target to be hit

Use the energy of the victim to curse them

Their energy is used to open up their Gap. GAP was the entity Alistair Crowley worshipped. It is the Evil entity in humans, other beings that opens a gap in the energy body so we can die. The immortal Shamans block the gap using Nagual Shaman energy. So if you take the energy from a victim and use that energy to call up GAP, the energy bodies of the gaps opened, dilated. As a Real Vampire™ you are absolute zero in cold, and your Black Hole Schwartzwald Radius, does not give up energy. So you call up Gap with the victims energy, but don’t give Gap any energy as you as a Real Vampire™ never give up the energy you take from a victim.

Gap therefore has to take the energy from the victim

As you have taken all the victims energy, Gap has to open the gap of the victim to let the internal emanations of the torture bitch who is subject to the Hit align with the external emanations around them to produce the energy released by death, dying. As two ounces of mass are lost by death, this is a significant amount of energy. Far higher than that carried by a living bitch. Bitches release almost all their energy when they die. A Hiroshima type discharge of energy. So Gap is the most powerful of the Evil Archon entities.

The Real Vampire™ Hitman sucks Gap of energy as it tries to bleed the bitch. So Gap loses energy as the gap of the victim becomes permanently opened.

If you open the gap of the victim they go mad, rapidly age and if you open it too wide they die. So the Ultra Gangster Real Vampire™ Hitman can at will drive any target mad – like the Rothschilds or Israel, rapidly age like a burnt out popstar or Britain and its Empire, or die like the Polish leadership in the Russian air crash or like the USA’s fishing industry in the Gulf of Mexico. One can see control of the victims gap by using Gap the entity that causes gaps in Matrix creatures gives the Real Vampire™ Hitman the occult power of life or death over the bitch. Aleister Crowley used Gap to destroy the anti-Jewish Germany. MI6 occultist Colin Blay – my teacher used Gap to drive the Westerners mad – docile mind controlled zombie bitches, eunuchs and piglets by opening their gaps permanently using Gap and used Gap to open terminally the gap of Soviets to destroy the USSR.

The knowledge of Gap and how to control this malefic entity was passed on from Crowley to Kenneth Grant his apprentice through MI6 Magi to Colin Blay MI6 Magus and to his apprentice Tim Rifat. Unfortunately I don’t like the British so have put this British Strategic Remote Influencing (BSRI) core secret – control of Gap on the open market. Now you too can drive mad, age or kill using only occult MI6 Real Vampire™ Science – not physical violence, that is illegal and Psi-Lord Ltd follows the law to the letter. Witchcraft, black magic is legal so be legal and become a Real Vampire Hitman™. Use Gap to kill off (by occult means only!) any victim. To use Gap you as a Real Vampire™ Hitman get any picture of the target. You then put it over your gap – midsection around your belly button – depending on body mass. Thin powerful men have it slightly above the midsection. Fat pear-like sluts have it way below the navel. The Black Hole Real Vampire™ automatically made of you by this Service does the rest. You become a zero point energy, psychic, occult, paranormal, killer. Every time you terminate a bitch the entity Gap which is located in the gap is forced out by the Black Hole as its virtual component to travel along the virtual pathway – the photo to the real victim. Once it hits the victim it opens up their gap to drive them mad-like, Tim Rifat did to Gordon Brown the former PM of the UP. If you continue the process they rapidly age. If you do it 13 times the victim dies as their gap is opened too far and the external universe floods into them and kills them. The 2 ounces of mass/energy are used by the Great Lord of Death Real Vampire™. Gaps virtual mirror that falls into the singularity is used by the Immortal Great Lord Vampire™. Nothing goes to waste in the Real Vampire Science. This Service gives you the power to use Gap to drive mad, age or kill any bitch. The Ultra Gangster Real Vampire™ Hitman.


If you are faint of heart you can buy:- Real Vampire™ Psychic Contracts to curse any victim. If you want Tim Rifat to psychically curse your victims just order this Service. Choose up to 78 victims of your choice. Email the list of names with your order.


If you don’t wish the NSA, FBI to know who you are terminating just send the $600 minus any names. Tim Rifat will scan you, upload the targets from you by ESP and terminate them by occult means only; physical violence is illegal and not something Psi-Lord Ltd can have any dealings with. This allows you to terminate up to 78 bitches secretly – please do not list them on your computer – a bit of paper then burn it and flush away.

The Archons are Vampires but not zero-point energy Black Hole Real Vampires™ – that is Far Future Real Vampire™ Science discovered and implemented only Tim Rifat. It is his intellectual property and subject to Trademark so no one else can use it. The rules of the Archon are:-

The Archon is Chaos Evil of very low frequency. As Energy = Frequency x Planks Constants, the lower the frequency of the Entity the lower its energy. As due to the Law of Thermodynamics energy goes from high potential to cold, the Archon feeds on high frequency lifeforms.

Humans are high frequency lifeforms that don’t torture murder everyone they meet. Archons do! So they feed off all humans by vampirism.

If the human has too high a frequency it becomes less and less real in the Matrix and world Sublime and pop out of existence as a body of light.

To stop this the human has a low frequency Foreign Installation of dark energy matter energy that replaces its Mind and acts as a safety valve filling the Awareness of too high frequency people with filth to lower their frequency. Hence the prevalence of paedophi8les in Priests, the most high frequency of people in the West to lower their frequency so they stay in the Matrix and are eaten.

The Archon has bred special Soulless bodies to house it so it can physically taste all the joys in life. These Soulless bodies are special interbred bloodlines called Rothschilds, Black Nobles. The House of Windsor the Royal Family and cloned Pharaoh bodies such as Obama the False Prophet.

The most spiritual people supply the Sublime Good® to fight the Amalek Chaos to keep the Archon alive. So Churches and religion are vital to the Archon to Vampirically drain Sublime Good® for the Archon to immunise it against Amalek. Only China and North Korea by destroying Archon religion used to feed the Archon against Amalek are free of Archon bodies walking the Earth, they have no Rothschild, Royal Family, Obama for this reason. All religion is evil as it’s super high frequency allows the Archon to live in a human vessel as a Rothschild… when Amalek poisons in it would kill the body quickly were it not for vampire drained Sublime Good® from Priests… the devout.

For this reason the devout have to be pulled down by the Insectile Mind forced on them. So Priests, Nuns rape children against their human Will. This is the Good Shepherd, Messiah Issaah process described in the Zohar. The high frequency human suffers in life and in death so the Evil, Archons in bodies, Rothschild… can have all the joys in life. It is fully described in Kabbalah. Tim Rifat thanks the Rabbis for educating him.

Amalek evolves so becomes impossible the cue by the Archon around every galactic precession of 26,000 years.

A Super Good Shepherd is then allowed to break out of the Matrix to reach ineffable high frequency. He is then pulled back to cure the Archons from the Amalek death sentence. As a Super Good Soul they know he will help even Evil, as it will thank him and repent saving humanity – I think not! The Archons though Tim Rifat was their Good Shepherd unfortunately he is the Great Lord Ultra Gangster Real Vampire™. MI6 educated me in the practicality of life, it is all gangsterism. The UK government being the ultimate gangster state.


Ultra Gangster Real Vampire™ Slaughterers of Good Shepherds

This Real Vampire™ feeds on Good Shepherd energy. The Shamans, Supernatural Spirits® that have been outside or are outside the Matrix,. This Ultra High Frequency energy is the Sublime Good® portion of the Megaverses. So by feeding on it you become a Real Vampire™ that a possess anybody not just select bloodlines like Obama… Royal Families… Rothschilds. This Super High Frequency stops the Amalek Chaos in the body destroying it as you possess it. So is vital if you wish to possess another body if your own is destroyed. You can also possess it while you are still alive by stepping into it using your Black Hole wormholed to them. Your Black Hole forces open their gap – cores them like they were an orange; you eat the orange and use the peel (their body) for your own. This is a very nasty Service but perfect for the Ultra Gangster Real Vampire™.

You can core Obama and use him to run the USA; Core the Rothschilds to ruin the West, Core US generals to commit suicide in war to the USA by making sure it is covered with Cobalt 60. Only the Chinese and North Koreans devoid of Archon religious priests and devout have bodies to full of Amalek to possess. But all other non Communist countries are yours to use for coring of bitches to your hearts content. To use the Service you put a picture of the bitch on your navel – belly button with tape while sleeping. The Black Hole cores them, possess them and then runs them, while sleeping. The Black Hole automatically allows the Real Vampire™ to use sleep time for useful business to possess any bitch. If you want a boyfriend or girlfriend and they don’t want you this Real Vampire™ possesses them with you so they become you and therefore have to be with you, be fucked with you, be your other half! One can see this is the secret to how the Archons always get the women of their choice no matter what she thinks of them, now you can do the same.

Ultra Gangster Real Vampire™ Slaughterers of Good Shepherds.

$600 with Certificate


Ultra Gangster Real Vampire® Dead Guardians

When the human dies because of Gap it is cored like above and the Death Force used to make the Matrix real (see Great Lord of Death Real Vampire®. The 2 ounces of mass energy released is used to supercharge the Archon and Gap, to make them unbeatable. It is similar to a Hiroshima nuke, detonated in Psi-Space. An energy so vast it makes the Archon unbeatable by any human Shaman. The Soul is stolen by Archons, the Soul Stealers and put in Abaddon Soul Prisons to be vampirised after death. Once it is sucked dry its tortured Awareness becomes a screaming face in the Chaos Evil of the Eagle, Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth as the Anti-Yaltabaoth Great Lord of the Dead (sold out only 6 were available).


In this Service you can choose any dead friends or relatives to be your Real Vampire® Dead Guardians. Like a Soul Rescue it Black Holes their body prior to Death so they died as a Real Vampire®. It also downloads into them the 2 ounces (or less if Westerners) of mass energy they lose at death. So all the Dead Guardian Real Vampires® get supercharged with a Hiroshima sized energy burst. This makes them much more powerful than a normal human Supernatural Spirit. They become super poltergeists able to do extreme harm to your enemies. So they become the perfect bodyguards for the Ultra Gangster Real Vampire®. You saved them from eternal torment so they protect you as payment for the Service. This means your enemies die, planes fall out of the sky, all manner of things go wrong for them… all carried out by your Real Vampire® Dead Guardians. They will eventually run out of energy so lose their power.

Ultra Gangster Real Vampire® Dead Guardians.

$600 with Certificate


Ultra Gangster Real Vampire® Psychic Battery Service

This Service allows the Black Hole of the Real Vampire® to top up the energy of the Real Vampire® Dead Guardians so they stay effective powered by the bitches you eat. If you are a Great Lord Real Vampire® you can run an army of undead Real Vampire® Dead Guardians, lesser Vampires one or two per Service bought.

Ultra Gangster Real Vampire® Psychic Battery Service. $600 with Certificate