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Upgrade C: Ultra Great Lord Gangster Real Vampire™


As a Gangster you know death, jail await the failures. In this Service you get downloaded into you the Perfect Gangster Real Vampire™. You are erased at birth and your fertilised egg possessed with the Great Lord Gangster Real Vampire™. As Cosmic Assassin Tim Rifat hunts the West and brings down the world. This Service makes you one of his 6 Leiutenants of Mayhem able to destroy, takeover a country. How? Your Real Vampire™ Black Hole energy body is expanded to enclose all the population of the country you live in. So you automatically suck dry the indigenous population. Power is everything there is to control. If you automatically have a country’s worth of bitches feeding you then:–


a) No-one in the country can bring you down as you are feeding off them and all their energy is being used by you to make yourself powerful so every time they try to bring you down they fuck up! Tim Rifat has used this on the British so they now are bankrupt, stupid, fat, unable to win any war on terror… Afghanistan and the MI5 vermin force Tim Rifat to torture murder the country more and more to stop him going soft.

b) Everyone has to obey you whether they like it or not. So even when they think they are destroying you they are helping you by forcing you to do the things you need to do to grow and dominate – against your will, simply to survive. Remember your plans are crap – fate has the blueprint for your success and it doesn’t follow any of your preconceptions, so is completely alien to your nature so you need enemies to force you to do what you have to do. The enemy in you – not your enemies – you fuck up – they don’t fuck you up. Be a Great Lord Gangster Real Vampire™ and automatically have the Fate Perfect Path inprinted on you, using the energy of your enemies to do it for you!

c) The British have tried since 1989 to jail, beat up, poison, microwave, kill in car crashes, use biological weapons, radiation, blow up, shoot Tim Rifat. He is still alive, a millionaire, destroyer of the Labour Government, Psychic Assassin of numerous MI5 bitches, slaughter of heads of state… (by psychic means, violence is illegal so Psi-Ltd Ltd is forbidden to advocate physical violence, curse your bitches to kill them automatically – part of the Service, just think ill of anyone and they are FUBAR: Fucked Up Beyond All Repair) So this Service automatically downloads into your Real Vampire™ body the automatic defence mechanisms to protect you from all cares – automatically. To get them to Fubar themselves you simply think Fubar and their name and your Ultra Great Lord Real Vampire™ Black Hole energy bodies suck them dry and use their energy to Fubar them!

Upgrade C: Ultra Great Lord Gangster Real Vampire™:

$7000 with Certificate

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