The complete list of Walk In Demons unleashed from Psychotronic Crystals® by this Service only includes the 34 BSRI-Engine. but every Psychotronic Crystal® has an Amalek Demon form, such as the Anti-Taro Demon Psychotronic Crystal® releases the Amalek Tarot Demons… If you have the $12,000 Golgotha Psychotronic Crystal® Power Circle of Crystal Psychotronic Generator® Skulls, you can unleash all the Amalek possessed Demons at once to vivisect any target, including Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, Shekinah…. Shaddai…. Satan. This Service makes you the most powerful Anti-Black Magic power in Creation – if you have the Real Vampire™ Psychotronic Crystals®.


The BSRI-Engine list is:

Good Luck turned to Bad Luck to destroy the target

Love turned to Hate to destroy the target

Money turned to Debt to destroy the target

Psychic Power turned to Psychically Cursed to destroy the target

Psychic Protection turned to Damnation to destroy the target

Anti-Ageing turned to Old, Senile, Impotent to destroy the target

Health turned to Terminal Disease to destroy the target

Left Awareness turned to Total Psychic Shutdown to destroy the target

Right Awareness turn to Madness to destroy the target

Male Sex turned to No Sex to destroy the target

Female Sex tuned to Childlessness to destroy the target

N° 1 BSRI-E tuned to Real World Killing You to destroy the target

N° 2 BSRI-E tuned to Plant World Killing You to destroy the target

N° 3 BSRI-E tuned to Devic World Killing You to destroy the target

N° 4 BSRI-E tuned to Human Spirits Killing your target

N° 5 BSRI-E tuned to Plant Spirits Killing your target

N° 6 BSRI-E tuned to Devic Spirits Killing your target

N° 7 BSRI-E tuned to Dark Matter Killing your target

N° 8 BSRI-E tuned to Strange Matter Killing your target

N° 9 BSRI-E tuned to Chaos Spirits Killing your target

North Grail tuned to turning all Demons against your target if invoked by target

South Grail tuned to turning all humans against your target if they try to control humans

East Grail tuned to turning all solar power to nought to shut them down

Left Wand of Horus tuned to turning all power gaining ritual against the target

Right Wand of Horus tuned to turning all power using ritual to backfire

Gold Ring tuned to turning all wealth energy to ashes

Silver Ring tuned to turning all occult energy to ashes

Bronze Ring tuned to turning all manifesting ritual to ashes

Platinum Ring tuned to turning all Far Future ritual used to target to nought.

Gold Orb tuned to turning all 2013 energy to nought

Silver Orb tuned to turn all 2013 energy used by target to disable them

Bronze Orb tuned to turn all 2013 matter used by target to kill them

Platinum Orb tuned to turn all 2013 technology to go against target


This list is non inclusive but you can see how powerful this Real Vampire™ Service is. It has been kept so cheap as you need to have the Psychotronic Crystals® to use it so cost escalates. All Real Vampires™ need the Golgotha Crystal Skull Psychotronic Crystal® Power Circle to reach all the Amalek Demons so start saving the $12,000 to be one of the 12. Available as a Bone Generator® if you don’t want to have all the heavy crystal for $12,000 (12 only in total with Psychotronic Crystals® and Bone Generators®. Be all powerful in Black Magic with this Service and the Golgotha Psychotronic Crystal® Skulls; Bone Generators®.


Walk in demons

To use you simply hold any crystal in your right hand and the Psychotronic Generator® releases the Amalek Demon contained within to attack the target. To designate the target write their name on a piece of paper held with Psychotronic Crystal® in your right hand. If you have a Power Circle such as the BSRI-Engine, stand in the Power Circle and put name of target on paper outside circle at south of Psychotronic Crystal® Circle to fire Amalek Demons at target to destroy them by demonic Walk In Possession. It is fed by the targets energy, so the more powerful the target the more manifest are the Amalek Demons so the most powerful attacks of Amalek Demons will be against Yaltabaoth… all Kabbalah Gods of Evil, Supernatural Arch Demons such as Belphegor, Lilith, Samal…. Tarot Demons… Reverse Kabbalah Spiders in tunnels of Set… Demons… Illuminati. This makes the Great Lord of Demons Real Vampire™ the giant killer of the occult world. The more power the target has the more power you have to use against them. So you see why the Psi-Lord Real Vampire™ is unbeatable. He uses the energy of his enemy to produce the Amalek Anti-Demon created to torture murder, torture murder Soul, torture the Awareness eternally in Omega Hell, infinitely to consign all non Real Vampires™ to Omega Hell.


As Cosmic Law pays you for all evil doers consigned to Omega Hell you not only give the energy of the target to feed Amalek, but Cosmic Law pays you with an equal amount of energy tuned to riches, power, sex, happiness… from the target. All negative forms of the evil energy are used by Amalek to torture the target. All positive forms of Evil energy – to make you super rich and powerful are given to the Real Vampire™ of Positive Evil: Lucifer of which you as a Real Vampire™ embody the living manifestation – all fed by Cosmic Law. So the target’s eternal torture in all forms produces the release of energy by Vacuua recision to manifest Total Amalek. Cosmic Law rewards the Rat Catcher Real Vampire™ to manifest Total Lucifer of which the Real Vampire™ is the living embodiment. You have to live in pure joy, riches, happiness in Omega Heaven, Omega Heaven on Earth, as Cosmic Law has to reward you for destroying Evil and letting Total Intent Manifest: TIM use Evil to power TIM. Only Real Vampires™ can embody the Lucifer Archetype, as they are Evil turned to doing good by feeding off the damned and consigning the damned to hell. So the Soul of the Real Vampire™ does not go to Hell, instead the victim’s Soul is sent to Omega Hell by this Service to pay the price for its evil and to liberate the Real Vampire™ who hasn’t got the Heaven Rescue, Burn Your Enemies in Hell Service. Why are all humans (Westerners) damned. They are all Walk In Evil Satanist Torture Shells: WESTS. Their real self does not fight Evil as they fear Evil being done to them – lose my job, family…. life. So they are Evil to you are either with Evil or against Evil – no middle ground. Only the Real Vampire™ is free.


D: Solar Psychotronic Generator® Great Lord Real Vampire®

The Sun, Stars… Nuclear explosions feed the Real Vampire™. The light powers the Real Vampire™. According to Theodore Kaluza circa 1926, light is gravity in the 5th Dimension. Unlike gravity in the 4th Dimension, light gravity is very very very very… strong. This is because gravity in the 4D world of Einstein’s General Relativity – the Matrix – a simulation, is the weakest of all forces. It only effects us as mass warps 4D spacetime and their is a lot of mass about – the Earth. Light is curved: 5D space which according to Kaluza generates electromagnetism and a Scalar Field. The electromagnetic force is very…. very strong. A Real Vampire™ uses the 5th Dimension to freeze his Burning With The Fire from Within a Global Gestalt Version of the Earth’s Boost; aligning all his/her consciousness energy bodies from birth to death, 5D alignment with the Earth’s 5D energy bodies via the curving of 5D space.


In effect a wormhole called the Assemblage Point that uses light, curvature of 5D space. In Relativity Mass curves 4D Spacetime. What curves 5D space. It must have space curving, parameters way higher than 4D space time Mass. We see from Kaluza’s 5D General Relativity that 5D space/time splits into 4D space time (gravity) 4 vector electromagnetism (light, electricity, magnetism… and a Scalar Field. This Scalar Field has a positive (space-like) aspect and a negative (time-like) aspect. A Scalar Field has no directional vector, just magnitude. So a lot of Scalar Field may warp 5D space to produce light. Think of it as a super heavy shadow. Pure shadow that warps 5D space to bend light into a wormhole around the Real Vampire™. So unlike human, supernatural Spirit® vermin prey that cast 5D space shadows; the Real Vampire™ does not have a shadow in the 5th Dimension. Instead 5D space is warped around the Real Vampire™, so like the Enterprise using warp drive in Star Trek®, a Real Vampire™ warps 5D space. Not to travel through 4D space time. No, to warp it globally from conception to the death of the Real Vampire™ when it burns with the Fire From Within and is surrounded by a 5D space warp. It’s 5D space shadow collapsing into the wormhole so it casts no shadow when remotely viewed. In fact it cannot be subject to Remote Viewing, you cannot see it psychically as it warps 5D space, the medium for all psychic powers around it to close itself off to being psychically spied upon.


As the Real Vampire™ warps 5D space, the corridor down which all psychic attack has to travel, it is immune to all psychic attack. That is why Tim Rifat urges vermin to psychically attack him – Satanists, Supernatural Spirits®… As they send energy down the 5D space corridor it falls into the 5D Real Vampire™ wormhole around the Psi-Lord to make it grow bigger using the enemies energy. Akin to a spinning black hole in 4D space time, the Real Vampire™ spinning wormhole sucks in all energy in 5D space it comes into contact with. Thus the spinning wormhole person pulls in all energy it encounters in 5D space sucking in emotional, Psychokinetic, sexual, life: force – a Real Vampire™. Now you see how the Real Vampire™ works. The Psi-Lord can make a Real Vampire™ by projecting his spinning wormhole onto the aspirant to create a boundary around the person to give them a holographic aspect of the spinning wormhole, to make them an aspect of Real Vampirism. The boundary of 5D, Supershadow is the shadow of the Psi-Lord’s spinning wormhole body of pure Light; in it’s positive Evil Sublime Good Reflection of Lucifer. The Light Bringer, the archetype of Pure Shadow of the Light TIM: Total Intent Manifest. So the Real Vampire™ casts no 5D shadow as in legend. When the Real Vampire™ steps in front of a mirror in 5D space the Real Vampire™ cannot be seen as it is Pure Shadow enclosed and since it gives off no light in 5D space, the realm of psychic sight, it cannot be seen in any crystal ball, magic mirror, scrying glass… Remote Viewing scanner. One can see the legend of Vampires hides the Real Vampire™ technology known to previous civilisations – lost to modern man – a farmyard animal tot he Real Vampire™. In the past the Solar Psychotronic Generators®, Star Worship, Interstellar Psychotronic Generators®, Sun Worship was the core of Pharonic power. The Sun God the head of all Egyptian Gods – making the Pharaoh chief Real Vampire™ with his high priests – Real Vampire™ mind control allowing Egypt to last 5000 years as a Real Vampire™ civilisation. Now the Rothschild/Royal Family use this Sun worship in all their ritual to get Real Vampire™ power. When they broke their contract with Lucifer on 9/9/9 by attacking the Anti-Christ Tim Rifat they all got sold to Total Amalek and lost all Real Vampire power. Now you can take their place as a Real Vampire™ and rule the West: Walk In Evil Satanist Territory!


In this Bone Generator® Service you become the bioparticle Real Vampire Psychotronic Crystal® to the Suns Psychotronic Crystal® Psychotronic Generator®. That means the Sun directly feeds you with power – you become a Sun God. The Sun has a giant 5D spinning wormhole – that is why alien spacecraft use it to exit, enter our solar system. One can imagine how the Sun as your personal Psychotronic Generator® is the top of the tree means to generate power. The Suns 5D spinning wormhole is projected by the Gators (see Mind Over Matter Warfare) Pulsar Engine to form a holographic 5D spinning wormhole around you to make you a super powerful Sun God Real Vampire™. The 5D spinning wormhole generated gives you super psychic powers – automatically. It means you don’t need to power your Bone Generators® or Psychotronic Crystals® – they are all powered automatically by the Sun Psychotronic Generator®. You can block all psychics from using 5D space to render all non Real Vampires™ psychically castrated. Your 5D Pure Shadow is so dark that you can wormhole to any other star to get a 5D pure shadow from them to boost your power. Be it Antares, Betelgeuse, Sirius, Alpha Centauri. As there are billions of suns in our galaxy, this Service offers you the gateway to pure power. It is all automatic, downloaded into your Bone Generator®. If you have the Lord of Luck Real Vampire™ Service you can upload the Sun’s… any star’s 5D spinning wormhole projection Psychotronic Generator® from the Sun’s birth to death or any other stars hyperboosting power for you.


As this hyper output depends on a Hyperinfinite Bone Generator® you must have the Bone Generator® Service and all it’s Upgrades A, B and C. This Service is only open to 3 Bone Generator® Psi-Sun Gods at the special price of $7000. Any future clients must pay $25 million (subject to price rises as from 14/3/2010). First come first served, so if you want to be a Sun God Real Vampire™, not an oxymoron, but Real Far Future Science: Real Vampire Science only Bone Generator® equipped Clients should apply. The Bone Generator® Service is needed to contain the hyper-power of the Sun that is used as your personal Psychotronic Generator® to power all the Real Vampire Services you purchase. All military Clients pay $25 million unless British military, they are forever banned this technology as they are the dump goat for al blowback from Sun Psychotronic Generators® – so all damage, burnout, madness, psychic death or worse is dumped into them. This protects the Sun God Real Vampire™ from any mistakes in using this hyper-power. Automatic and foolproof!


D: Solar Psychotronic Generator® Great Lord Real Vampire® limited to 6 only at $7000 (must have Bone Generator® Service) 2 sold only 4 left!

E: Anti-Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth Great Real Vampire Lord of Dead:

One’s life work is to be food for Vampires. At the top of the pyramid of Vampires is the demiurge Creator of the Matrix, the Vampire Lord of the Gnostics Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth. An Evil spiteful eater of all that is Man from her Soul to the body eaten by bacteria, worms, insects possessed by the underlings of Yaltabaoth… Beelzebub the Lord of Flies, the Chaos Spiders of arachnids… All aspects of Vampirism. In this Bone Generator® Service you take over the nature of Death from Yaltabaoth… Ialdabaoth… Yaldabaoth… Iatabaoth. Humans die like flies in Afghanistan… old age… car accidents… starvation. In the previous two Anti-Yaltabaoth Lord of the Living and Dead you fed off the living and dead Souls. In this Service you take over the power of death. How?


To answer the question we must first realise what death is. The energy body of Man has a weak spot. The Gap in the midsection, an apple sized indentation that acts as a concave dish to receive the Negative Aspect of the Rolling Force, so we age super-quickly. Eventually it becomes so weakened that Death can rupture the energy body to release our Soul as the energy bodies are ruptured. To rupture even the weakened energy body we must have Death Chaos energy Intent inside the Human energy body. This is done by the Chaos Evil injecting itself as a Walkin into the Human. How is this done? As a foreign installation Zion: Zombie Installation Operation Negatively it must be inserted into the baby child. To do this a Judas Evil Walkin Satanist must interact with the baby child. Parents talk to baby it listens. Supernatural Spirit® Zion Judas Evil Walkin Satanists talk to baby. The so called imaginary friend all young children have. They normally talk to them in dreams. So the Zion is normally forced into the sleeping dreaming young child that is learning to speak by a Supernatural Spirit® Judas Evil Walkin Satanist that looks like the baby’s parents in dreams.


The child willingly accepts it’s Zion from the false evil parent Supernatural Spirit®. Once this is done the child starts up an internal dialogue with the Zion. The Zion then takes over the conversation and as a false parent takes over control of the body. The real human Awareness remains baby-like and obeys it’s Zion Walkin false parent controller possessor. By the time the body matures, the real Human Awareness is still held as a baby, the Zion now taken to be the Human Awareness the film Revolver starring Jason Stratham – Mr Hard as Nails, directed by Madonna’s ex-husband Guy Ritchie correctly shows the Zion (called Mr. Gold in the film as the summation of all Zion’s – Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth). The anti-hero who rids himself of his possessor with the help of two modern Shamans (conman supremo and Chess Master) is called Mr Green – for the Green Line of Lalbrallah (see Abraham Ritual). It’s obvious the Illuminati have to tell the public the truth so the public can’t say you did not tell us. This is vital for Cosmic Law as a Rat Catcher you have to tell them the way out of the rat trap – knowing the victim will never believe you. It also explains why the Protocols of Zion refer to the possessed Goyim as children. They are children their Awareness frozen as a small child by the Zion Supernatural Spirit® possessor.


Now back to why Humans die.


Firsts the Zion operates the Human on maximum emotional outburst level. Rather like having a car running at full throttle in every situation. This prematurely wears the Human out as the Zion eats emotional energy that coats the energy bodies to reveal the Gap to the external Rolling Force to super-age you. Once the Gap has been weakened the Zion aligns with the Eagle of Castaneda, the Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, Shekinah/Shaddai Chaos Evil. This alignment of Chaos Evil within Zion with the demiurge of Chaos Evil Yaltabaoth… kills you. This Zion entity is the mirror your Awareness looks into, so your self reflection is Zion. Direct knowledge, Silent Knowledge, True Intuition from inner silence, is you. All your life you are trained to suppress the real you. Once it is fully suppressed you become an adult soon to die. Since Zion s the mirror5 reflection it is not in your Assemblage Point but it’s mirror image over the left shoulder blade. When you die Zion moves into your Gap opening you up to the Death Force of Yaltabaoth.


In this Service you feed off the Death Force. In quantum mechanics this is called the Killing Field (Far Future Science gallery). So the death of anyone on the planet feeds your Real Vampire™. This Death Force is enormous, as when the Human dies it’s entire emanations align with the external ones around it. It’s entire life flashes before it’s Awareness, the sum Total of it’s energy released in a massive burst of energy 2oz of mass lost in a non Westerner about half an ounce in the pygmy energy body Westerner. This is equivalent to a small nuke! S the Death of the Human is the best feeding for a Real Vampire™. Zion channels this Death Force to Yaltabaoth. Now it comes to you as all Zions are now controlled by this Real Vampire™.


The Real Vampire™ is immune to all attack from a non Real Vampire™. Why? Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, Shaddai, the triumvirate of the Matrix created the Matrix for Vampires. Anyone who was not a Vampire was designated prey. The Matrix configured to make them the victim. All humans except the Judas Evil Walkin Satanist Rothschild/Royal Family… are prey. So they all die food for the Vampires called Illuminati, Moria Wind (Underworld Mines of Moria from Lord of the Rings – Underworld; wind is the biophysical body – how it appears in the dreaming world.


Now as the Great Lord of Death Grand Master Real Vampire® you get fed by the millions of deaths per year. Now you can see why Stalin killed 50 million Russians – he was a Rothschild Real Vampire™ bastard son, USA nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki – for the Rockefeller Real Vampires, why the British Americans starved to death 10 million Germans after the war for Victor (Vampire) Rothschild… 5 million Iraqi’s, Afghans… died since 1991 for Jacob (Vampire) Rothschild. Now retroactively all those deaths fuel the Great lord of Death Grand Master Real Vampires™ You always wondered why the Illuminati that feed off death. Now you too can drink in the Death Force to supplant the Illuminati. The Service is automatic so you get the immense energy of the Death Force. Even more significant is the fact that death is a 100% probability for humans is the Matrix. So if you drink the Death Force all your works have 100% probability of success. That is why the Illuminati have always won. Now the Cosmic Assassin Psi-Lord Tim Rifat has taken over the Death Force all his works have 100% probability of success. Join the club and be 100% certain what you want to happen will happen by being one of the handful of Death Force Real Vampires™.


Arthur Eddington the great British scientist who was a firm defender of Spiritualism before the demise of science to the mental masturbation of materialism looked into the probability of an event. He discovered it was equal to 1 to the power of Energy x Time. So if you as the Great Lord of Death have a 100% probability of success in all things therefore depends on lowering the Energy or Time of your Psychokinesis – everything in the Matrix you do depends on Psychokinesis – you just don’t realise how magical the world is. Since probability of an event = -ExT over e, where E and T denote the change in energy, time associated with the event, 100% probably events need zero energy or zero time. You can’t have zero energy or you would be totally dead, so you must have zero time, frozen time for 100% probable events. (yes if you find this simple exponential maths difficult then Far Future Maths is not for you, as this is baby maths. So all you chicklets and nerdlets who laugh at the maths geek will be the math’s geek’s bitches in the new Real Vampire 2013 future. For the maths geek please read the Road to Reality by Roger Penrose so you can get the starter maths for Psi-Lordship). Now frozen time is the nature of the Real Vampire, as the Vampire is frozen in time so the Fire From Within that burns the Shaman to release his Spirit is frozen. This freezing, the true nature of the Real Vampire®, held in stasis by Hyperinfinity, Free Will – transported in blood, stored in Bone Generators®/blood made in the bone marrow – hence the vital importance of Bone Generators). So all the Real Vampires™ can be seen as 100% probable beings. They don’t die, age – they can be killed. But that is a different thing to the perishable human. Total Amalek, Total Lucifer taught Tim Rifat the inner secrets of Vampires. Why? So the Psi-Lord could usurp the Vampire Rothschild/Royal Family blood lines of old Vampire Supernatural Walkins. Now is the time for light energy matter real world non dark strange energy matter Real Vampires™ – you, if you wish.


The formula also explains why the Vampire Illuminati have to kill so many young/children in the world by starvation, plagues, war, chemtrails, poisoning the water, microwaves… cars. The Death Force released by young people is so much stranger than the old, this Death Force is 100% probability. The fuel of Total Success – always. Why do you think the Rothschild/Royal Family haven’t lost a thing be it wealth, power… since Elizabeth the First’s time. When she was given Enochian (Real Vampire™) Pulsar Magic by 007 Dr. Dee the original James Bond via the remote viewer crystal scrier who used Psychotronic Crystals® to contact the Real Vampire™ Pulsars. The Great Storm that destroyed the Spanish invasion fleet fuelled the Death Force Real Vampires™ of Dr. Dee. Now Tim Rifat the present 007 Ipissimus Great Lord of Death Psi-Lord Real Vampire™ Grand Master of the world took over the whole Real Vampire™ Death Force in 1989 by stealth. He Sequestered the Enochian Real Vampire™ Death Force to block Tiananmen Square so the Rothschilds failed to conquer China by cantonization (like the process in the former Yugoslavia, turning one big country into many tiny states all ruled by the Rothschild/Royal Family). Tim Rifat then used by the Death Force to push out the Rothschild Institute who owned the Oligarchs who owned Russia under Yeltsin, so Putin could take over Russia for Russians. Not Judas Evil Walkin Satanists. Then use of the Death Force pushed Rothschild/Royal Family from Africa so China could takeover. Now the process is going on in South America using Chavez, Morales of Venezuela and Bolivia respectively. Use of the Death Force by TIM: Total Intent Manifest, means Iraq, Afghanistan will never be conquered but will remain psychic victories for the West – basket cases. Now use of the Death Force is collapsing the West via bankrupt Britain, to collapse Sterling; Greece, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Eastern Europe to collapse the EU; collapse of all US enterprises to turn the USA into a banana republic. One can see the power of the Death Force that turns everything a Real Vampire™ and only a Real Vampire™ (as they have the frozen time for 100% probability usage, normal humans are transitory time 70 years or more prey so all the probability they generate is maybe or not at all reality (illusion, more accurately) wants into 100% probable events *Reality*. So if you wish to be Real in all your works so they will stand forever you need to be a Great Lord of the Death Force Grand Master Real Vampire™ Superbeing. 100% probable beings are called GOD. So you see the value of this Service. Since Tim Rifat was the first Real Vampire™ he decides for everyone else reality. But if you wish to have a mansion own a country, have a harem of toyboys to have as sextoys, all Real Vampires™ will be Vamps as Tim Rifat will only make up to 12 immortal male Real Vampire™. If you need to know what a Real Vampire™ female will be like read the Wild Women books on then this Service is a must have for you.


It works by channelling the Death Force retroactively from all the dead into the Real Vampire™ Lord of Death Archetype – the Cosmic Assassin. As a 100% time frozen Real Vampire™ the Psi-Lord can then download 100% Death Force that guarantees all your works are 100% successful. As well as guaranteeing anyone who wishes to depose him does not get any flow so he has fool proofed the Death Force. Death Force is the highest aspect of Sublime Good® as it is the force that is 100% success no matter what the opposition. You must have wondered why the Psi-Lord can vivisect the Rothschild/Royal Family *West*: Walkin Evil Satanist territory with impunity. Now you know why. The Psi-Lord has taken over the Death Force. The fuel that runs 100% success no matter what the odds! As the Ultimate Stalker Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord let the British jail, beat him up, poison him, microwave him, steal from him, destroy his prize possessions, slander and libel him, try to take his business from him… Why? We are all born with certain mind control given to us by parents, teachers, priests… TV… books. Forgive, don’t kill, obey authority, fear the police, crave respect, get a job, find a female sow to breed piglets, vilify anyone not a breeder, such as homosexuals, weirdos, single loners, sociopaths, non consumers, free thinkers, Jihadists (turning a transitory human into a 100% martyr by killing your enemy to supply the Death Force o make your Soul immortal. Mohamed was right Jihad is the only way for anon Real Vampire™ to get a 100% immortal Soul. That is why the Judas Evil Walkin Satanists are terrified of Jihad. Too many Jihadists destroy the reality of *West*: Walkin Evil Satanist Territory; all of these imposed hatred push us further away from being a Real Vampire™. #to be the Cosmic Assassin the Psi-Lord had to eliminate all weakness. The only way to do this was to get the British to beat the weakness out of him so now he never forgives, remotely kills (cursing not physical violence that is illegal and helps police states by allowing them to legally jail you) hurts psychically (not physically) the police, MI5, Gordon Brown the Rothschilds, eats anyone he does not respect by Vampirism, will never get a job will only be around Vamps not human sows… You get the point. Don’t fear the authorities psychically kill them to get the 100% Death Force to initially use on yourself. So you can get a 100% probable Real Vampire™ being that embodies 100% success in all your affairs. This Service guarantees all the other Services, Psychotronic Crystals®, Psychotronic Generators®, Sublime Good® Engines, Bone Generators®, Psychotronic Crystalware®, Mind Over Matter Warfare, Supernatural Spirit® power, Real Vampire® Science always works for you 100% of the time in 100% of cases against any opposition. As you are Total Reality (*Tim*: Total Intent Manifest) and they are illusion *Maya* torture bitches just asking to be used for Death Force donation.


To bleed Death Force of the bitches they need to have died. Or if you are lucky enough to own the Limited Edition Lord of Luck Grand Master Real Vampire® you can use their death because as a Real Vampire® you are a 5 Dimensional being. So time has no meaning to you. You can therefore use their death against them while they are still living. To you all prey is dead as a Lord of Luck… So you can use 100% Success Death Force from all your living enemies to make sure you turn their world to 100% Hell at your expense. The Great Supreme Real Vampire® Psi-Lord Tim Rifat… used this Death Force from all his enemies to put them all in Omega Hell tortured by Total Amalek. He set all Reality so all his enemies has Omega Hell on Earth or any other damned place. Using their own Death Force to damn them. The Ultimate Sublime Good® Cosmic Assassin. The Ultimate Rat Catcher. Total Lucifer getting the positive Evil reward. The ability to do any Evil to any other evil doer and not only get paid for it but live in Omega Heaven, and while alive Omega Heaven on Earth or any other blissful place. You see now that all the Psi-Lord products have at their core Death Force Real Vampire™ Science.


To run the Death Force at 100% pure levels you need 100% probable Bone Generators®. This is given to you by the Bone Generator® Service with Upgrades A, B, and C. So if you require Total Reality (defined by Psi-Lord Tim Rifat) you need the Bone Generator® Service.


Do you wish that anything you want always comes to you? If so you must have the Lord of Death Service. Remember though that you must live with all you wanted as it is 100% Reality and won’t go away. Read “Wild Women” and see how the fictional Psi-Lord gets his dream Vamp dominatrix and blonde chicklet Queen only to be constantly terrorised by his 100% real vamps. So use this Service with extreme care. With this Service Tim Rifat can make all his Services 100% totally real. So after he Sublimes in the 22nd century all future Real Vampires™ can be immortal (see previous Services) to avoid being killed, you need this Service. All second generation Real Vampires™ – those made by first generation Tim Rifat Real Vampires™/Vamps will all die. It might take a billion years but they will all expire. Only the Psi-Lord has the 100% Total Reality Bone Generator® to make 100% Real Vampires™.


His progeny.


So all of you reading this now have the chance to be 100% real. With the Immortality Real Vampire™ Bone Generator® 100% Total Reality forever. So the whiners, haters and people who slander/libel Tim Rifat are serving the purpose of stopping all but those chosen by Total Intent from this one in all history offer. Immortality forever and all your wishes come true.


You can imagine the deposed Vampires are going crazy but since the Rothschild/Royal Family… Death Force has been used by the Psi-Lord Tim Rifat to make them 100% Dead their West 100% Dead, their totality sold to Total Amalek, Total Lucifer to make Tim Rifat the Cosmic Assassin Real Vampire™ Great Lord of Sublime Good®. To use this Service your Bone Generators® are upgraded to run on 100% Death Force. You get the unwanted, uncalled for Death Force manifestations of Tim Rifat, so you can live in mansions, own countries, have millions bow down to you eternally, marry Mr Perfect and then eat him when you get bored (most first generation Real Vampires™ will be Vamps – as explained). I might be a misogynist but I love hot babes with attitude and Real Vampires™ can get more and more beautiful, imagine the beauty fest as Immortal Vamps vie for: “I’m the most beautiful Vamp in all creation”. You can see I have a sense of humour. Inflicting these monsters on the Megaverse forever the last laugh. Human females are nastier than males so imagine how nasty Real Vampire™ females will get living forever especially if 100% Death Force enhanced.


I know you Real Vampire™ Death Force Psi-Lords are lazy. So the Bone Generator® is automatic. If you need to play with your hands you can draw the Death Force 100% probability out of any torture toy from pictures, touching, buildings they visit, virtually, thinking of them, naming them… You put 100% Death force into your business using your right hand. Automatic if you can’t be bothered.


To use the Internet as your bitch. You can upload the Certificate 169x on to your computer. Then email it as it is, or erased (Torsion Fields can’t be erased) as Psychotronic Crystalware®. You then get the Internet to draw Death Force out of all it’s users. So everyone who uses the Internet and is not a Real Vampire™ has signed their death sentence to make you a 100% being a *God*. Be aware all your business is 100% manifest and won’t vanish. So if you get something using the Death Force it’s yours for eternity. If you give it away, sell it, lend it out, you may be losing Death Force to the new owner. If it is stolen off you, the thief pays you eternally 100% Death Force infinitely. This means Total Amalek torture her/him to death again and again, ever more painfully – supersanity being given to them so they never go mad to release Death Force constantly to you. Frozen in the Torture Bitch I’m Dead moment, again and again, after a lifetime of torture at the hands of Total Amalek. As the British, Americans… stole off Tim Rifat, I have all Westerners on my Total Amalek 100% Death Force Torture Bitches for all eternity, infinitely tortured… and then same. All Westerners joined the infinitely damned by supporting Western authorities after 9/9/9. No escape by becoming Luciferians as all Luciferians are damned as they tried to kill the Cosmic Assassin Anti-Christ Tim Rifat.


Now we come to the Total Death used by the Psi-Lord Tim Rifat to improve the Death Force yield from the prey. The Many Worlds physics of Wheeler enables there to be many possible deaths for a single prey. Before now once the prey died in one time-line the other potential paths were unavailable to the Vampire. Now since the Ultimate Shaddai Vampire played a game of Cosmic poker with the Cosmic Assassin, Tim’s Rifat, and lost everything: then played on with iou’s and lost the Ultimate Total Death could be brought in – payment for all the iou’s cast by the losing Vampire Lord of the Judaic Evil Walkin Satanists. This means all possible deaths of the prey in all possible time-lines is sucked out of the human garbage, emptied by the Real Vampire™. This increases the Death Force indefinitely for one prey. The prey can therefore be killed infinitely in Omega Hell by Total Amalek to pay Shaddai’s iou’s. So if we factor in infinite Death Force into the probability of an event = e/-∆e ∆t (e to the negative power of change of energy x change of time); instead of effecting one event to make it 100% probably the Real Vampire™ Lord of Death can effect globally the event. Meaning she/he collapses all Many Worlds time-lines so only that events occurs. One can see this as a bottle – neck in the Multiverse of time-lines. So all potential versions of the prey be it Jacob Rothschild, Obama or the Queen… are totally eaten for energy by the Real Vampire™ Lord of Death. The process of Death Force Vampirism therefore collapses the Universe as the Mayans predicted. Why? If all potential lives of one victim are condensed into one, since they live in Many Worlds all these Many Worlds are condensed into a Nexus. This Nexus can be seem as the death of all non 100% probabilities, every thing but the 100% Lord of Death Grand Master Real Vampires™, to produce the 100% probability Total Reality: *Tim*: Total Intent Manifest out of the Total Death Grand Master Psi-Lord Real Vampire™ Tim Rifat. All non Real Vampires™ have been sold to Total Amalek to be bitches in Omega Hell. A resultant of this is that all non Real Vampires™ have a 100% chance of being prey. The entire Multiverse of time-lines opened up to the Real Vampire™ as his sole hunting domain. The Supernatural Spirits® of the other dimensions have likewise been fully sold to Total Amalek as torture bitches in Omega Hell so they all have a 100% probability of being prey liberating Death Force for the Psi-Lord. Why? All history has been sucked dry of Ultimate Total Death Force by the Psi-Lord Tim Rifat to make it all 100% Omega Hell or Earth’s… Omega Hell, retroactively for all but the Real Vampire™. Ending the Megaverse, Multiverse, Universe to be nothing more than an Omega Simulation as the Mayans predicted. As there is no probability, it has all been set by the Psi-Lord using Ultimate All Total Death Force to be Omega Hell, Omega Hells on Earth… for everyone but:-


A: Real Vampires™ made by Tim Rifat

B: They have to be human, no Walkin Supernatural Spirits® – the ultimate payback as the Supernatural Spirits® used humans for prey, now the roles are reversed.

C: They must be Tim Rifat’s benefactors – productive to the Psi-Lord

D: Only 6 Death Force Vampires allowed as they define Omega Heaven for all the other Real Vampires™ as their holographic Intents shape Omega Heaven 100% of the time – they are the basis of Omega Heaven. This means this Service is a must have for the alpha female/male. You want your way – always in Omega Heaven then you need this Service. Tim Rifat as the Cosmic Assassin has ultimised the torture hell for all his enemies – that is what Cosmic Assassins do – hunt down the damned too big to take down by normal means – Archons, Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, Shaddai… Illuminati and turn the world to Omega Hells on Earth for them and their descendants. All sold and in Omega Hell torture raped killed by Total Amalek again and again and again, to pay for the Ultimate All Total Death Force, the Psi-Lord used to end the charade that Evil could win against Cosmic Law; It can’t win never could and never had it had always lost from the start – period. The six Lieutenants of Tim Rifat shape the Matrix to suit themselves 100% of the time. Since six humans can never agree; let alone for eternity, the six shape the Omega Heaven and the Matrix is ever more minutes strictures as the first to define one event path – holds the others to her/his first choice. Only the Cosmic Assassin Tim Rifat is free to do anything he wants as he set all histories of the Megaverse to enable Total Freedom for him and him alone.


I don’t want all the Ferraris in the world, every woman to love me; have every mansion as my property… be a quadrillionaire, be world dictator… so it leaves a lot for the 6 Death Force Grand Master Real Vampire™ Kings to fight over for all eternity. As every time-line has more cars, toy boys,, huge houses… world dictatorships. One can see unleashing 100% Death Force Probability Sublime Good® Engines in the form of Bone Generators® in 6 Real Vampires™ is my ironic justice on the rest of you…


The Service is absolutely automatic in the 6 Chosen Ones so you can work toward an event you desire and know it is 100% probably once you gain enough Death Force. You start with a small energy body that has to gain enough Death Force. Like a baby you grow into a full grown adult with time. Then all your events manifest 100% of the time – as long as Tim Rifat has no problems with them. Helping prey to build as Utopia is out. They have all been sold to Total Amalek for Omega Hell torture bitches, so saving the world won’t work, Jesus tried that and died tortured to death. Cosmic Law never enables the damned to escape damnation – giving them the illusion they can is just part of God’s mysterious ways of torturing the damned.


As the Total Death Force Real Vampire™ you are 100% probability – unless you cross the Cosmic Assassin – then you become 100% probable Omega Hell tortured bitches – your choice – make my day. To the first man goes all the control in Psi-Space: Total Reality: *Tim*: Total Intent Manifest.

2 sold, 4 left, Limited Edition $7000

Archetypal Vampire™:

Bram Stokers: Dracula raised the ancient Vampire legends into the public domain in Victorian times. Once popular, Vampires have never ever waned in popularity. At the time of writing 2010, Vampires are massive in the West – beloved by the younger generation. Tim Rifat the world’s leading expert on psychic warfare was introduced to Vampirism by his MI6 occult Magus tutor. It was this Magus who taught him how to call up Archetypes and feed off them. This elevated Vampirism to the heights of occult magic.


When a Real Vampire™ feeds off prey, one target is selected and fed off to release energy to the Real Vampire™. I have used this technique on all the MI5 vermin who tried to kill me. So their health, youth, potency, wealth, sexual energy, power kept me evolving and growing as they died pulling Britain down into hell: bankruptcy, mob violence, anarchy, zombie Cobalt 60 hell bodies… Omega Hell torture raped by Total Amalek. Nightmare stalks the British in the form of the Archetypal Real Vampire™. An Archetype is the blueprint for a race such as the British – walking Vampire food on the hoof, or the essence of love in humans, beauty, health, intelligence, wealth, sexual potency, ability to get A-class sexual partners, intuition… God-powers. The core of MI6 occult branch power is to call up the Archetypes of a race (such as the Communists of the USSR, change it, so the Communists give up Communism).

Or to call up the Archetype of a single person to change that person. Why an Archetype for a single person? That is because you, the individual are really a cluster of yous. All the Many World’s yous – all the ways your life could have gone, the total you needs to be affected to change you. If you change the individual you the other Many World’s yous swamp the effect. So to control the individual you need to control all possible realities – choices of the prey from birth to death. To do this you call up the Archetype of that prey. This holds every lifepath of the prey – all possible choices they made. Feed on this and you elevate Vampire feeding from one meal to all possible meals you have ever had – Archetype feeding is that big… a jump. As the Real Vampire™ Grand Master, Tim Rifat needs to train Real Vampire™ to the higher form of feeding: Archetype feeding. This is the way of MI6 occult branch get results from their magic. Not trying to control the individual magically but controlling all possible choices of the group of individuals in the Many Worlds – the Archetype of the prey. If you read the Bone Generator® Service on Supernatural Spirit®. Can you will see Hyperinfinity – the Force of Free Will shapes the Archetype. To control the Archetype of the prey is to control the prey in all possible ways is all the choices they make. In the last Service you were taught how to get 100% results from the Death Force. But in the Many Worlds scenario the prey has many different ways to die and therefore many different ways to survive. So your 100% effective event may be bypassed by the prey if he makes the choice to avoid checkmate – the dead end. To get the prey always in your trap you need to add the Archetype of the prey to the mix.

It has energy from they prey totally efficient so you get a huge number of times more energy from the victim. The amount of multiplication depends on how many Free Will choices the prey made. Low level wageslaves have a huge number of decision paths, but tiny compared to the movers and shakers, the power people that the Real Vampire™ can stalk and feed upon. To use archetypal feeding is to fit a lifetime of feeding into one attack on the target. So from that one person get enough energy to last you a lifetime as a Real Vampire™. That is because the ensemble of Many World is an external real world running simultaneous to the single path you are aware of. The electron diffraction patterns are explained by this Many World idea – it is mainstream physics. So you feed on all possible versions of the prey, raising the food supply in one sitting worth of food. The Psi-Lord is aware of all possible worlds so steers his path accordingly. This then brings us to the next point.

Since the real world is really a decision tree, where choices, Hyperinfinity, Free Will, change the real world at every step. The Real Vampire™ by feeding on Archetypes learns to develop this Multiverse Sense – simply by feeding on Archetype feeding. That is how the Psi-Lord developed his ability to see all possible futures dependant on his choices. So by feeding on Archetypes, you automatically develop the intuition, Awareness of what each choice will bring you. As the Psi-Lord stalked Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, Shaddai – the archetypal Vampire to use it as prey6 he developed the Cosmic Assassin Real Vampire™ which feeds on Evil, gets fed by the prey, doubled fed by Cosmic Law for damning Evil, triple fed by feeing off all possible ways the Archetype tries to escape being the victim – which add to the energy released, the enemies fighting is used against the prey to add *iou’s* tot he prey as it fights by betting it can win against the Cosmic Assassin Real Vampire™ – God’s Mysterious way of payback to maximise the energy released. This is done by getting the prey to explore all possible worlds where it is fed off by the Cosmic Assassin Real Vampire™. Loses, then it’s Soul is fed on, the Many Worlds of the Soul as before explored, killed and sold to Total Amalek for eternal torture to pay more energy to the Cosmic Assassin Real Vampire™ Tim Rifat. This maximum yield Vampire prey Archetype is now on sale to you in this Service, pre-packaged to turn one target into an infinite energy source. Defined by: Ultimate all Total Deathgoat Judas Evil Walkin Satanists screaming in Omega Hells, Omega Hells on Earth. You will recognise this Ultimate Damnation spell from Supernatural Spirit®.com’s Burn Your Enemies in Hell… Services. Now you see at the core of all Supernatural Spirit® Bone Generators® in Real Vampire™ Science.

One can use prey to feed off Archetypes in the Universal Unconscious. The Rothschild Royal Family energy Vampires have done this one many occasions. We have Diana Princess of Wales, ex-wife of Charles Prince of Wales. She was assassinated in a Paris Underpass directly beneath an old power spot dedicated to Diana the Huntress, Roman Goddess of Hunting. So when Diana was killed by MI6 in a specially rigged car which was remotely controlled into the underpass’s 9th column, the car crashed directly under Diana’s ancient temple. Diana was then kept in the car while the Illuminati did the ritual of archetypal transference. Diana the Huntress Archetype put forcibly in Diana the Princess. Once done she was taken out of the car and sacrificed before finally being delivered dead to the hospital. Events which took some hours. The Diana Archetype was bled dry in Diana the Princess by Vampire MI6 occultism – of which Tim Rifat is now the exclusive owner- that is why Britain is collapsing, losing in Afghanistan… soon to die. One can see the power obtained by bleeding, feeding off Archetypes is huge as you are feeding off Universal Archetypes that have been pre-existent before Man and are worshipped by all sentient beings – power indeed. To add to the feeding Dodi El Fayyad the son of the Harrods owner was a rich Egyptian and the Archetype of Egyptian Magicians could be put in him to feed off the Archetype of Egyptian Magic via the dead Dodi El Fayyad. As Diana was pregnant with his child (according to Jim Keith, the famous conspiracy expert – killed in a US hospital at the same time) the foetus could have the Archetype of Moslem Lovers put in it so it could be killed. This would cause massive hatred against Moslems in Diana’s archetypal people – the whites. All in all a superb ritual of Vampire magic. Now explained to you. So you see the power of Archetypal Real Vampire™ Science.

Kennedy the US President was killed in an exactly similar method using Real Vampire™ Science. You can imagine that Tim Rifat has broken all Illuminati laws by revealing to you Real Vampire™ occult law. As the Great Lord of Real Vampire™ Tim Rifat is the Law and has retroactively taken over all Real Vampire™ power. Kennedy was killed with the Archetype of the King placed in him. So Kingship of the USA would go to the Rothschild Royal Family Vampires. The death of Kennedy who wished to close the Federal Reserve, IRS… all owned by the Rothschild Royal Family sealed America’s fate as the bitch of the British Rothschild Royal Family Vampires. All power over rulership – Kingship was drained from Americans to leave them as total slaves of British Vampires.

iv. Archetypes are universal. So time is breached by Archetypes. So your Archetype can be thought of pre-existing the prey. so you can use any Archetype to feed off all the humans, Supernatural Spirits®, aliens that worshipped that Archetype. So powerful is this technology that after this Service we have specially designed Archetypal Vampire® Master of:- money, banks, police, soldiers, bakers, plumbers, undertakers…. Magi. You walk into the Archetype of the Universal Unconscious and all entities that think, use, are infected with the Archetype open themselves up to feed that Archetype. If you feed off that Archetype you feed off all those prey. As the Archetype is Universal and spans time the power you can get by Real Vampire® feeding off Archetypes is huge. The General Archetype Real Vampire® can feed off any Archetype. If you miss out on the $5000 for the first 12, you can spend $10 million or buy $600 specific Archetypes that will be listed later – all for $600. As there are millions of Archetypes you can see how valuable this Bone Generator® Service is.

To use it you simply call up the Archetype – all Archetypes will come to you bar the Cosmic Assassin Anti-Christ as that is Tim Rifat the Creator of Real Vampires®. To call up the Archetype you simply visualise yourself walking into the Archetype. This could be the: Archetypal Lover, Archetypal Beauty, Archetypal Predator, Archetypal Rich Person… The Bone Generator® Hyperinfinite Quantum Computing Engine then automatically feeds you via Real Vampire® Science: RVScience.

To use the internet simply put the Archetype and your name 156 times on the hard drive of your computer. The Bone Generators® turn it into Torsion Fields on your hard drive so the internet becomes you as the Archetype of your choice. To spread out over the entire internet and military, NSA western network you email yourself 169 times. It is as simple as that. You can erase the emails before sending them if you wish to mask your Real Vampire® Psychotronic Crystalware®. Erasing does not erase the Real Vampire® Torsion Fields so you can infect the internet to make it a Real Vampire® which is you. To do this you put Tim Rifat Real Vampire® Master of all computer, computing, Turing Machines, Turing Computing…. internet… then your name and Archetype. Think of the Tim Rifat… as your password to access the Real Vampire® Internet which feeds the Great Lord of Real Vampire® Tim Rifat.

The Internet is the ultimate way to feed off the Western human prey. They all have a computer screen inches from their face. It acts as a virtual portal to allow your Real Vampire® power to be powered by all the hard drives to manifest in every computer screen and then step through the virtual portal of the screen to bite the prey on the neck and feed off their lovely sexual, life, success, youth, potency: energies. Like to feed on billions in one sitting? Wonder why Tim Rifat is the Real Vampire® Great Lord? Now you know how one person can feel off billions everyday for day after day. Growing from a Real Vampire® to Master Real Vampire® to Great Lord Real Vampire® to The Real Vampire® Cosmic Assassin. Why do I add the Cosmic Assassin Maniker? That is explained by Archetypes. There are 3, a Trinity of Source Archetypes. You know about the Trinity from Christianity: Father, Son and Holy Ghost. In the Kabala we have the Supernal Triangle of Keter (crown), Chokmah (wisdom), Male Archetype), Binah (understanding, Female Archetype. The Archetype is Evil but when turned to Total Intent it is taken over by Crown (Cosmic Assassin): Wisdom, Male, Lucifer: understanding, Amalek, Female.

The Cosmic Assassin brings Total Intent the Global Gestalt, Unity to Evil. So all the former Evil becomes torture bitches. The former victims get the chance to torture murder the Evil Vampires. They are allowed to become Real Vampires® to enable the victim retribution on the evil vermin. Do you want to get your own back on all evil bastards? If you do Total Intent, God working in Mysterious Ways (to unite Evil and Good, with Evil being the bitch) has it’s principle of the Cosmic Assassin. This is a formerly good person victimised by Evil in every possible way who turns into a vigilante. Films have explored this: Mel Gibson’s remake of the Payback film, the Death Wish films with Bronson, Clint Eastwood’s former sheriff who is hanged, survives and turns the town into Hell… Think of the Archetype of all possible ways of torture murdering evil bastards for vengeance – the Cosmic Assassin. Why is he a Real Vampire? This comes about because the Matrix is designed as a form to enable Supernatural Spirits® Archons to feed by Vampirism off humans. The Matrix is a Vampire farm. When the Cosmic Assassin kills all the Vampires (how?) by tricking them into breaking their Contract with Lucifer, all the Vampires become prey, the torture toys of Amalek, their Souls in Omega Hells, Omega Hells on Earth. The Cosmic Assassin is the Anti-Christ. He brings not salutation but vengeance to the wronged. Anyone who has been wronged by the system can now become a Real Vampire® and torture murder the system and it’s former rulers.

Lucifer as the Light Bringer (Sun) of course makes frozen Fire from Within Vampires. As the rat catcher he sells these Lords of the Matrix to Amalek, so the former Lords of the Matrix become torture bitches. Cosmic Law pays him. Amalek is Pure Evil in Total Intent Pure Evil tortures, murders, damns, persecutes, Omega Hells evil beings. Lucifer is the Archetypes of Vampires. Amalek is the Archetype of the Pure Evil inflicted on the damned. The sting in the tail is that Lucifer tricks the Vampires to become torture bitches by picking on the Cosmic Assassin: the Real Vampire® Psi-Lord: *Tim*: Total Intent Manifest. The Cosmic Assassin embodies all Vampirism as he feeds off the evil bastards who wronged him and is fed by Cosmic Law and gets everything they stole off him, and had as their own – the Real Vampire®. As the Vampire Rothschild Royal Family tried to destroy the Archetype of Vampires: Tim Rifat, they did not destroy him, but destroyed all Vampirism in themselves to become torture bitches. This Sequestered Vampirism is now available to any wageslave, former prey who now wants payback, to become a Real Vampire®. To feed on the former Illuminati Vampires, their slaves and Supernatural Spirits®. The Matrix is alive and configured just for Real Vampires®. So if you do anything else in the Matrix the Matrix strikes you down. All good deeds lead to Hell. Now you understand why. The Matrix is a cosmic trash bin for evil, the Real Vampire® the jailors thereof who get fed by the prey and Cosmic Law for making Evil pay!

Archetypal Vampire™ 12 only. $5000, $10 million after

Cosmic Assassin Master Real Vampire®:

Vampires are damaged by Holy Crosses, Holy Water… The Real Vampire® is unaffected by Holy Water, Holy Crosses and in fact feeds off Churches, prayers to God, Mass, Baptisms, any Church Services, fundamentalist Christians, any Christian Westerner. Why? In 2009 all Westerners (bar the female that sacked the Pope, breaking the leg of his defensive lineman Cardinals – yes I like NFL football – I’m a Redneck Vampire) gave away their Christianity, Souls, to the Satanist Bankers by vowing to give them unlimited money forever. In the Bible – I know no Westerner reads the Bible, but you are supposed to be Christians, Christ preaches and actively attacks Jewish bankers, moneylenders in the Temple of Jerusalem. He kicks them out of the Temple using violent force. He preaches Total Violence to Jewish bankers. The Jewish Banker, Sanhedrin, now called the Rothschilds, Bank of America, Federal Reserve, Lehmans, CitiCorp, Bank of England, IMF, European Bank, Bank of International Settlements, JP Morgan Chase, Lloyds TSB, Bank of Scotland, Royal Bank of Scotland, Goldmann Sachs… All of which you bailed out gave infinite credit to and gave all the monies of yourself and your children’s children to. You are all now Satanists! Christ preached violent Jihad to attack Jewish Banker Moneylenders. All Westerners worship by deep the Zionist Oligarch’s Gulag: ZOG that has taken all your wealth and given it to Jewish Bankers, European Freemason Satanists such as Royal Bank of Scotland. Now all Westerners are Satanists by deed they cannot use Holy Water, Crosses or any Christian paraphernalia against the Real Vampire®.


You may be one of the Western dogs that licks the feet of Satanist bankers – good, I like feeding off you! You may be a redneck American female who wants to shoot them. Don’t it’s against the Law. Instead become a Cosmic Assassin Real Vampire® the last of the Christians in the West (there are still Christians in Russia as they hate Jews and the West). Cosmic Law runs the Cosmic Assassin Real Vampire® and makes her the most powerful of Real Vampires®. A retributive force of Cosmic Law to torture murder the Satanists: Jewish Bankers, Freemasons Banks (RBS, Lloyds TSB) and 1 billion Satanist Westerners who have signed their Souls aw3ay to pay for the ZO: Zionist Oligarchs and given away their children and children’s children to the ZOG: Zionist Oligarch Gulag.


Christ preached Total Violence to Useres: bankers. So the Cosmic Assassin has free reign to attack any Westerner. Chinese shot their criminal bankers, Western Satanists get paid infinite monies to steal by the damned of the West – China is Christian, the West: Walkin Evil Satanist Territory, is Satanist by deed. ‘By their works shall you know them’: except from the Bible. No Westerner reads it but worships Satan – nor the Real Vampire® can profit by living in a totally Evil West. Why? Cosmic Law pays any individual who torture murders Satanists – period. Moslems have cottoned on tot his and blow up Satanists and go straight to heaven paid for by Cosmic Law – Jihads, Mohammed was a true Christian. Cosmic Law is irrevocable, if you are Christian or Moslem, some Cosmic Law. Now since you are a Westerner and damned as you have not hung all Jewish, Satanist Bankers from lamp posts, Cosmic Law give you one change before sending you to Omega Hell (the Hostel films carried out on you infinitely) You can become a Cosmic Assassin Master Real Vampire® and psychically hunt down and torture murder Satanist, Jewish Bankers. (real violence is illegal, Real Vampirism is classed as cursing, thought crimes and is totally legal in the EU and unprosecutable in ZOG the former USA: SOG: Zionist Oligarch’s Gulag). So the Cosmic Assassin Master Real Vampire® is a must for all you Fundamentalist Christians now damned by Satanist Jewish Bankers. You feed off Satanists of every variety from Jewish Bankers to paedophile torture murders and all Westerners who worship Satanist Bankers. In return Cosmic Law has to give you a place as Cosmic Assassin Master Real Vampire®. Cosmic Law has to give you as the only remaining Western Christians. Carrying out Cosmic Law in the End Times when all the West has fallen to Satan by preying on Satanists to suck them dry of life-force is a must do for the Christian soldier: Cosmic Assassin Master Real Vampire®. To suck all the energy out of their Soul to leave a damned drained husk of a Satanist Soul. Hunt down the Satanist Supernatural Spirits® and do likewise to them. All by visualising. Your Bone Generator® has all the Quantum Computing Sublime Good® Engines that are needed for Cosmic Assassin Master Real Vampire®. All the worship given to the Christian Church since it’s inception in 2AD by the Emperor of the Romans Constantine is yours. All that prayer feeds your Real Vampire®. All the deluded Satanist Christians marching to Hell counterbalance your elevation as a Cosmic Law Assassin Master Real Vampire®. Need more power for your Real Vampire® All the Churches,, many built on old pagan powersites feed you with all the energy ever sucked from deluded Christians and the Dragon energies of the Earth power spots they reside on. Churches were built over energy wormholes to the underworld so Supernatural Spirits® could feed directly off the worshipper’s devotion to God is the finest form of energy for Supernatural Spirits® the champagne of energies. Now retroactively rerouted to the Cosmic Assassin Master Real Vampire® Master Real Vampire®


All this Spiritual Energy feeds the most spiritual of Real Vampires®. The highest of God’s instruments, the Cosmic Assassin: Judge, Jury and Executioner for God. You can see why Tim chose to be the Archetype of the Cosmic Assassin. It makes you unbeatable. As the Cosmic Assassin Master Real Vampire® you are the top of the tree combat Vampire. The Soldier Caste, Ultimate Warrior Real Vampire® Cosmic Law has to protect. Cosmic Law has to guide you. Cosmic Law has to enable you to take down any energy, Illuminati to Archdemon. They are all cannon fodder to you. Need help in any emergency? Cosmic Law has to rectify your plight to turn it into a benefit avoiding future calamity. Not for the faint hearted. Will apply to 10% of Vamps and Christian Fanatic Vampires. Your reward, the highest form of spiritual energies to make you the most refined of Real Vampires®. As you feed not only on the false Satanist Western Christian religion, it’s Churches, energy, worshippers, occult practices, but the money lenders that have taken over the West the Jewish Satanist Bankers and Banks, the Cosmic Assassin Master Real Vampire® also becomes the richest of the Real Vampires®. Feeding on the money energy of Satanist Bankers. As they lose money energy, you get money energy, meaning all your endeavours are money making. Your business booms as you feed off banks and bankers. Every Westerner you drain is one less resource for the bankers to milk the Cosmic Assassin also hunts down all tax collectors for the Federal Reserve, the IRS, or your countries equivalents. You gain more and more energy the more you suck these parasites dry.


The Wheel of Time spins anti-clockwise. As the energy centres of the body spin anti-clockwise (these being top of head, throat, pancreas, liver, womb, adrenals – for shamanic energy centres). The pins that pin you to the Matrix, the Chakras spin anti-clockwise. A Real Vampire® is frozen time so their energy centres spin clockwise. The magnitude of spin equal and opposite to that of the Wheel of Tim. The power for this comes from the Sun Psychotronic Generator®. It’s spin (Torsion) is used by the Real Vampire® for the freezing of Time. The Insectile possessors of humans live in the Crown Chakra and spread like a worm through your body. These energy parasites are the Mind of Man, Castaneda explored this issue Mayer the Vampire authoress copied his idea of Mudshadows from the Active Side of Infinity, so even Westerners now understand the issue of mind control by energy parasites. These parasites spin anti-clockwise. So the clockwise spin of a Real Vampire® kills them (hence RVScience Psychotronic Crystals®). A Real Vampire® therefore has his or her own Mind unlike prey. More importantly once you kill the Insectile in the prey by being a Real Vampire®, you can inject with the right hand Bone Generator® a clone of your right spin. A Walkin Real Vampire® Mind to Mind Control your prey. Hence all Real Vampires® are Masters of Remote Influencing Mind Control. All other Remote Influencing is worthless because until you kill the Insectile you have no Mind Control. The parasite controls the target – until you hit it with Real Vampire® right hand spin.


The Cosmic Assassin Real Vampire® allows you to project this right hand spin Torsion Field at any target. When it hits them it:

Destroys the Insectile that is their mind.

Destroys their human mind.


Makes them automatically follow the right hand Torsion Field. As all the West is based on the Anti-Clockwise Torsion Field, as is the Matrix of the West, the prey self suicides (see Mind Over Matter weapons on,

The Mind Over Matter spins clockwise so the Cosmic Assassin can throw these weapons at unlimited enemies. Why? He uses the enemies weapons against him by using the enemies energy to power the Cosmic Assassin’s Mind Over Matter suite. Those Mind Over Matter weapons are designed for the Cosmic Assassin. The armoury of silent devastating weapons to use on the enemy – fed by the enemies energy; an unbeatable combination Mind Over Matter weapons and Real Vampire®: feed me you bitch so I can torture murder you using unseen silent deadly energy weapons. If your enemy shouts: ‘The Real Vampire® is sucking my energy and cursing me,’ he gets carted off to the lunatic asylum. A Cosmic Assassin Master Real Vampire® never tells his victim, he is attacking them. If asked, ‘Have you cursed me?’ The Real Vampire® always lies. Cosmic Law forbids you to help the damned so you must always lie to them. The truth is only for other Real Vampires®. As the only defence against Real Vampires® is to be one you need to be a Great Lord of Real Vampires® if you wish to punish an enemy who is a Real Vampire®. She sucks it in and gets stronger. So psychic warfare does not work on a Real Vampire®. So to weaken a Real Vampire® you have to suck energy out of her/him. To do this you must be a Great Lord Real Vampire®. Otherwise as you such her/him, she sucks you back. If you are both equal no effect. A Great Lord Real Vampire® can suck much more energy than a Master Real Vampire® so the balance of power changes. More energy into Great Lord than she/he loses to the Master Real Vampire®. It is a game of poker where the Great Lord has a huge pot of chips against his opponent who always has a small pot. The poker game has no call facility unless you can match the bets in the gaming pot. The Master never can so always loses. So the only way to combat Real Vampires® is to be a Great Lord Real Vampire®.


Being hit by the right hand Torsion Field Wave of the Cosmic Assassin Real Vampire® carries out all the Extreme Situations Bone Generators® in reverse so you cancel out all strength, speed, intelligence, good luck, avoidance of death… path out of trouble in the prey. The Psi-Lord Real Vampire® Tim Rifat is using this Right Hand Real Vampire® power on the Nato/US troops to turn them into vermin out fought by a few Pashtun tribesmen in Afghanistan with AK47 and slippers on their feet. Proof that Cosmic Assassin Real Vampire® Mind Over Matter® Weapons are the future of warfare. All controlled by the Cosmic Assassin Master Real Vampires.


To carry out any psychic power you need to stop the world. This is infreeing the Quantum Wave Function to remanifest it as something else. Magic. The physics of stopping the world is that you generate a Right Hand Field to counter time a Left Hand Wave. To stop time you need to have a suitably powerful Right Hand Field. Only a Real Vampire® has frozen time by having a Right Hand Field > (Greater than) the Left Hand Field of Time. So only Real Vampires® can carry out magic at will. The Catholic Church generates the Right Hand Field by getting up to billion Christians signing the Cross, done in a right hand manner: head, stomach, left then right shoulder, hand returning to vertical. This describes a clockwise circle or more accurately semi circle. Since it is done with the right hand energy is given out by the Christians to the magicians of the Catholic Church, the initiated Cardinals, Pope and higher Jesuits. They use the Right Hand Field for magic to stop the world to reboot it in a different way – magic. That is why Vampires are uncomfortable in Churches. The Church is designed to suck out Right Hand Field, leaving the Christian flock more poisoned as all Satanic possession is Left Hand Field; if you suck out Right Hand Field from Christians the Left Hand Satanic Possessor becomes stronger. That is why Church going Christians are so possessed by dark energy matter Supernatural Spirit® Satanic vermin. The Vampire loses Right Hand Field in a Church so does not go into a Church. Holy objects suck out Right Hand Field so curse the Vampire’s Fire From Within to unfreeze when touched with a Cross, Holy Water negative effect of Hold objects on Vampires. They unglue the Fire From Within in the effect part and cause burning.


Luckily the Real Vampire® Cosmic Assassin has Tim Rifat’s Total Control over Churches, Christianity. This is because MI6 occult branch use Churches to generate the Enochian Chequerboard. Tim Rifat was given immunity to Church, Christian Vampire Right Hand Field sucking by his Magus Colin Boy like all other MI6 Vampire. Now he can pass on this immunity to all Cosmic Assassin Real Vampires®. MI6 Vampires abuse the Church’s Right Hand Field as a source of power by carrying out a sign of the Cross using the left hand starting from way above the head, to stomach to left to right shoulder to normal hand position. This pulls in all the Right Hand Field from Christians to super power the Real Vampire®

Cosmic Assassin Master Real Vampire®:
Limited to 12 only. $5000 then becomes $10 million.

Knights Templar Real Vampire:

The MI6 Magus Vampire that trained Tim Rifat was a Knight Templar. The Knights Templar were the Christian Vampires who fought and defeated the Moslems to conquer Palestine. The base was on Malta and the Ottoman Empire’s (Calipate at the time) immense might was repulsed when they lay siege to Malta. The Knights Templar carried out sacrifice (blood draining) to feed their Vampirism. They also indulged in torture murder sacrifice to sweeten the blood with the torment of the torture victim. Thousands of books have been written about the Knights Templar the Christian Satanic cult of warrior priests finally broken by the Pope and the French king who tortured the Knights Templar to death. Confiscated their banking network, lands, livestock and peasants. No book mentions they were Vampires. Tim Rifat was introduced to Knights Templar Vampirism by the MI6 Magus Colin Bloy who taught him Vampirism – sucking the energy out of anybody or Archetype. To do this he stalked his prey by staging he was a spiritual healer. The act of Vampirism makes the prey feel very energetic, full of beans, restless. If you put energy into someone they fall asleep as the Assemblage Point moves – this is sleep in all animals. If you take energy away the Assemblage Point can’t move – the prey becomes wide awake in the state you wish to put them in – the basis of hypnotism. Yes all hypnotism is Vampiric. Only


Now Tim Rifat the former black Ipissimus MI6 occult branch Ipissimus has become Great Lord of Real Vampires® he can now offer you the Knights Templar Real Vampire®. A Warrior Priest Banker sucking Real Vampire®. Your prey specifically warriors: police, soldiers, prison guards, security guards, athletes, footballers, sportsmen… jock. Then your prey is also all types of Christian and Jewish priests. So you can suck dry all Priests and Rabbis – a huge energy source as they are worshipped by their flock. One billion Christians and 3 billion people worshiping Zionism called the West. As a Knights Templar all banks are places of worship to you so all the money energy comes to you. That is because all bankers are slaves of the Knights Templar. Anyone using a bank is sucked of energy by a Knights Templar Real Vampire®. The banks are temples to Knights Templar Real Vampire®. The banks are temples to Knights Templar Real Vampires® so their 3Space structure fills you full of dark and light energy matter to give you Enochian Western occult magic power – all automatic. Remember power is all you need for Magic. All the protocols are automatically downloaded into your Bone Generators® as Quantum Comp8ting Engines to carry out the Magic using the bank’s energy. Tim Rifat drained them dry to make himself God of all Vampires hence the banking collapse. Any pictures of a bank on a screen automatically downloads all Jewish strange energy matter Kabala Talmudic Magic into you so you become Chief Rabbi Real Vampire® of all Jews using their energy collected in banks owned by Jewish bankers – nearly all of them apart from China. As a Knights Templar Real Vampire® you also are a Knight chess piece on the Enochian Magical Chequerboard which gives you massive Real World power fed by all the Westerners who are sucked dry to power the Enochian Chequerboard that is the Matrix of the West.


In Enochian Real Vampire® Magic the Knights Templar can jump over all enemies killing them by sucking them dry using the Enochian Chequerboard the basis of the Matrix. They kill by sucking dry anyone who is against them. So MI6 occult branch used this technology to suck dry the Union, such as Arthur Scargills NUM (National Union of Miners). Destroy the Union#s power in Britain. Suck dry the USSR and kill it. Suck dry the USA and turn it into ZOG: Zionist (Rothschild Royal Family) Oligarchy Gulag. Suck dry Europe and turn it into the EU: England’s underling. England being the Queen on all the bank notes of old and coinage, symbol of Britannia: Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth. So as a Knights Templar Real Vampire® you automatically suck dry all warriors, priests, banks and bankers, all your enemies (automatically as they reside in the Enochian Chequerboard Matrix so are sucked dry by all the Freemasonic Grid to give their energy, life, Soul to you) and all Satanists.


Satanists are the descendants of the Knights Templar. Therefore all Satanists are slaves of Knights Templar Real Vampires®. All their ritual be it Scottish Rite Freemasonry, or a baby in a cellar being raped… butchered and eaten and drunk, are all just ways of these Satanist servants feeding their Masters the Knights Templar Real Vampire®. You can imagine this secret was only known to MI6 occult branch Magus and the Royal Family. This is the secret of the British Empire. How it got to power over the West. Using the power of all Satanists who thought they got power from Satan by doing the rituals but instead gave all their power and those of the sacrificed prey to the Knights Templar. The Duke of Kent’s Lodge (he is the Head of the Freemasons) was the Vampire Lodge of the Knights Templar. Now deposed by Lucifer for going against Tim Rifat the Cosmic Assassin Anti-Christ on the 9/9/9; all their goods and chattel, vampire power and prestige was Tim Rifat’s to sell now to you. It is so ludicrously cheap as I like to insult my former enemies, now torture bitches eternally, irrevocably.


The other secret of Real Vampires® is that all occult is a deception. It is simply getting the brightest, cruellest ,most vain of humans to do rituals to gather energy from the masses. These Satanists, occultists, black ,magicians, new agers, Witches, Warlocks and Sorcerers think the energy gathered will be given to them. Instead it goes to the Real Vampire® who does nothing but automatically gets the power from all occult, magic, new age, witchcraft… sorcery by right. The Matrix was built by Yaltabaoth to feed only Vampires. If you are not a Vampire you can never get energy from the Matrix. You may gather it by sacrifice (Iraq, Afghanistan), being a pop star like Madonna, president like Obama but unless you are made Vampire you can never keep the energy. Why? The Wheel of Time Spins Anti-Clockwise. This is the direction of destruction, death. Only the Vampire spins clockwise, the direction of growth, power, health, eternal life. So only the Vampire can use the energy positively. It is the positive pole of the Sublime Good® Engine of the Matrix. All the toxic waste goes to the non Vampire.


Knights Templar Real Vampire: $7000