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Upgrade B: Ultra Businessman Gangster Real Vampire™


This makes your Real Vampire™ Gangster Real Vampire™ Black Hole energy body feed off the dollar notes in anyone in your City. So the dollar notes act as remote mouths of your Real Vampire™. The bitch who has a dollar in his pocket has his body bitten by your Remote Real Vampire™ teeth, the pocket book, purse with dollars acts as your jaws biting the bitch. So anyone in your City carrying dollars gets horrific wounds in their energy bodies that bleed into your remote mouths Real Vampire™ medusa, a many headed monster of you that jumps out through the dollar to attack anyone who has currency on them. This means the Real Vampire™ can feed on the persons who worship the dollar directly. The energy you get is then automatically changed by Quantum Computing Engines in your Real Vampire™ body to:-


i) Boost your business to make customers want your product.

ii) Make thugs desperate to sell your product.

iii) Enable you to keep hold of the money and put it in a safe place where you can spend it.


This is done because you feed off the human tuned to the frequency of the dollar so all the energy you suck up as a Real Vampire™ is automatically tuned to making you rich using the energy of all the people in your city who carry a dollar. All their love of money, life spent working for it, dreams of getting it, dreams of spending it and their dreams of the big Man they will be are sucked up by you to automatically change your life to make you super rich. Tim Rifat the Cosmic Assassin Real Vampire™ has used this to make him a millionaire as the British Government since 1989 has been trying to jail then kill him from 1996. So he knows it works!


Upgrade B: Ultra Businessman Gangster Real Vampire™: $600

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost.